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August 13, 2011

AARP - Business or Senior Citizen scam?
Obama Leaves Town (Stop Spending)
College Costs & The Myth of the Value
Newt Gingrich slaps the Media
Profit vs Non-Profit
And General inequities in the life of most Americans
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5 Comment(s)

Russ, You are right on ! A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
-- Thomas Jefferson

--by Kurt on 8/14/11   Lives: Michigan  

Russ, college has become a nice parking spot for young people who simply can’t find work. These kids get into a hundred grand worth of debt and than have to take the first crap job they can get to pay the student loans. Young people become enslaved by banks and the government by virtue of loans and interest.

People are ball and chained to their worthless houses and slide into bank servitude making them slaves to their houses and their loans.

People are running up high interest credit card balances just to make ends meet because they can’t find work or are under employed. Once again, they become slaves to a bank or credit card company.

1/3 of our country is drawing some form of assistance to eat, heat their home or for healthcare. Slaves to the government!

We feed our gas guzzling cars with astronomically priced gas (whose price goes out of sight for no apparent reason) making us slaves to oil companies. We, after all, have to have transportation.

Many of us spend over 1/3 of our post tax income in health care and car insurance making us slaves to the insurance companies!

A troubling trend of enslavement to banks, government, insurance and oil companies is upon us as a country and who benefits? Our leaders, the Federal Reserve and the world’s banks. We are being fenced in like cattle and no one seems to be too concerned about it.

--by Just my thoughts on 8/17/11   Lives: Michigan  

Donald Trump: "Our president is grossly incompetent. He doesn't know what he's doing. The world is laughing at us. It's very, very sad." how true !

--by darrel on 8/18/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, it's great to find the show on the web. I think it's even better than the old public access show. Love your political perspectives as well. Great stuff and damn entertaining.

Although I know speaking to current events are critical especially now, I would also like to see a cast devoted to stories from your old days in radio: bands (local and national), venues like the Grande Ballroom, what the work was like and the characters you met.

I look forward to more!

(I believe the name you were searching for was the great Thomas Sowell)

--by Jim on 8/20/11   Lives: Michigan  

Is this still America, the land of the free????? We as citizens scarcely have the opportunity to break even anymore with the way that the Liberals have our society lined up. I think we have become morethe land of the slaves...

--by confused? on 8/20/11   Lives: Another country  

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