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October 1, 2011

Jennifer Granholm leaves the state
Book: Flashback by Dan Simmons
North Dakota Oil
Nancy Pelosi brother-in-law getting big government loan
Halloween Unicef scam
Michelle Obama Target hype
Vote to get rid of Department of Education
Book of Obama's Mistakes
Laughing stock of the world
You can't spend more than you make

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Russellbob. There, there my old friend. One nice warm hip bath and you be your old self again, though I must admit it's kind of dear watching you work yourself into a lather (well, as close to working yourself into a lather as you're capable of these days). Still, I must admit it seemed a bit odd that you failed to mention Rick Perry's "embarrassment" about the "darky" sign at the entrance to his Texas ranch.

--by Jim Dunbar on 10/4/11   Lives: USA  

Russ I foumd this comment in a letter to the editor in News week. " I guess Michelle's PR people will have to arrange more photo ops of her shopping at Target, eating at McDonald's or otherwise masquerading as one of the common people."

Patrick of NY 11:24PM October 04, 2011

--by jerry on 10/4/11   Lives: Detroit area  

Thomas Martyn ยท Acoustic Guitar Player at B H Creative Artists
Well.. laa dee dah.. you are just figuring out that giving the job of president to a man who has never, ever, in his entire affirmative action life had a job might not work out? President Barry of Kenya has never dealt with a budget, any budget. He hasn't even had so much as a paper route. He got into colleges he never was qualified to enter, through the use of affirmative action, lying on applications that he was American, then telling the truth on other applications that he was born in Kenya. He never had a job. He didn't work in the cafeteria, or cut lawns, or save lives as a lifeguard, such as Ronald Reagan did. He didn't work in a grocery like Nixon. He was not a farmer like Carter. He never owned haberdashery like Truman. He is a product of the "I deserve it because.. " school of thinking. Look what it has produced, the worst president in the history of the Republic. The man is not fit to be in his own cabinet.

--by Tally on 10/22/11   Lives: USA  

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