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shame on the democratic party

March 13, 2009

Most of my life I have known and voted for our Democratic Congressional representative - John Dingell.

John Dingell is one of the most honorable and honest man I have ever known. He is the longest serving representative in the House of Representatives in DC.

Recently, the Democratic leadership stripped him of his position as chairman of the Energy and Commerce committee.

One of the villains in this despicable act was Henry Waxman of California who represents rich liberal Democrats of Malibu. He went after John Dingell because John at one time voted against one of Waxman's Pet Environmental groups. The other villain is speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco another Bastian of liberal democratic voters.

In fact Nancy Pelosi campaigned for Lynn Rivers from Ann Arbor Michigan when River's challenged John Dingell for his seat in congress few years ago.

So when these two came to power under president Obama they made sure to strip John of his chairmanship. However, because of their revengeful act they tried to make amends by making John “Emeritus” chairman on Energy and Commerce. Liberal translation "Nice Title, No Power"

Shame on the Democratic Party and powerful labor unions for letting this happen. Let me say this again, John Dingell is one of the most honest and honorable representatives in the US house of Representatives.

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Yah, yah, yah Russ, old Johnny is such a great man:

What was that Dingell said? A loud strongly convicted NO?

Well, Russ, Maybe to you John Dingell is one of the most honorable and honest man you've ever known, but he is no friend to those of us in America that supports those who defend our freedoms on these shores that are fighting our nation's enemies abroad.

I am sure the families of the 241 American servicemen that died in the 1983 Marine barrack attack appreciate your resounding endorsement of yet another liberal icon.

Maybe you ought to look into Kilpatrick's vote against Dingell in loosing his chairmanship for what it is. Ole Johnny made the mistake of saying her son should step down from being Mayor with all the bad press he was generating for the state with his yet to be felony conviction.

Besides that, I agree, Pelosi is scum.

--by Honest Abe on 3/14/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Should have broomed Big John years ago. He doesn't appear to know what day it is -- good bye and good riddance.

--by jamal on 3/15/09   Lives: Dearborn  

i liked how you described Waxman: "who represents rich liberal Democrats of Malibu". is this code for BANANAS? if so, i agree with you russ.

anyway, john is good guy, because honest abe is not that honest, especially since he claims to be honest. i mean, seriously, who goes around claiming to be honest. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

--by parsnips a-plenty on 3/17/09   Lives: Dearborn  

i am going to go to washington next week, on a bus, to ask our politicians to please stop lying to us and please stop telling us that they are working for the best interest of the american people. now, mind you, i am not going to washington to tell them to ACTUALLY start working for the best interest of the american people. i am just going to tell them to stop TELLING US that they are. i don't really care if they rip us off and rob us and take advantage of us. what i REALLY care about is that they are lying to us about it. i just want them to be straight forward with us and tell it to us like it is. no more dog and pony show. just tell us that it's all a scam and that they are scamming us. thanks, bye. oh!

--by carly o'montana on 3/18/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Honest Abe is picking and choosing his truths. He chose an edited version of Congressman's Dingell's comment, check out,

--by allison on 3/18/09   Lives: Detroit area  

I like Dingell; he is a good man. He is however not perfect: too often he had used his chairmanship to serve the interests of the auto industry re: emissions standards. Yes, it is an industry that's vital to Michigan, but there is a difference between fighting for an industry and serving that industry's interests. (And last I heard Mrs. Dingell still works for GM.)

I will continue to vote for and support John Dingell, especially in his endeavour to provide health care to all Americans instead of just those with money. But I think it's ultimately for the best that the Moustache of Justice now chairs that committee.

--by T.R. on 3/18/09   Lives: Dearborn  

I've found John Dingell very unresponsive. I am in favor of term limits and his is up!

--by murph on 3/21/09   Lives: Dearborn  

John Dingell is out of touch and he is 100. Debbie Dingell should have had the good sense to steer him out of office years ago. But then again, she is running things from behind the show. He needs to call it quits.

--by The magna charta on 3/30/09   Lives: Dearborn  

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