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August 2, 2011

Connie Mack Republican puts CNN's Pier Morgan in his place
NASA & Global Warming & Clown Al Gore
The Aliens are here here Biden
The Gibb Review: Books
Charles Fort, Father of the Paranormal
Quotable Intellectual
Inside of a Dog
The WORD is worth a Thousand Pictures
The Way to Wealth (Benjamin Franklin)

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Russ read this comment about Joe Biden. Via Breitbart TV. Since we’re grooving on insane left-wing double standards today, here’s the second thing this guy has said in the past 24 hours that would have become a national media scandal had his party affiliation been different. And before one of our three lefty readers wonders — no, this isn’t a Fox scoop. Other reporters heard Biden say it, including one from the Boston Globe. Which raises the question, what’s the dumbest part of this? That he’d joke about a cracked skull with Gabby Giffords, who may very well prove to be permanently disabled from having “joined the club”? Or that he found it amusing enough to share the anecdote with reporters later on? Free advice for conservatives and independents: Do not attempt this “joke.” Not only is it tone-deaf and callous, but you won’t get graded on the curve afterward. (“Oh, that Joe!”)

--by Cal on 8/3/11   Lives: Michigan  

Experts: Obama birth certificate not scan of original document
Detailed technical analysis of the PDF file the White House released April 27 indicates it is not a scan of the original document, as claimed by the White House, but instead is the final form of an electronic file used to forge the birth certificate on Adobe software, according to reports by experts.
Read the latest now on

--by cal agine on 8/3/11   Lives: Michigan  

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