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June 24, 2009

Dear Russ,

While the war in Iraq moves towards a conclusion and the war in Afghanistan becomes the main front on the War on Terrorism, thousands of enlisted military veterans from Michigan are looking for a college to enroll in and complete their degree.

Despite the opportunity for Michigan colleges and communities to take advantage of local service members coming back home with huge GI benefits, many of our best PUBLIC Universities are turning those service members away and making it clear their college credits are NOT welcome!

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor & Dearborn campuses, Michigan State University and Henry Ford Community College all refuse to participate in the Service member Opportunity College program. SOC helps service members, who frequently deploy without any notice to defend our freedom, keep the college credits they earn online or through CLEP tests while serving all over the world. SOC also gets the Universities to accept nationally recognized college credits that military service members earn through the course of specialized military training which is relevant to their degree.

Certainly, with tough economic times like these, communities like ours in Dearborn could use a "boost." The $86,000 for tuition, books and fees that the GI bill now provides, as well as the cost-of-living allowances that pump money into local businesses and real estate, all add up to a lot of money that COULD be coming into our community.

So the question is: Why aren't we doing it?

Please, call your state senators and congressmen and ask them why the universities YOU PAY FOR with YOUR tax dollars aren't supporting our troops. Enough is enough!

Brian, USN

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Thanks for the comments, The universities want students to BUY their educational products. It's all about money.

--by GI on 6/25/09   Lives: Detroit area  

Speaking of the promise of education Russ, I was shocked and amazed to hear our Michigan Republicans calling for, among other things, an end to the Michigan Promise scholarship.

Leave it to a new millennium Republican Party to try to obliterate a promise to the few Michigan students who want to go to college and are willing to go into a lifetime of debt to do it.

How is it that the Republican Party has become so clueless as to do stupid things like going after programs that fund struggling students and prop up relics like Dick Chaney and Rush Limbaugh as poster boys for our party?

I think Republicans have become so consumed by hatred and rage that they have no idea that they have begun to implode as a party and continue to drive its members into the arms of the Democratic ranks. It’s almost as though the Republicans in our government have all become like Doug Thomas, serving to do nothing more than become obstructionists regardless of the validity of an argument.

If we conservatives do not start doing something Russ, our party will morph into something we could never have imagined. It seems to have already begun.

--by Ashamed to be a Repuclican on 6/28/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Ashamed , Please do not assume. I am NOT a member of any political party. I have voted for Democrats , Republicans, Independents , Libertarians and a member of the Black Panther Party.

--by russ on 6/30/09   Lives: Dearborn  

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