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January 9, 2010

"Outside court, about a dozen people held up signs reading 'Islam is against terrorism' and 'Not in the name of Islam.'" -- Reuters, January 8

"About 20 Muslims from nearby Dearborn appeared outside the courthouse to denounce Mr. Abdulmutallab. They carried large American flags and colorful signs that read 'NOT in the name of Islam' and 'Islam is against terrorism.'" -- New York Times, January 8, first version

"Dozens of Muslims from nearby Dearborn gathered outside the courthouse carrying large American flags and colorful signs that read 'NOT in the name of Islam' and 'Islam is against terrorism.'" -- New York Times, January 8, second version

"About 50 Detroit-area Muslims chanted 'We are Americans' as they marched behind metal barricades outside the courthouse. Many carried U.S. flags or signs with messages such as 'Not in the name of Islam.'" -- Associated Press, January 8

"An estimated 150 people attended a peaceful demonstration, carrying large American flags and signs that read, 'Not in the Name of Islam' and 'Not in Our Name.'" -- Detroit News, January 9

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Interesting. Kind of reminds me of FOX News covering the Tea Party's. They would pull up in their huge Tea Party bus and then broadcast live from them. They would talk about how many people were showing up to them yet there would only be 8 to 10 in the background.
Come to think of it, what were those all about? Anyone making under 250k is getting a bigger paycheck due to the tax break Obama gave them after he took office. Oh yeah, they are protesting what they are guessing will happen.

--by Faux News on 1/9/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Pardon me. You need new glasses. The Tea Party events that I saw had hundreds of people. Your Democratic near sightness is sad.

--by Olie on 1/9/10   Lives: Dearborn  

We are getting off the track here. From one dozen to 150 people is quite a wide variance for an estimate of the crowd. Television broadcasts can be misleading because they can crowd all the attendees together in front of the camera, suggesting that they represent only a small percent of the attendees. What bothered me about the attendees is that I saw the usual local imams there. These supposedly religious men support Hamas and Hezbollah, yet say they denounce 'terrorism.' Yeah, right.

--by Cousin on 1/9/10   Lives: Dearborn  

cousin - I assume that you got your information on what they support from when you sat down and talked with them. I saw many people that I know. I guess that you were so busy looking for your "usual" faces that you didn't hear the message. Typical.

--by cloe on 1/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Speaking of ignorance . How are you Cloe ???

--by Mirror on 1/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Cloe, do you really question that the local imams support Hezbollah and Hamas? They have said so, publicly. Of course, they claim those groups aren't terrorists, but 'freedom fighters.' Why would I need to sit down with them when their positions are so clear? Both groups are puppets of Iran - recognized as such by Egyptian officials and generals in public statements - and serve that master violently well.

--by Cousin on 1/12/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Cousin - the point that I was trying to make is that not all people that were protesting were local leaders. I believe that the vast majority of the middle-eastern population in this country have come here to have a better life than they could possibly have in their home countries, as have every national group who has came here before them.

Having talked to many of the people in my neighborhood, they are afraid to be too vocal in protesting because they still have family overseas and they fear for their safety.

I am not naive and know that there are many people here and abroad who hate this country and what it stands for. I just don't think it is right to hate everyone for the crimes of a few.

If Mirror thinks that makes me ignorant, so be it.

--by cloe on 1/12/10   Lives: Dearborn  


I don't hate everyone for the actions of the few. But I do hate those few. Nobody suffers more because of the jihadists and terrorists than those who share their religion, and their neighborhood.

--by Basic Agreement on 1/13/10   Lives: Dearborn  

This reminds me with the protest that erupted during a board of education meeting when a high school principal slapped a student. The outcome of friends and family that supported him, regardless of the action, illustrates the magnitude of support he has from people as equally corrupt as him.

--by Hello on 1/13/10   Lives: Dearborn  

It’s becoming painfully clear that our intelligence community and its supporters in congress are squiring us up for the next unpopular set of anti-terrorist laws.

They are not just hate mongering on Arab-Americans, they are now firmly affixed to the idea of "soft" cells here in the US. This means that they think Americans are now being recruited to do the bidding of terrorist groups abroad.

They have already vilified blacks, Asians and Arabs, now let’s let the media turn us all on each other.

Once again, just how dumb will we be in letting this occur as they prime us for more invasions of privacy and loss of personal freedom in America?

--by Shamful on 2/4/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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