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August 20, 2011

August 20th, 2011
Yellow shirt
Obama's vacation
Media spin
Ford Stock
Obama's Birth Certificate
Zingerman's from Ann Arbor - His food, his book

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What are they going to defend. The stimulus that created no jobs and actually made things worse? Taking over health care illegally using an unprecedented voting gimmick and in direct opposition to the will of the people? Maybe defending illegals over citizens? Or taking over private businesses violating hundreds of years of contract law? How about getting us into ANOTHER war after pretending for 7 years that they hated war? There's noty a SINGLE successful policy to extoll! The only successful thing this president has done is his War on Prosperity and freedom which he is winning with a blitzkrieg

--by ex dem. on 8/23/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Wow....How ignorant!! Our Federal Government has a debt of nearly $15 Trillion and an ANNUAL deficit in excess of $1.5 TRILLION!!! The Social Security System AND Medicare are GOING BROKE along with our Federal Government!! FUTURE GENERATIONS will NEVER SEE SOCIAL SECURITY OR MEDICARE unless this spending is STOPPED! That is basic COMMON SENSE!!! If your personal finances were in the same shape as our Federal Government,,,,,YOU WOULD BE BANKRUPT!!!!

--by P. Ennes on 8/29/11   Lives: USA  

I'm going to become an get a soc-sec card---food stamps---can drive an uninsured car---free get outta jail card---free college tuition---public housing on the dole---unemployment $$$....yeah!!

--by t. yodo on 8/30/11   Lives: USA  


Part of the problem is that Republicans seem to always hold Democrats to a higher standard.

So you think everyone wants to blame Bush for our problems, however that’s simply not the case. Some of us simply do the math and pay attention. For instance, regarding vacation time during office:

The Republicans…….

President Bush Jr. has spent all or part of 250 days during his presidency at his Crawford, Texas and the presidential retreat of Camp David and at the Bush family estate in Kennebunkport.

George Bush Sr. took all or part of 543 vacation days at Camp David and in Kennebunkport.

Ronald Reagan spent 335 days at or en route to his Santa Barbara, California, ranch during his eight years in office.

The Democrats…..

As of December 1999, President Bill Clinton had spent only 152 days on holiday during his two terms.

Jimmy Carter took the least days off -- only 79 days, which he usually spent at his home in Georgia. That's less than three weeks a year, which is closer to the average American's paid time off of 13 days per year.

Again, you say the media gives Obama and Dem's a free pass, but historically, Democrats take way less time for leisure vacations than Republicans in the last 6 administrations.

You say we should do our homework, but before you start finding fault with the current president, let’s take a look at the BIG picture.

--by Both the same! on 2/21/14   Lives: Michigan  

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