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Oh my ! Oh my !

January 13, 2012

Please look at this video and cry for our AMERICA. Thank you, Judge Judy.

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Russ, do you really think that this is an Obama or Democrat thing? The reality is that this is a GOVERNMENT thing! This is a UNITED STATES thing! WE the people created this creep and that idiot who is suing him! We have tolerated this system of society that funds and empowers complete losers like these to break the law and than use the court of law to sue other criminals! We just shake our heads with disgust, but keep in mind, both republicans and democrats have created this on OUR watch! We have tolerated and accepted this as normal and continue to allow it to happen and accept it.

This piece of human trash is clearly incapable of caring for or providing for himself. The idea that REALLY wakes me up at night is that these people bear children that are perpetuating this level of laziness and stupidity. All of this and somehow, this guy can achieve a college education? How can someone who speaks like that be in a college and actually passing a class?

I never could imagine that laziness and criminal stupidity could be hereditary but considering I live near Detroit, the city built on welfare, I guess I should not be surprised!

--by Without Hope for this country on 1/15/12   Lives: USA  

WITHOUT HOPE - PLEASE you bleeding heart liberal - do NOT THINK for a minute that I "created this creep". THEIR PATHETIC USELESS PARENTS (and notice that is plural) created these dumb pathetic excuses for human beings that when put together STILL dont have more brain power than a ROCK!!! These idiots are NOT OUR problem - they are the problem of THEIR parents. STOP blaming society - THEIR parents had some fun in the sack on night and "created" these idiots - and THUS their parents should be held responsible. Aint it funny we make people get a license to drive a car, but we do NOT require a license to have children!!!

--by The Blue Parrot Rides Again on 2/14/13   Lives: Detroit area  

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