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Oh my! Obama

January 2, 2010

As a Democrat you are going to hate this. As a Republican you are going to love it. As an Independent I find it clever and amusing :) So there you go, have at it.

Thanks YO YO

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I am not either one and I love it!!!!!!! I just wonder what the game pieces look like.

--by Walking the line on 1/2/10   Lives: USA  

Loved the Obama game board. Glad the drive by liberal media is taken to task for their poor vetting of Obama and all he stands for.

--by Terry G on 1/2/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Great game. Also, funny how stuff like AIG etc was being bailed out before Obama even got in office.

--by 8 yrs versus 1 on 1/2/10   Lives: Detroit area  

The hammer and sickle symbol on the ‘Obamoply’ board is an icon well suited for this game. It symbolizes the elimination of a class society starting with a redistribution of wealth and government control over productivity by adding bailouts, stimulus, regulations, taxes and mandates to eliminate the so-called problems of free market capitalism. The nimbus surrounding Obama is representative of those who see him as more than a mere politician, but appointed for a time as this. Still, most Americans remember what it was like before ‘Obampoly’ and will long for those days to return. 2012 may be the end of the Mayan calendar, but it will also be the end of the ‘Change we couldn’t believe in’.

--by PJanny on 1/2/10   Lives: USA  

Did someone want to point out to me the "properties" on the board that would not be there no matter who was elected president in the last election? Exactly.

--by Might as well be McCain's picture on 1/3/10   Lives: Detroit area  

AMEN TO THAT! We would have been going down this road no matter who was in office. It’s just so damn disgusting that the guys who drove the world economy into the ground, destroyed so many lives across a huge cross section of the socio-economic field, all got huge bonuses on us.

How does having a Democrat in office make it more horrible than having a Republican in office while it occurs?

They all play for the same team, its business first and the taxpayer a distant last. Why not? We are so stupid, we just keep on playing their game without making a fuss, why shouldn’t they?

Reganomics, Bushonomics, Clintonomics, More Bushonomics, and now Obammanomics vs. McCainonomics? Someone want to explain the difference to me?

The big guys get bigger, and the little guys get to pay for it. That’s the bottom line!

--by We put them there! on 1/3/10   Lives: USA  

Democrates still trying to blame all of Obamas screw-ups on the Repubicans. They just don't get it. They will by the next election. Obama is a failure. A very sad excuse for a leader.

--by union guy on 1/3/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Union Guy - Did you realize that you post basically the same message on every post? "They just don't get it". Do you ever have anything insightful to say? Flatter me with some knowledge.

--by 85 on 1/3/10   Lives: Detroit area  

The year 2000 kicked off with the Democrat ruse of a "stolen election" -- this from the racketeering party of ACORN -- but thankfully, it was not stolen after all. George W. Bush took the reins. Good for America.

--by Geller on 1/3/10   Lives: USA  

"We have a government that cannot balance its "books, defend its borders or win its wars. And what is it now doing? Drafting another entitlement program as we are informed that the Social Security and Medicare trust funds have unfunded liabilities in the trillions."

--by Bucanhan on 1/4/10   Lives: USA  

By 85, Stop flattering yourself. You would'nt know real knowlege without checking your Democratic party spin handbook.. Keep reading your liberal screeches in the New York Slime and watching MSNBC and thinking you know it all. Also get a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself. Could be, YOUR the one with a xerox mind ?

--by Union guy on 1/4/10   Lives: Detroit area  

It is accurate to point out the bailouts that occurred BEFORE Obama took office. It is also accurate that Obama told Joe the Plumber on tape that 'it's about redistribution of wealth' when he talks about raising taxes. Our country was not founded on that principle, and in fact, it is a plan destined to fail. Tax cuts in the past (20's, 60's, 80's) have spurred economic growth and resulted in MORE federal revenue. Obama does not seem to be the leader we need in many ways, including any ability to understand economics. Remember the people in Detroit, waiting in line for their 'Obama' money?

--by Dearborn Cobra Plan on 1/4/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Obama in action. According to the online TIMES "At least a dozen former Guantánamo Bay inmates have rejoined al-Qaeda to fight in Yemen, The Times has learnt, amid growing concern over the ability of the country’s Government to accept almost 100 more former inmates from the detention centre.

The Obama Administration promised to close the Guantánamo facility by January 22, a deadline that it will be unable to meet. The 91 Yemeni prisoners in Guantánamo make up the largest national contingent among the 198 being held."

--by Reader on 1/5/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Democrat Obama said he wanted the most open policy debates in history. Scratch that! But now they wont let CSPAN cover Obama's healthcare nightmare. The current Democratic leadership is a joke! I hope the American people will continue to voice their concern and stop this train wreck. This is not the change we wanted.....this is a disaster!!

--by Indy on 1/5/10   Lives: Michigan  

Where's a blog post on something revelatory and local, like the "9-11" t-shirt those piece of cr*p students from the 2011 class of Dearborn High created? Confirms every impression I've ever had of today's Dearborn. And some wonder why people are leaving Dearborn? Anyway, I hope every one of those kids ends up on FBI 'watch' lists for the rest of their lives and the same for whatever idiot printed them up. What a disgrace!

--by Brian on 1/6/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Correction: Dearborn EDSEL FORD, not Dearborn High. Other than that, my opinion is the same.

--by Brian on 1/6/10   Lives: Detroit area  

WOW! I am so damn glad that Brian the perfect here never did anything distasteful in high school without some jack booted big mouth thug labeling him a terrorist and wanting him thrown on the FBI watch list.

So you want some teenagers in High School who made a bad decision to be labeled as terrorists for the rest of their lives? If today’s Dearborn is so damn bad, maybe you should go move to Today’s Texas or Today’s Washington and get away from “piece of cr*p students.”

What a great country we have become! What should we do to people to put toilet paper in trees on devils night, line them up for a firing squad? Look at the hysteria we are living in. Grown adults who want to destroy a couple teenagers’ lives over a few T shirt images that were in bad taste.

--by Get a grip Brian on 1/6/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Brian - When I heard about the shirts, I wanted to see them before I commented. I have no idea what the students were thinking, but, the shirt can be taken in a totally different way than most people are portraying it.

It shows the 11 and the school mascot - the falcon. The words "you can't take us down" can be either interpreted as school pride or pride in a country that has been terrorized.

Either way, we have to remember that these kids are 15 or 16 which makes them 7 or 8 when the tragedy happened. Most children that age didn't get the full scope of what had happened.

Bad judgment, stupid mistake, school or country pride. Each of us will look at it and see what we want to see.

I work with Dearborn teenagers every day. They are no different than we were at that age. Some are smarter than others but, as a whole, they are good kids. How were you as a teenager. Perfect? If you were, you are the only one ever.

--by cloe on 1/7/10   Lives: Dearborn  

The administration is replete with amateurs or outright mugs, thugs and thieves. There is no other explanation! I blame the Republicans for not squashing this whole Democrat party. Pelosi and Reid are clueless and add Obama you have a bad late night 3 Stooges movie. This whole episode with the terrorist attacks in the last 90 days only emboldens the terrorist and we can expect more attacks. The Administration response is weak. What next an Iranian nuke in an American city? Worst fears, the 3 Stooges take out their frustration on American Citizens and we have a 2 front war! The terrorist on the outside and the Democrats on the inside! God help us.

--by Ruth on 1/8/10   Lives: USA  

To 'Get a Grip.." and 'Cloe': The actions of these Muslim students at Edsel Ford cannot be equated with simple teenage nonsense such as TP-ing someones trees. Their action is another example of the anti-American feelings that run through a large part of the Dearborn Muslim community. Have you heard the expression "I am not an American, I am a Muslim" ? My kids have, in school. The artwork is obviously a statement that these Muslim kids are stronger than the World Trade Center. The Thunderbird (not falcon) symbol is seen as flying TOWARD the towers, just as the airliners did. That Thunderbird cannot be seen as school spirit, when it is depicted as the evil force looking to take down the towers. These students' attitudes were shaped by their parents and their mosque, and they are clearly anti-American. Note that only Muslim students were involved, and the non-Muslim students at Edsel are furious with them, and have made statements that these sweatshirt-wearers were swaggering around, daring anyone to oppose them. This 'artwork' was meant to intimidate the non-Muslims at Edsel. This isn't a matter of perspective, it is a matter of religious bigotry, and to use their own term, racist hatred on the part of the students involved.

You are reflecting the statements of the school administrators.

--by Backing Brian on 1/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Backing Brian:

You don’t work at EFHS and you don’t know these kids, we have kids there, and our friends work there and also send their kids there. We support our teachers, and our Principal. We are in that building every single day. Where are you? On your little keyboard making claim to what is in other people’s heads. Sorry buddy, you can’t do that. Only those kids and God knows what they are thinking. Let’s talk about what we know for sure OK?

Your opinions are just those OPINIONS! You’re going on and on and on but the reality is that you’re just spewing a lot of hate from a place of fear and ignorance. These kids did not get suspended or hammered by the authorities because the resounding majority of staff, students and sensible human beings know that these kids, simply put, made a mistake.

These kids are not terrorists, they are not anti-American and they don’t wish downfall to our country. They don’t glorify 911 terrorists nor rejoice in the woes of this country. They are teenagers and they did a dumb teenage stunt. These kids have parents who are suffering right along with the rest of us and bleed just like we do.

I don’t know who in the hell your kids hang around with in school, but I personally know more non-Muslims who are as disgusted, disgruntled, and disenfranchised with this country than the Muslims I deal with every day. Most Muslim kids appreciate the freedoms they have here far more than the kids who got it through birthright.

How about we talk about the level of elicit drug use by non-Muslims vs. Muslims. How about we talk about sexually active pre-adult Muslims vs. non-Muslims. How about the amount of criminal activity of Muslims to Non-Muslims. All of that stuff we can see in black and white and in real time. Every single one of those things are perpetrated on a 50:1 ratio of non-Muslims to Muslims. If you want a better country, take care of your own kids and stop worrying about the Muslim kids.

Brian is a scared angry and un-informed person. Sounds like both of you need to go and look at some real statistics and than come back and talk about facts, now what you think others are thinking.

--by bla bla bla on 1/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Backing Brian - from your post, I assume that you have students at Edsel Ford. Is this assumption right? If so, maybe it is time for you to move them to a SAFER school. You state that the artwork is "obviously a statement that these Muslim kids are stronger than the World Trade Center". Did you verify that all of these students were Muslim and feel that way or are you just stating an opinion?

Again, I work with teenagers every day. Some are from Middle Eastern heritage. Not all are Muslims.

Instead of assumptions and over-acting, maybe trying to have the students get along with one another might be helpful.

Oh wait. That is what I see every day.

I do agree that Russ needs to get back to being interested in what is happening in Dearborn. Talking about politics is fine but tackling the problems in our own City and neighborhoods would be much more effective.

--by cloe on 1/8/10   Lives: Dearborn  

I agree with Cloe Russ. Our schools are literally on the verge of collapse. Our School board is poised to punish every single student in the Dearborn Public Schools because they do not have the balls to give up "things" but rather slash teachers who are the back bone of our system. Our school board members are on the attack like a pack of rabid dogs. What are they showing our students about where they rate in the big picture?

We need to spend some time talking about the problems in our own back yard, don’t you think? Obamma will be here for us to slam for 3 more years. What happens over the next month will change the lives of our students and the city for decades

Russ, what would we be talking about right now if you were still working at DHS? Our school board is callously attacking the class room teachers in the media, slashing entire departments and after all is done, will have cut over 300 teachers and support personnel in one month alone. All of this while spending obscene amounts of money of sports stadiums, and dozens of other non essential and un-necessary “things.”

Russ Gibb, we need you to get into the fight and off the fence for our school district!

--by Former Student on 1/9/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Blah, Blah, Blah and Former Student - I agree 100% with both of you. It nice to hear from rational, sane, thinking, informed people.

Haters will always be haters and do nothing to make the world around them any better. They only make it worst. It is always easy to sit in front of a computer and spew ignorance.

Let the thinking, good people of Dearborn and the surrounding area call them to task and make our area of the world a little better.

I'm sure that Brian and the likes of him will call me a do-gooder or whatever else he thinks is a derogatory name. I could care less.

Come on Russ. We need you to give us a forum and we want you to voice your opinion on what's going on in Deaborn.

All it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to do nothing. Who said that?

--by cloe on 1/9/10   Lives: Dearborn  

To BLA BLA and Cloe: I don't spew hate, but it is typical to be accused of that. Bla Bla, if you sure sound like a person who accuse everyone who wants to discuss the actions
of Muslims as being 'Islamophobe' or 'racist.' That is all you are doing. You say I don't know these students? I know they are Muslim - if you read the letter posted by Principal Jaafer you would know that - and they wore that anti-American message to school. What do you know of them?

You pretend that an American who is unhappy with this country is the same as someone who is Anti-American. That is ridiculous. Perhaps you have forgotten: on 9/11, a non-Muslim mom was waiting to pick up her daughter and saw an Arabic man announce to the boys loading into his car, "We did it! We took down both towers and the Pentagon!" The boys CHEERED at the news. That reaction was repeated in different places around the city by...some Arab Muslims. You can't pretend that there isn't a strong current of anti-American feeling of the Dearborn Muslim population.

Bla Bla, you want to pretend that I am uninformed. That is nonsense. We in Dearborn have a big problem with anti-Americanism, and it is time we face up to it.

--by Backing Brian on 1/10/10   Lives: Dearborn  

I got out of Dearborn years ago after having kids. It scared the b-jesus out of me to have them go to Dearborn Public Schools. Probably one of the worst school systems in Metro Detroit.

--by Wallah it is bad on 1/10/10   Lives: Detroit area  

Where to begin with this guy backing Brian.

First of all why don’t you start commenting on what you KNOW instead of what you THINK YOU KNOW or HEARD from other people? If we disregard that which you yourself profess to "think" as opposed to what you actually “know” first hand, 97% of your posts would just disappear as conjecture and opinion delivered with arbitrary prejudice. With that said, lets address what you posted that you can actually lay claim to as being an original thought that belongs to you:

You don’t like Muslims.

Everything else you preface or infer that it was someone else’s experiences, not your own. You speak of a non-Muslim mom who was waiting for her daughter and saw things. You weren’t there, you don’t know anything! You’re just repeating someone else’s story. Why don’t your try telling YOUR OWN STORIES instead of things you heard about some other people filtered through some other people talking about yet some more people and than condemn an entire religion and race of people based on that.

If you want to talk about anti-American feelings in parts of Dearborn, try telling us about YOUR experiences with that. 99.9% of these stories of people dancing in the street or cheering when the towers fell are noting but bull$hit from people like you who, simply put, hate Muslims just because they are Muslim. I know more people who openly profess to “hate this country” who were born here and are not Muslim at all. They didn’t dance in the streets when the towers fell, but openly said that it was to be expected based on our behavior as a country around the world. They pay their taxes, they vote in elections but their opinions don’t make them anti-American, that makes them anti-government. There is a huge difference between anti-American and anti-government.

Personally, I think you are very informed. Your problem is that you have clearly gathered your opinion, hatred and fear based on the opinion, fear and hatred of others and filtered through their opinions and prejudices. I also think you have built a whole system of hating people based on things you “heard” and not things you saw. People like speak to what they hear on the news as though it were Gods truth just because it was on TV.

We do have a big problem in Dearborn, its people like you who cant think for themselves and are the sum total of everyone else’s fear and hatred. You don’t put forth one original idea or express one single circumstance where you personally experienced someone you know to be a Muslim acting anti-American. What you DO put forward is the notion that you are an American who is acting anti-Muslim based on other peoples experiences. That is about as anti-American as it gets. Based on the ideals our own constitution and the framers of our constitution put forth, that makes you the only person here who is clearly anti-American.

Now why don’t you tell us about all of the kids you “heard” were anti-American and how some “people” told you that they “heard” from a friend of a friend that they “heard” that one of these kids once said they didn’t like America or that we deserved to be attacked.

My God, start telling us what you KNOW, and not what you HEAR!

--by Think for yourself man, THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!! on 1/10/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Wallah it is bad:

You have not seen anything yet. In February, all hell is going to break loose in the Dearborn Public Schools.

With near 300 teachers and support staff just disappearing, the principals are asking teachers and para-pros who have been laid off to come in and help the new unqualified teachers as contractors and subs. The union is telling everyone to go collect their unemployment and let the school board sleep in the bed they have set. We are now facing the chaos of having over 40 kids in a class room. My son came home last week and told me that in his elementary school that they are adding 15 seats to his classroom where there are currently 22 . That’s 37 seats in an elementary class room. That’s a few more that we were told by the board. Yet another lie about the impact of slashing 300 people in the middle of the school year.

The State of Michigan is only cutting a fraction of what they originally proposed cutting when the layoffs began, yet the school board continues to cut more and more teachers. The school board is now declaring war on the teachers because of a union contract with total disregard for the safety and welfare of our students. Let’s see how in check the Swine Flu is with kids crammed into class rooms like cattle.

Good Bye Dearborn Public Schools and Hello Sacred Heart.

--by This school district has gone to hell! on 1/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Isn’t it about time that the guy who says "you must be a teacher with an opinion like that" comes out to respond and than accuses everyone of being a liberal?

--by We are waiting on 1/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

To - Think for yourself man - I totally agree with you. Ignorant people say ignorant things. I would love to know when either Brian or Backing brian actually saw or heard anything on a first-hand basis. These are the kind of non-thinking, hate mongers that followed that wonderful role model Hitler when he started spewing his hatred of anyone who wasn't a blue-eyed, blond haired perfect person. A side bet says that they listed to Rush Limbaugh and Fox news.

Get a grip people. If you aren't part of the solution you a part of the problem. It's sad that your hated comes from ignorance. Become a little more informed and maybe you can sleep better at night without looking for the monster in your closet.

--by cloe on 1/11/10   Lives: Dearborn  

To cloe and 'think for yourself': Very typical response from the supporters of terrorists. You throw around the claim that those who oppose the anti-American actions of some Muslims - not Muslims in general - are 'hate-mongers'. This is a very obvious game, meant to silence critics. I don't need anyone to tell me how to think, because I can do that for myself. You want everyone else to think that any criticism at all is based on hatred of all Muslims. You never saw me express that thought, whether I signed as 'Backing Brian' or anything else. You pretend that I hold that view so you can discount what I said. And look at something else you claim: that non-Muslim Americans said the attack on 9/11 was to 'be expected because of our behavior around the world.' Baloney. The only non-Muslims who might have said that are Hollywood liberals who are idiots.

Their are many Muslims in Dearborn who hate the so-called 'community leaders' who continue to support Hezbollah and Hamas and their violent actions against America and Israel.

I am not the one who makes non-Muslims fear Muslims, it is the jihadists and terrorists who do that. No matter what lies you tell about me, that is the basic truth. If the bomber on Christmas day had been successful, there would be a new wave of fear and suspicion aimed at the Muslims in Dearborn...based on violent action by those who justify themselves by citing the Koran. If you want to point out hatred, point at those who kill, and claim their God told them to do it.

--by Try thinking at all on 1/12/10   Lives: Dearborn  

"Try Thinking at All" - You have just accused me of being a terrorist and of playing an obvious game meant to silent critics. You have also stated that I tell lies about you. Please don't give yourself so much credit. I don't know or care who you are under any name that you choose to use.

I know that there are real terrorists who hate this country. I just don't choose to be of the mind set of those who see terrorists in everyone who doesn't look like me.

My ancestors came here to escape communism. Most of the middle-easterners, I believe, came here to escape the terror in their countries.

Trying to reach out and promote goodwill between neighbors is not something that I see as a bad thing.

Oh, by the way, was I right that you listen to Rush and Fox news? Just wondering.

--by cloe on 1/12/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Dont waste your breath CLOE.

fifty years ago, that guy would have been burning crosses down in Georgia.

--by Wasted breath on 1/12/10   Lives: Dearborn  

It sure is easy to call people 'racist' because you don't agree with them, isn't it? And Cloe, nope, I don't listen to Rush, and the only Fox news is the business channel. When the heck did I say I didn't want to promote goodwill between neighbors? But while we are promoting goodwill, we can't pretend those who are anti-American don't exist.

--by So easy on 1/13/10   Lives: Dearborn  

Wasted breath, Is a very sick person. He needs help. A very sad excuse for a logical person.

--by T H, on 1/13/10   Lives: Michigan  

I have heard people like Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity suggest that anyone who didn’t suspect "people from countries that harbor terrorists" and opposed racial profiling of these same people are sick minded individuals.

So what kind of people want to victimize every single person from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, The Sudan, Afghanistan by labeling them possible terrorists?

Should we suspect our non Arabic neighbors for those who were responsible for the Olympic Park Bombing? Oklahoma City? Should we suspect law enforcement for acts like Waco? Ruby Ridge? Should we walk around profiling all law enforcement because some agencies have abused their authority and killed innocent American citizens for little or no apparent reason?

--by the sign on 1/31/10   Lives: Dearborn  

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