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September 17, 2010

Take a look at this video and ask yourself "where did your youth go?" These English kids just toss it in our faces. Have fun.

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OK. How does he get down ???

--by telly on 9/18/10   Lives: Michigan  

Taking into consideration the levels of Obesity and inactivity of American kids, it’s nice to see that kids in other parts of the world are fit and can actually move. These kids were amazing to watch.

Maybe if the parents in this country got their kids off the couch and away from the video games, they wouldn’t have 12 year old kids taking cholesterol meds and 23% of them being diagnosed with early onset diabetes.

--by Cannon on 9/22/10   Lives: Dearborn  

eh there's dozens of videos of U.S. kids doing the same thing, the same people who do BMX bike tricks and skateboard tricks are into this tyoe of thing. I do believe, and I could be wrong it's name is parkour and the American name is Freerunning.
Just as with skateboarders and Bike kids, the old fogeys usually run them out of parks and get ordinances passed to stop them from these activities.

--by Detroit Guy on 9/23/10   Lives: Detroit area  

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