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Jenny's Day

November 29, 2011

My secretary, Mrs. Jenny Estrada is an amazing woman. Not only does she put up with me daily, but at home she is the wife of Jesus Estrada and the mother of four young children, Angel 14, Isaiah 13, Isabella 11, and Jordyn 1.

But in her "spare time" she has developed her own comic strip about the daily ups and downs of a family in America in the year 2011.

Take a look and pass it on. I love it because it's real.

Jenny's Day
-russ gibb

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9 Comment(s)

Russ, you seem to attract talented people to you. 'Jenny's Day' is fun! Congratulations to Ms. Estrada!

--by Dearborn Observer on 12/2/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Russellbob .... Why, you old softy you. Jenny Estrada demonstrates marvelous ability in her drawings while capturing those delightful moments between mother and child that are an important part of growing up. Good stuff, Jenny and thanks Russellbob for sharing it with us.

--by Jim Dunbar on 12/15/11   Lives: USA  

Once again you see reality without filters - and can find those young people who can share the realities of their lives with open eyes and hearts. Thanks for never giving up on kids.

--by JUDITH Coebly on 12/16/11   Lives: Michigan  

Thank you Mr. G for believing in me before I even saw it for myself. You have put me on a positive path and helped me to relearn the true beauty in people that I neglected to acknowledge exists. You have been an angel, even if you don't think so. People like you are one in a trillion.


--by Jenny on 12/17/11   Lives: Michigan  

Mr Gibb, Jennys Day is a delight. Bella is already my favorit her love of "bug people" captured my heart.

--by Jake Smith on 12/17/11   Lives: USA  


Thanks for the link.
"Jenny's Day" is very sweet and well done.
It's important to write about what you now best. Jennifer's experiences as a Mom should strike a chord with a very large
common audience.

--by Leo on 12/18/11   Lives: Detroit area  

mery christmas mr.gibb and jenny tomas and blackout and a prospereous new year

--by lino canoza on 12/27/11   Lives: Michigan  

I'm a general interest blogger, and discovered Jenny's Day on my own about a month ago. I love it, she's brilliant! I linked her on my site right away, but it's good she has someone with a wide following like yourself to get the word out; she deserves a wide following herself!

--by Jack Tyler on 3/6/12   Lives: USA  

I was on your trident when we were hit at Warren& Jonathon" in dead bone.Mom saws"HI" after jump school,I went to College and I thank you.Scott

--by on 7/26/12   Lives: Dearborn  

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