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August 31, 2009

I don't own a cell phone and after watching this video, I don't want one. I think you will be very interested in this clip done by TV station in Indianapolis. You think you're safe when you are talking on your cell phone? Well watch this video and weep. Let me know what you think after you watch this video.

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Russ, there is no reason why any red-blooded American should be afraid of this. If you are a true American, and did nothing wrong, then what do you care if people can hear what you are saying? We must be willing to give up a little of our privacy for security. Isn't this what the Great Leader George W Bush taught us? Nay, but some of you refuse to learn. Anyway, it doesn't really make a difference, we're all going to doggy heavan.

--by Ruth on 9/1/09   Lives: Detroit area  

It sounds like the person actually has to have your phone to install the spyware. Does anyone know if that is correct? Pretty creapy!!

--by dearborn on 9/1/09   Lives: Dearborn  

After I made my last post, I read the comment by dearborn, I watched the video again. Since e-stealth was mentioned, I did an AltaVista search. Here's one of the links that came up: .

I used to work for Russ at the Grande in the 1960s. I hadn't had any contact with him since about 1970. One day I was thinking about him, and did a xxxxx Search, and immediately got this web site, and an offer to sell me his residence address, legal records, and bill paying records. Since I didn't care about that stuff, I didn't spend the money, but the information is out there. Information that isn't covered by the freedom of information act too, I'm sure, but I've only used it to relocate old friends and acquaintances.

--by Roger Goodtime on 9/4/09   Lives: USA  

Well, we do live in the information age, and I would immagine that privacy will get scarcer and scarcer. I began to notice this in the 1980s, and there is very little people can't find out about you if they really don't want to. You actually have to take steps to insure that you keep anything private, and it will only get worse as technology advances.

--by Roger Goodtime on 9/4/09   Lives: USA  

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