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June 13, 2009

John Dingell

I had a call today from an old friend and neighbor, Democratic U.S. Representative, John Dingell, the Dean of the House of Representatives.

John called to thank me for my recent post on his run in with Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Democrat Henry Waxman from California.

John said that he was amazed that I remembered that Pelosi had traveled to Michigan to campaign for Lynn Rivers, a Democrat from Ann Arbor, who was running against John for his seat in the last election. Also he said that he wanted to know how I knew about Henry Waxman and the ongoing feud Waxman had had with John over John’s putting Waxman on committees in congress that he wasn’t to happy with. Any how, the battle goes on. I reminded John that I had worked as the company Democrat in Washington DC for many years and know well how politics are played.

John Dingell is a moderate Democrat and one of the most thoughtful and fairest minded congressmen that I have ever known. I have supported him and voted for him ever since he ran for his father’s seat years and years ago.

It was good hearing from an old friend John Dingell.

russ gibb

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Henry and Nancy are the new breed, and big John ought to hang it up, because he is almost to the point of being a has-been, and that's why they treat him accordingly.

--by Larry on 6/13/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Here is a comment about ageism and discrimination, maybe you should read. Coupland and Coupland compare ageism to other types of discrimination, such as sexism and racism, noting that the result of such discrimination is the thorough disenfranchisement of older individuals. However, while ageism mirrors other forms of discrimination in this manner, the authors are quick to point out that there are several considerations that are unique to ageism. For example, Coupland and Coupland posit that many people are more likely to condone ageism, whether it be directed at another or themselves, compared to acceptance of other forms of discrimination. I agree with this assertion and believe there are several contributing factors that have resulted in this selective tolerance. One reason suggested by the authors’ is the lack of a strong group identity among older individuals, thus resulting in the absence of a collective that has mobilized to combat ageist discourse. Another proposed explanation concerning tolerance of ageism is that many individuals actually hold beliefs that a person’s level of entitlement declines with age. Such beliefs likely stem from the Western emphasis on productivity and independence, as well as from the power of the media in the formation of societal perceptions.

--by union guy on 6/13/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Way to go Russ!!!!

--by Stacy on 6/13/09   Lives: Michigan  

In April 2002, There was significant pollution spill on the Rouge River. The Coast Guard and a multijurisdictional task force of all the federal alphabet soup. Needless to say, all the local government officials received a phone call Congressman Dingell reminding them that if their municipalities were involved or had failed to take proper actions, he was going to make their lives very unpleasant.
Needless to say, the local government officials were falling all over themselves to support the investigation.
Ultimately, the company involved was prosecuted and all the company officials are doing federal prison time.
Congressman Dingell’s presence in the background is one of the reasons we were successful.

--by Coast Guard on 6/13/09   Lives: Michigan  

Give it up John, face it, its over for you.

--by ara on 6/14/09   Lives: Dearborn  

That is great that Dingell made sure people responsible paid for damage to our waterways. However, I can not support someone who wants universal health care in this country. It will bankrupt our entire country and will lead to many premature deaths as the government not doctors determine the best course of care. Look at Medicare, Medicaid and VA health systems. They are broken and much smaller than a universal health care system would be. Mr. Dingell you will never have my support. Lord help us all with Obama and other socialist running this DEMOCRATIC country.

--by HELP on 6/14/09   Lives: Dearborn  

John get with it, we are getting embarrassed for you, tell Debbie to stop yanking your puppet strings.

--by George on 6/17/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ did you know that Ara, Larry and George who post on your site are the same person? While working in China I purchased from a street vendor an amazing new vector algorithm program based on didital physics translatational symmetry that gives the real e-mail ID of people who attempt to hide on the internet.

--by Tim on 12/20/14   Lives: Michigan  

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