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Government, Oil, and Obama - OH MY!

March 10, 2012

Mass-Media and the Lies
The Birth control 'issues'
The 'Magic' behind Fluke
Lower gas prices! (Someday...)
Californian Wind power
Upcoming Elections

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This so-called "college girl" Fluke is actually a grown woman who is a Democrat activist at least 30 years old and whose current "boyfriend" is the son of another Democrat activist. Reports say she has now flown all the way across the USA to vacation with him in California.

Her attack on religious institutions demanding they supply her with boxes of condoms and birth control pills is outrageous!

She can obviously tell her boyfriend to go get a condom or date some guy who will. Why aren't they doing that already? Also quite obviously, she has money for plane tickets and vacations, but wants American taxpayers to foot the bill for her sexual couplings with him and perhaps others rather than spend $9.00 a month to fund her own chosen sexual lifestyle.

This assault on religion is premeditated and intentional. This woman knew she enrolled in a religious college and now demands they violate their conscience and ethics to enable her desire for frequent sexual unions with men who apparently refuse to provide even the most basic preventative measures to address her fears of reproducing.

--by a willinham on 3/11/12   Lives: USA  

Dear Russ,

I am glad Tomas is keeping you on your toes, and happy to see your latest video cast.

The birth control issue is really not an "issue", it's just media hype. In the words of Mitt Romney "birth control is working just fine, leave it alone".

I too like Ron Paul, and his constitutional approach to many of the problems facing our government today. I have a friend who is in Afghanastan right now (3rd tour), and another who is scheduled to be deployed over there next month. They are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

The 2012 campaign will be interesting. I predict that the canidate who spends the most money will win the election. Just my 2 cents.

Best wishes,

Billy D.
Jefferson, LA

--by Billy Dunbar on 3/12/12   Lives: USA  

What is so fantastic about the Obamas isthat they are JUST LIKE you and me. Yesiree, they totally understand us normal, everyday folks. And, what I most appreciate about this administration is their transparency. I, as a taxpayer, am more than happy to spend my hard earned money so that the Obamas can invite these elitists, who clearly have my best interests in mind. Gosh, the Occupy people really have got it right by not protesting in DC at the White House, proving how clear minded they are and how down to earth the Obama administration is.

--by witcomb on 3/15/12   Lives: Michigan  

Hi, Russ, glad to see your comments. Say, do you remember how so many people used to say that as long as Bush was in the White House, the Big Oil companies would just charge whatever they wanted for our gasoline? Well, why aren't they saying the same thing about Obama now? The oil companies STILL charge whatever they want for our gas. The prices are above 4 bucks a gallon, like before, but all those voices are silent when it comes to criticizing the President....

--by Dearborn Citizen on 3/18/12   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, I am so glad to see your back and have not missed a beat!

I would have to imagine that even you are horrified at how the Republicans have completely botched any possible chances of winning the White House.

Looking at the Republican frontrunners, and how they have completely imploded and are clearly turning on each other, we had all better just settle in for four more years of Obama.

I just can’t help but wonder why it seems like the Republicans appear to be "throwing" this election.

--by Dearborn Advocate on 3/22/12   Lives: Dearborn  

Dear: Russ Gibb, Thank you for your open-mindedness and frank honesty. I'm impressed with your intellectual prowess-Sir!
It was good to actually see your face and hear your educated phenomenal comments as they resonated with the truth. Go Champ Go!

Your Dill Team Friend:

Tom Rucinski

--by Tom Rucinski on 2/20/15   Lives: Michigan  

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