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May 30, 2009

Well, what can I say? Our Leader Obama nominates a woman, a Latino Judge, Sonia Sotomayer to the Supreme Court. We are told that her story is the American “dream” come true, except that she made a statement several years ago that she believes that a Latino woman would bring more understanding than a white guy to a judgment of the court. I’m paraphrasing that, but the bottom line is that it sounds like racism to me. Yes, racism. We are told by the media that that’s a no no. It can’t be racism if it’s a minority speaking.

It seems that today only white guys are fair targets for racism. Frankly, I’m tired of political correctness wherever I find it. I’m tired of being called a White this or a White that or a Black this or a Black that or an Arab this or an Arab that. It’s all nuts!

If you’re here in this country and you’re here legally you’re an American and that should be enough said. An American, with a capital “A”! You don’t have to keep perpetuating racism which a lot of our politically correct organizations seem to do everyday. Can you spell Acorn?

Frankly, I’m not impressed with her story, but our popular media are all swooning over her because they want to be seen as politically correct. So with that I say goodbye to the New York Times, LA Times, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Time Magazine, and Newsweek Magazine. Because newspapers, magazines, and TV networks as you and I know them are all going to fold. It’s just a matter of time, a matter of time. Watch out , the internet is coming.

Have fun! - russ gibb

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That's saying it like it is!

--by Jen on 5/30/09   Lives: Detroit area  

Wonder what you're perspective would be if you had spent your entire life as a black American? I don't agree with what's happening here, but can we say how we would act since it is really impossible to walk in another man's shoes if the skin is a different color. And I'm not talking about empathy -- I mean day in and day out being black and experiencing how whites see you with fear even.

--by allison on 5/30/09   Lives: Detroit area  

Now who is pushing racism, Allison?

--by Roger Goodtime on 5/30/09   Lives: USA  

I dont even know what to say in response to you. Every comment I have read by you makes my blood boil!! You have NO concept of the real world. Suck it up and deal with the life that has been given to you just as everyone else needs to. So you are black? So you are a women in a "man's world" so you are young so you are old so you are poor. WHO CARES!! Get an education, get a job and be part of an AMERICAN society.

--by ME on 5/30/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Allison, Makes the perfect aurgument for why Judge Sotomayor should NOT be confirmed. She has never walked in the shoes of a white man. lol In other words no one can ever understand another person.

--by Little Honk on 5/31/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Are white men the only people in this country who count? I feel like I have to remind you that there is another gender and several other ethnic backgrounds in the great Country of ours.

--by child of the 60's on 5/31/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Child of the 60's:

John Lennon'a "Imagine" says it all.


--by allison on 5/31/09   Lives: Detroit area  

I am a white woman with a college education. I don't need a job. I own my own home and my daughter is working on a master degree. I am a part of American Society. I just happened to have grown up as a child next to and across the street from black families. I played with their children and I saw how some whites treated them as well as how they saw me when I was in their company. I also remember the name calling. I am not making a case for some comments made by Judge Sotomayor and don't even know if she would be my choice yet. I neen to know more than just the talking points put out there to demonize the woman. No racism is good racism, it is a sin according to Jesus. Remember "love thy brother as thy self" not love your white brother as yourself. Are you Christians or are you people that who only trust the "kind."

--by Allison on 5/31/09   Lives: Detroit area  

Oh, Allison, I wish you lived next door to me... it would keep you occupied trying to convert me and not clogging up the internet with your mindless liberal drivel.

--by Cracker on 6/1/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, we know. ALL the media is wrong unless they report the news the way you want to hear it. Just put the clicker in a drawer and leave the channel on FOX News. They tell it like you like to hear it. You and all your delusional Republican buddies can continue your "everybody watches and reads the wrong news except me" mentality and see where it gets you.

--by I sit back and laugh on 6/1/09   Lives: Detroit area  

Here's the cite for the case:

Pappas v. Giuliani, 290 F.3d 143 (2d Cir. 2002)

Her dissent starts about 2/3 of the way through.

--by Mark on 6/1/09   Lives: Dearborn  

You mean the Judge Sotamayor who defended a New York cop's right to pass out racist pamphlets during his off duty hours on First Amendment grounds?

Wow. A judge that applies the law and follows the Constitution even when it leads to a politically incorrect result. I thought that's what you conservatives were looking for in the Judiciary.

--by Mark on 6/1/09   Lives: Dearborn  

I have to thank Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor for this. The next time I get a summons for jury duty, I am prepared to state the following:

"I would hope that a wise white male with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a minority or a female, they just haven't lived the life."

Dig this...

In every trial — every single trial — judges solemnly instruct American citizens who are compelled to perform jury duty that they will have a sworn obligation to decide cases objectively — without fear or favor. If a person is unwilling or unable to do that, if the person believes he or she has a bias or prejudice, especially one based on a belief that people are inferior or superior due to such factors as race, ethnicity, or sex, the person is not qualified to be a juror. Indeed, prospective jurors are told that they are not qualified if they harbor even the slightest doubt about their ability to put such considerations aside and render an impartial verdict. Indeed, prospective jurors are told that they are not qualified if they harbor even the slightest doubt about their ability to put such considerations aside and render an impartial verdict. If the judge or the lawyer for either side senses bias, the juror is excused "for cause" — the parties are not even required to use their discretionary (or "peremptory") jury challenges to strike such a juror; rather the judge makes a finding that the juror is not fit to serve.

The left may have saddled me with a bigot on SCOTUS for the next 30+ years, but they gave me a way out of ever having to serve jury duty again.

--by Thanks Red Sonia on 6/14/09   Lives: Dearborn  

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