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“Eating Detroit”

December 30, 2010

Well, I know the years are flying by when I start reminiscing about the foods I crave and the fleeting culinary memories that are about my town Detroit. How about you? Do you remember any of these things and places ?

The all day Holloway taffy sucker Slo-Pokes that you would get on the Bob-lo Boat.
Now that was a sucker. If you planned your licking judiciously it would last from Detroit
to Bob-lo Island and back.

Do you also remember the super fresh potato chips that you would get out of the Better Maid Potato Chip Shop next door to the Senate Movie Theater on Michigan and Livernois? Yes those were the days when they really made potato chips fresh. They packaged them right in front of you in a paper-like cupcake holder kind of how you get popcorn today from the movie theater.

Oh yes, if you are into ice cream, do you remember the Jim Dandy Ice Cream Parlors? They were located all over Detroit. In fact, I used to hang out at the one on Michigan Avenue and Livernois and another one up around 7 Mile and Outer Drive. Now Jim Dandy was the man.

It also seems to me that you used to be able to get a Free Vernor’s on Woodward Ave when you went to visit the Vernor’s Factory in Downtown Detroit. I’m not sure about that, but the word free sticks in my memory. What do you remember?

Downtown Detroit in the Times Square area kitty corner from the old Detroit Times Newspaper office was a restaurant called Rehm’s. I remember the restaurant for the best carrots that I ever had. Yes carrots! And if you don’t believe me you can ask any rabbit in Detroit and they will tell you about the great boiled carrots at Rehm’s Restaurants.

And while we were on our trip to Detroit it wasn’t complete without a hot fudge sundae From Sander’s Ice Cream Parlor on Woodward Avenue. And how about the Delicatessen over there in the Dexter/Davidson area where you got real corn beef and rye sandwiches and only the schmucks would get butter on their bread instead of mustard. Does anyone remember the name of that place?

Plus do any of you remember the A&W Root Beer Stand on Livernois and Joy Rd? I remember it because if you bought a full size hot dog they gave you a small midget glass mug of root beer and you could take the glass home with you. Boy those were the days.
And while we’re in the car we might as well roll on over to 8 Mile and Woodward because that is where the original Big Boy in Detroit was located and man that Big Boy Hamburger was something else. And while we are on the hamburger kick…how many of you remember the great Tel-Way Hamburger joint located on Martin and Michigan Avenue? I remember them even before they had the broken down bull and wagon and I always got mine with M.O.P., (mustard, onion, and pickle). It’s still there and the hamburgers are still real hamburgers.

So, there you go Michelle Obama! How’s that for feeding your face politically ”Un”correct?

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Russ, did you fail to mention the greatest Coneys in the world......whichever you died for!!!!
Senate Coney Island on Michigan Avenue not too far from Dearborn border. Loose hamburger with lots of mustard. That chili was the best. Just don't read the label on the package. I know, because I ordered some to be sent out west.
Maybe you knew of the Town Grill next or near to Cuda's Book Store on Michigan Ave near Schlaff. Mary Ann, the waitress, was a blast with her off-color jokes!! Good place to stop after a night of carousing.
Vancouver, WA

--by Thomas/Vancouver,WA on 12/30/10   Lives: USA  

Do I remember the Senate Coney Island? You bet I do! My first job while in high School was answering the phone at Stan Weber's insurance agency located right above the coney island and the pungent odors got to me. Thanks for the reminder. - russ gibb

--by russ on 12/31/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Well seeing as how we are on some of these great places to eat, I think back to a few Dearborn institutions up on Greenfield Road like Zuboks and Browns fish and chips. I also remember the Carters Hamburgers up on Ford and the beef house on Michigan across from city hall. We used to love eating at those places when I was a kid. When it cam to Coney Island’s, for my family, it was always Onassis (my mom often called it Oh-Nasties) up on Michigan for us! My mom used to gripe about Onassis so when we went out to eat up there, my mom and older brother ate at down the street at Sanders while me and dad ate at Onassis.

The Town Grille was perhaps my favorite place to eat. I went to school with several of the Mina’s so my brothers and I pretty much always got the run of the place and we left stuffed to the gills. Andy Mina used to load us all in his car and take us to opening day at Tigers Stadium for many years. I remember sneaking out of school at Woodworth during lunch and going over to the grille. The Mina family was good folks.

--by GenerXiea on 12/31/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Russellbob ... Flattening pennys on the Warren Avenue streetcar tracks; swiping comics from old man Volgt's drugstore; riding the Tireman Avenue bus all the way into Detroit for a dime; saturday matinees at the Circle theatre with 2 features, newsreel, Tom & Jerry cartoon and Dick Tracy serial for 15 cents; snowballing cars on Littlefield Blvd; smoking without inhaling; spin the bottle and first kiss with Patsy Kline; playing alto sax with Ronnie Richards and His Rhythm Ramblers.

--by Jim Dunbar on 12/31/10   Lives: USA  

Does anyone remember the independent drive-in restaurant on the west side of Greenfield Rd near Colson and Payne Ct. This was before Greenfield turned into a super highway. Great burgers and root beer. Do you remember the name??????
That brings to mind the Daily Drive-in at various locations. The "Daily Burger"!!!!!

--by Thomas/Vancouver,WA on 1/1/11   Lives: USA  

While we are at it how about a favorite pizza joint?
Dearborn Pizzeria, Pompei's , Amato's oh my!! I'm drooling on my keyboard!!! How about you???

--by Thomas/Vancouver,WA on 1/1/11   Lives: USA  

Russ , If the Jim Dunbar that just wrote you is the same Jim Dunbar that lived on Hartwell St. He became a big radio and TV star In SF California.

--by Tally on 1/1/11   Lives: USA  

HELP. Oh MY ,Someone just sent in a great comment about old time Dearborn, I hit the wrong key and wiped it out... sorry please resend, russ

--by russ gibb on 1/4/11   Lives: Dearborn  

OK, I will say it.....What in the hell happened to our city? Is it really better? Have our leaders of past and current really re-invented us or have our leaders simply relented to the overwhelming pull of money and influence?

No one will every be held accountable to the prior administration, but I am starting to believe that our current administration simply does not have their hearts into it.

Looking at this string of posts only makes me very upset that Dearborn has become synonymous with Arabic eateries, smoke shops and gas stations. This city no longer has any identity, people here simply exist here, and they don’t live here any longer. This place is not the great place to raise kids like before.

Sorry to rain on the parade Russ. I just hate constantly reminiscing about how great we once WERE while our city leaders allow wealthy and influential interests dismantle everything we used to hold dear to our hearts.

I dont just miss the old Dearborn, I miss what Dearborn used to represent. To quote the song by the Pretenders, "my city is gone."

--by Mr Sad on 1/6/11   Lives: Dearborn  

I remember my grandparents taking us to Applegate's on Michigan (The beef house by city hall....ACE Coin now? It was a big deal when we went there) and Truans on Tireman. I remember the little Coney Island/diner on Tireman/Chase next to the car wash when the Burroughs plant was still Burroughs. I recall pizza at Rocky's on 7 Mile, not far from Jim Dandy's. Lou's Deli, (Good for the Belly) on 6 Mile near Marygrove, down the street from Carter's. Tom's Tavern, the Red Devil...Original Buddy's, Lelli's and Mario's..Back Stage restaurant on Woodward and Ted's Diner near Woodward/6 mile, not to be confused with the Ted's north of 8 Mile.

Frank Goeghan's on 6 Mile, Scotch and Sirloin at the Lodge and 8 mile.....Brown's was good. I believe a relative owns Hope's. And Scotty Simpsons on 5 and Lahser. Still go there and just had Telways a month ago. And Stempien's bar down the street from Telway. And the list goes on....Supreme Bakery, Tarnow Bakery back when they were Polish.....the Dare Bar, Mother's, Sermack's....

--by Food Guy on 1/17/11   Lives: Dearborn  

Re: Eating Detroit. The deli near Dexter-Davision I believe it was called "The Esquire

--by Brian McRae on 1/19/11   Lives: Detroit area  

In the early Sixties, there were still tiny diners and gas stations along Warren Ave in East Dearborn...At Manor Street, a little place called Sam's, where Sam served coffee-to-go in glass bottles with little cardboard tops...I am not going to say the food was good, but it was a symbol of a different time. The electric busses still ran on Warren, for example.

The drugstore at Miller Road (Arrow Drugs?)had a lunch counter, and the ice cream cones were great. One could buy a 'phosphate' for five cents.

--by A Blast from the Past on 1/20/11   Lives: Dearborn  

I grew up five blocks west of Livernois off of Michigan dad was in business there for years we had a lumber yard on Michigan ave next to Telway Hamburgers. They were great. Senate Coney Island was the Original. I remember as a kid being there the night the Tigers won the world Series, what an epic night. The coneys never tasted so good. I love the old neighborhood and miss it very much. It will never be the same unfortunately.
All the best,

--by Wayne on 7/9/11   Lives: Michigan  

I grew up five blocks west of Livernois off of Michigan dad was in business there for years we had a lumber yard on Michigan ave next to Telway Hamburgers. They were great. Senate Coney Island was the Original. I remember as a kid being there the night the Tigers won the world Series, what an epic night. The coneys never tasted so good. I love the old neighborhood and miss it very much. It will never be the same unfortunately.
All the best,

--by Wayne on 7/22/11   Lives: Michigan  

roman telfanski lumberyard on shafer rd. was named?

--by frank d on 8/17/11   Lives: Dearborn  

can anyone tell me the name of the lumberyard that was located on shafer between warren and ford owned by roman telfelski

--by frank d on 8/17/11   Lives: Dearborn  

I'm pretty sure the lumberyard on Schaefer Rd was called Liberty Lumber.It was by the Mercury Lanes on Schaefer.

--by jackie s on 11/3/11   Lives: Michigan  

Does anyone remember Stec's Party store,Cunningham's drug store,Palm's Bar,Carmen Theatre on Schaefer & Ford rd? I was born and raised in Dearborn and went to St.Barbaras school.My grandma used to live next to the nuns convent on Calhoun st.Josephine Mieszczur

--by Jackie S on 11/3/11   Lives: Michigan  

Or the Marathon Station on Calhoun St. and Ford Rd? It was called Blue's Marathon.My brother used to work there.

--by jackie s on 11/14/11   Lives: Michigan  

Or the Marathon Station on Calhoun St. and Ford Rd? It was called Blue's Marathon.My brother used to work there.

--by jackie s on 11/14/11   Lives: Michigan  

Barrie's on Warren and Barrie, run by Stosh and Lottie: cherry phosphates and DC comics. Lawyer worked down the street, cab stand across, Kaufman's dept. store at Warren and Greenfield.

--by Jim on 12/6/11   Lives: USA  

Speaking of Coney Islands, George's Famous Coney Island on Michigan down from the Senate was my favorite. Loved to go in and order "two up, heavey".

--by Dan S on 12/13/11   Lives: Detroit area  

Does anyone remember the name of the potato chip factory on West Vernor Highway near Junction across from Holy Redeemer? I think it was either Paradise or Better Made. I lived on Toledo at Lansing; also on Woodmere across from the cemetery. By the way, I think Duly's on Vernor near Junction was the best Coney Island. I can still smell the aroma from the Peters Sausage Company next door.

--by Aileen on 11/4/15   Lives: USA  

Don't forget about the Ford Rotunda which was a hang-out for us car-crazy, couldn't-wait-to-start driving teens. A year 'round auto show for FoMoCo. It met an untimely end one Thursday in the Fall of '62 when a blowtorch meant to help seal the roof from leaks instead ignited it; burning the place down.
I also remember when Brown's Fish & Chips was originally on Ford Road; it was a treat for us to get a take-out order for home dinner. They had to relocate in the '70's to Greenfield when Ford Road was widened from 5 lanes to the divided highway it now is. I remember coming home from the colleges on Evergreen and was one of the first to drive on the Eastbound lanes. The road was just being re-opened after all the construction.

--by Larry V on 11/4/15   Lives: Dearborn  

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