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March 19, 2009

Wouldn’t it be great if the Democratic and Republican Congressman, who are running for cover in the AIG bonus scandal, started to ask some of the same questions about bonus money (political contributions) of themselves?

Democratic Senator Chris Dodd has changed his story twice about the bailout. He first said that he put a provision in the bailout that would not allow bonus’ or golden parachutes, but the very next day he changed his story and said, when the law came back from the Senate House Committee, his bailout provisions had been stricken from his original documents. He then said that there had been a meeting with the Treasury office and they must have removed them. Senator Dodd would not use the name of Treasury Secretary Timothy (I forgot to pay my taxes) Geithner. All he would say is that “someone” took out his prohibition against bailout bonuses.

However, it has now turned out that the White House Presidential Assistant Ron Emanuel, Democratic Congressman Harry Reid, and Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and a few unnamed republican members of the joint committee had a private late night meeting and popped back in the bonus provisions that they are all now complaining about.

I wouldn’t be surprised even if President Obama knew about this meeting, but maybe not, as he’s been very busy lately spending taxpayers money and learning how to use his teleprompters properly.

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That's pretty funny, Russ. You never seem to mention any of the characters, or PARTY, that got us all into this mess, only the ones trying to get us OUT of it.

--by Who dug the hole? on 3/21/09   Lives: Detroit area  

oh oh oh my, i am so nervous about everything that is happening.. oh my, what can i do? all i can do is rub my hands together and whimper and complain.

oh my oh my oh my.

--by Ethel on 3/30/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Who Dug the Hole,

Allow me to provide you a brief history lesson. In 1999 in the waning days of the Clinton Administration, banks were told that if they wanted to keep the federal charters, they had to start providing home loans to anyone that would qualify. To complete this, the banks literally threw out their criteria and started giving loans to anyone that was breathing.

The people that got these mortgages were not smart enough to read the fine print or have a lawyer review the contract. So, they signed because they were told they could refinance it.

Fast forward 10 years, Different President. The economy starts to fail. People start losing their homes, jobs, etc. So before you blame Bush for all that is wrong, remember, it was the helping hands of the Clinton Administration that started it.

One more observation, remember when Carter was president? Fuel lines, inflation, etc. He didn’t do a lot for the country. Figure that Obama will be a one term wonder. He has Clinton’s cronies giving him the same advice that didn’t work in his two terms.

--by Anonymous on 3/30/09   Lives: Detroit area  

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