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The Gift

January 26, 2010

The other day, my assistant, Jennifer and I were listening to President Obama give his speech in Ohio. We noticed that the President likes to use the personal pronoun “I” a great deal. In fact, we counted in a matter of about six minuets that he had used the word “I” thirty six times as he referred to himself. I guess that is what you would call a Big Ego.

The other interesting thing is that he told a Democratic Congressman, who was retiring, that Democrats should have no fear because they have "him", Obama. Well, so much for modesty.

And now to some slang.

When I was growing up using the term, “the Gift”, meant that you had the ability to talk your way out of just about anything. The President, when he first took office, made the statement to some newspaper people that he had the Gift. And of course they assumed “the Gift” was his eloquent speaking abilities, but to me it always meant that he knew how to talk his way out of anything. Well, it seems like that is,President Obama’s "Gift".

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Of course, your interpretation of someone with "the gift" (an eloquent bull$hitter) is only one interoperation of that phrase. As I remember someone explaining the phrase "the gift" I understood it to mean that someone had the ability to sway someone to an opposing point of view through exquisite verbal and non verbal communication techniques. No matter how you slice it, Obamma, Granholm and a few others have “the gift.”

Growing up I observed some of the most amazing people exercise this skill (the gift). A few noteworthy ones were Jim Jones, Adolph Hitler, and Franklin D. Roosevelt just to name a few. They were brilliant orators who used their “gift” for both good and to usher in hate, destruction and war.

I remember a teacher at Fordson I once had named Mr. Baker, My speech teacher. He made us sign a contract promising that we would never use our ability to convince people through speech for purposes of evil and to “do no harm.”

Now what do we call people who walk in with well thought out and legitimate opposition and differing points of view who are so easily swayed by people with “the gift?” In the past we called them Nazis, fascists, communists, Catholics, Christians, Muslims and cult followers.

These days we call them Americans and Michiganders, Democrats and Republicans. You know, people who support courrupt and failing administratons and political parties because their leaders have “the gift.”

Call it what you will, it’s all a bunch of BS and the majority of Americans fall for it every single time Russ, every single time! .

--by Gift horse on 1/30/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Welcome Back Russ. Glad to see there is still someone who is questioning government shananigans, whether national or local. It takes someone like you to shake things up a bit. Count me on your side.Hope you continue to get well.

--by Joyce Olkowski on 1/30/10   Lives: Dearborn  

You hit the nail on the head. He's an egomaniac! When he gave that b.s., say-nothing press conference following the attempted Detroit airline bombing he used the pronoun "MY" a lot. "MY" commission, "MY" cabinet, "MY" secretary, etc. MY, MY, MY. I thought that it was "OURS"? Didn't "WE" elect "HIM"? "HE'S" got to go. Much like the (soon to be)failed health care reform bill, "HIS" ego is getting in the way of OUR recovery.

--by Allen Park Republican on 1/30/10   Lives: USA  

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