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What Happened to America ???

March 9, 2011

Can you believe the United States of America , the Capitalists center of the world, is being loaned money from the Communist Country called China ? Give me a break!

Can you believe that America lets a bunch of pirates from Africa kill four American citizens and we don’t do anything? Give me a break!

They’re going crazy in Libya with a dictator and what does Obama do? He sends Hilary Clinton to a U.N. Meeting in Geneva Switzerland on civil rights. The U.N….what a bad joke!

Can you believe our states are going deeper and deeper into debt and nobody has the balls to take on the Unions and say enough?!

And then with all this chaos going on here we are letting ourselves be sandbagged by a bunch of sheiks in the Middle East when we have all the oil and gas that we need in our own country, but the environmental do-gooders won’t let us drill nor will President Obama let us drill offshore for the oil that our country desperately needs. And remember the great American Sarah Palin who said, “Drill baby drill”.

Wake up America ! We are under attack!

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OK so what should we do? Should Obama send the Navy to invade the Indian Ocean and spend the next ten years hunting for pirates? Are we supposed to just go waltz into Libya and take over? Open up, yet oil driven war in yet another cotenant attacking yet another sovereign country? Why not? We do that all the time these days! Like opening up another war is going to help us here in the US.

The borrowing from China started long before the current figurehead and chief took over. We were being floated billions from China during Bush administrations, the Clinton and now the Obama administration.

Many feel like we are currently seeing an all out offensive on the American way of life perpetrated by Republicans. First they are dismantling our unions, taking away public workers right to collectively bargain (you know, the same right that got you your pension and pays your health care Russ) they are stripping independent news sources of operating capital, attacking their leadership, essentially silencing the opposition. Sure, NPR is a liberal outfit, but so is 90% of the rest of the media as well!

You are right! We are under attack. The problem, the enemy is well within our own borders and they are attacking the middle class.

--by Enemy at the gate on 3/10/11   Lives: USA  

According to the AP wire servive, 82 percent of US schools may be labeled 'failing'

--by jj on 3/10/11   Lives: Dearborn  

The last thing I am worried about is 4 Americans sailing around the most dangerous seas in the entire world, on purpose no less.
This entire post is actually hilarious. As if all these outlined problems occurred within, or as a result of the last 2 years.

--by Too Funny on 3/10/11   Lives: Detroit area  

What happened to you Sir? You used to be a shining beacon of legitimate thought and helping young people mold the future
Now you've joined the anti-intellectualism bandwagon full of hate and nothing to back it up with.

The US doesn't go around begging people (communists, as you call them, as if China has been communist for years) for money. The US sells Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds), China happens to buy the most because they still have a horrible currency that they refuse to stop from floating while being one of quickest developing countries. It's damn easy to keep the Yuan stable by just having the Chinese Central Bank buy T-Bonds to effect the USD and Yuan.

China has $1,160,000,000 in treasury securities. Japan has $882,300,000 in treasury securities. Should we also hate our friendly Emporer Akihito who also buys our T-Bonds?
Perhaps we should thank China for buying some of the T-Bonds because our public national debt is still currently $14,190,000,000 with our GDP at $14,660,000,000.
And before we go into a "But Obama did that!". He didn't do it by himself, Bush and Clinton both helped a lot.
You seriously think the United States should use their finite resources to stop pirates off the coast of Ethiopia? I think we have more than enough to do. United States citizens are warned not to go to that part of the world by the DoJ under travel advisements. If we have resources in the area, fine, if our allies do, great. But, we do not negotiate with terrorists, and that includes pirates.
Again, do you think our resources are infinite? You think we should go to war with Libya? The United States has no business interfering in a soveriegn nation, again. This is a job for NATO and the UN, and they will do what is necessary with our support if asked. Be it arming the rebels or a no fly zone, great, but we are NOT the police of the world. You seem to think we should just waltz in there and kill Qaddafi, that's not our job. That's the Libyan people's job and we'll support the rebels with arms. Even if it was our job, we DO NOT have the money to wage another war.
You were part of the union for tens of years, unions provide an invaluable service for groups of people that would generally get completely screwed. Granted, unions have corruption, but, everything has corruption to an extent, it's the way of us humans. Education has been crushed, DHS was failing already when I was attending and it only gets worse every year.
Gas prices are going up because speculators have to assume that oil production will go down due to all of the unrest in the middle east. And guess what? It's damn good speculation. Keeping oil production up while Libya and Saudi Arabia are shooting at civilian protestors is impossible, it will go down, and gas prices will continue to go up. Sheiks are not trying to screw Americans, Americans who sell oil are screwing Americans via futures speculation. If you do not understand how oil futures and speculation work, do not comment on it.
President Obama has allowed offshore drilling, in fact, it pissed off his base when he did so.
Calling Sarah Palin a 'great American' is about on par with calling FDR a nazi sympathizer and Abraham Lincoln a slave owner. Completely incorrect.
The United States is under attack, by a few who have convinced everyone to stop looking up facts, and to instead, stay inflamed over directed opinions. The United States is faultering, and it's not because of Democrats or Republicans, it's because no one cares anymore beyond yelling at each other while the work is done.
It saddens me you've gone this far Sir.

--by Seriously? on 3/10/11   Lives: Michigan  

Democrat Obama Lies again.... He said today America has only 2% of the worlds oil. WRONG. Domestic Supply The President grossly undersold America’s oil supply saying that we only have 2% of the worlds supply. OK he didn’t undersell, he lied big time. The number is America’s proven reserves where we are already drilling. It does not include the 10 billion barrels available in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It does not include most of the 86 billion barrels available offshore in the Outer Continental Shelf, most of which President Obama has placed under an executive drilling ban. And it does not include the 800 billion barrels of oil we have locked in shale in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Those shale resources alone are actually three times larger than the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia, so the claim that the U.S. only has 2% of the world’s oil is clearly false.

--by T Taylor on 3/11/11   Lives: Detroit area  

Mr Gibb, Keep up the good work.

--by Truth Seeker on 3/11/11   Lives: Michigan  

Funny. Mr Know it all, who would like everyone to know how intellegent he is and how dumb the rest of us are , reads the Guardian. LOL, The Guardian ha, ha, Englands most liberal and anti American newspaper. The Guardian. Get a life !

--by Still Laughing on 3/13/11   Lives: Michigan  

People don't realize that regrettably joining DFT is a requirement of the job that most teachers dislike. Besides, Russ is a millionaire and doesn't need stinkin union protection - he was in it for the kids.
You liberal unionists disgust me.
We are being screwed ...!!!!

--by Gangster of 313 on 3/13/11   Lives: Dearborn  

SERIOUSLY - I agree with everything that have said. You got to the points before me. Thank you for the intelligent thoughts.

RUSS - What has happened to you. I have asked you that many times before.

With all that is going on (or not going on, for that matter), in Dearborn, you spend your time spewing hatred and trying to roil up the minions.

You are better than that. Why have you stopped talking about Dearborn? I can't believe that it is because you are afraid that people won't like you anymore.

My theory is that you no longer write your column and that someone else just looks for inflammatory stuff to put on so that the blog doesn't stop.

Russ, come back to us. Again, you are better than this

--by cloe on 3/16/11   Lives: Dearborn  

There was no intelligent rebuttal, only smearing and crap-throwing equating that of a group of Bonobo monkeys.

So, I'll just go down the list real quick, and not revisit this again.

Was President (seriously people, do you lack any respect? We didn't call Mr. Russ Gibb Sir because it was fun.) Obama speaking about oil RESERVES or oil SUPPLY?

Either way, I'm inclined to agree that North America does in fact have large amounts of oil, estimating [depending on the company doing the estimating] between 80-300 Billion barrels of oil. And you're also correct in that there is a large amount of oil in oil shale, but, processing of oil shale isn't exactly a walk in the park. Of course if we're able to come up with a great way to extract oil from shale easily, by all means, extract away.


I actually just chose the first one I came to that I thought wouldn't get complaints about how 'liberal' it is. Apparently I underestimated how incredibly ignorant you are, so, let me find you another:

Of course I'm sure you'll come up with some reason as to why President Obama did what he did, but, I can guarantee you, I don't care to listen to you rant like a madman/madwoman in Bedlam that we all pay a penny to watch draw on the wall in feces in 1720.


Of course Mr. Gibb is very well off, and of course public unions have a _ton_ of issues. But, if the state goes back to taking advantage of their workers (because that's never happened right?) after removing the public unions, we must have a way to provide them support, union or not.

Unions should not only exist to push through laws that hurt the public in general. Bills like (while I can't find a source) allowing all state/local government pensions exempt from having to pay income tax, which, Snyder is reversing correctly.


So please, read a book once or twice.

--by Seriously? on 3/16/11   Lives: Michigan  

Here's an idea Russ; After we actually make a MEANINGFUL attempt to investigate and prosecute those responsible for mortgage fraud, medicaid fraud (and every other welfare scam), immigration fraud and insurance fraud right here in Dearborn, THEN we can go after the unions to screw them over and dissolve the contracts they BARGAINED for. Or....we can just rent a hall, hire a band and charge admission to smoke dope.

--by Enema At The Gate on 3/16/11   Lives: Dearborn  

"The great" Sarah Palin? Ha! You mean Sarah "The Quitter" Palin. And don't start with the idiotic rationale why she really isn't a quitter.

At the end of the day, when it's all said and done, when we put our heads on our pillows, Palin is -- and will always be known as -- a quitter.

Americans don't like quitters. And people who think "what do you read?" is a trick question.

Methinks Russ must be putting us on with these types of columns. Is he doing it just to get a rise out of us? Gotta think so, as his comments are so off-base that it's almost funny.

re: the pirates...what would you think of four people wearing blinking-neon USA T-shirts going into the worst drug town in Mexico at midnight (after repeated U.S governmental stern warnings not to do so) seeking cocaine, but end up getting killed by the bad guys? Would you feel bad for them?

Well, horrible tragedy as it is, the four American sailors basically did the same thing by cruising into those much-publicized troubled waters. May God have mercy on their souls, but shame on them for their stupidity and putting our troops at risk.

--by Still Here! on 5/12/14   Lives: Dearborn  


Oh yea, right! Lets investigate those in our own city government who prophet from the mortgage fraud in Dearborn, by all means. Problem is, one of the most instrumental players in the game has passed away, and several others are sitting behind the desks on city council night! A couple city officials took the fall got thrown in jail despite the fact that they were acting with the full complicity of our former and current leadership. This is what we know, lord knows that most of Dearborn has no idea how deep the corruption was and continues to be. It’s about as deep as the first “deep tunnel” project in Dearborn. Remember that? Anyone want to guess whose baby that was? You see them every other week on local access TV.

My guess is that if we rent a hall and charge admission to smoke dope, a few of our city leaders will have a hand in the pocket of the promoter.

--by Yea for Dearborn on 6/6/14   Lives: Dearborn  

It’s a damn good thing we have such knowledgeable oil drilling and exploration experts available here in the Detroit area! Our President lies to us but we have a guy from Detroit here among us to set us straight along with a media who never lies to us for him to get his information from. Keep up the good work TAYLOR!

The problem is that we, as a nation, do not own those resources. What we DO know is that the Saudi's own a significant portion of the drilling rights to all of this beautiful black gold. You can thank the Bush family for that. Do your homework!

In addition to our oil, the US imports 80% of all goods despite the fact that we manufacture many of them here in the us. Statistically, 90% of the products in T Taylors home are imported from abroad even though similar products are made right here in the US.

Of course, we have to go by the Retail Sales Association’s word on that.

--by Clean your own garage on 6/6/14   Lives: Dearborn  

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