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Chris Matthew's Tingle

February 2, 2010

I watch Chris Matthews on cable quite frequently, just to find out what this dyed in the wool Democrat and Ex-Democratic staffer has to say about the state of our nation.

Chris, of course, is a Washington Elitist and lives well. Several times he has been very excited when he spoke of President Obama. You will recall him saying that he got a tingle up his leg when President Obama was elected. And now he has put his real racist cap on when he was speaking of President Obama state of the union speech and said, “I forgot he was black tonight.” So much for our elitist news caster on MSNBC and his hidden racism. Typical elitist, typical. Shame on Chris Matthews.

Here is Chris Matthews getting another tingle with Ellen Degeneres

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Russ , tell me something I dont know about the MSNBC crew. They all are out of it !

--by sam on 2/2/10   Lives: Detroit area  

MSNBC ratings are in the tank. • MSNBC’s prime time line-up of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow slipped to 3rd – Olbermann behind HLN’s Nancy Grace and Maddow behind Larry King.

--by got it. on 2/2/10   Lives: Michigan  

Aaahh. The Faux News version of Chris Matthews is Glenn Beck.
It is so funny to me how everyone who watches Faux News justifies it by its ratings. The reason behind that is the same reason Rush Limbaugh gets his ratings - ALL of the right-wing people in this country prefer to perpetuate their delusions 24/7 by only watching a news station that tells them the news exactly the way that they want to hear and see it. The rest of the country watches all of the other news stations and therefore spreads their ratings around.

--by Palin has a new show on FOX, what a shock! on 2/4/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Fox News is the best. Most honest and non spin news. Liberals or as they like to now call themselfs Progessives can't handle the truth. Obama is a poor excuse for a leader,

--by Labor Guy on 2/4/10   Lives: Detroit area  

The only reason FOX does as staggeringly well as it does is because the other networks are so bad. The only reason FOX has no rival is because the competition is so completely and utterly corrupt. They aren't news. They are paid cheerleaders of the Democrat party. FOX presents the conservative view as well as the liberal view. It's that the competition is so bad, the bar so low, that FOX has no rival

--by P. Geller on 2/7/10   Lives: USA  

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