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i bet they did not teach you this in school...

February 22, 2009

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Hello Mr. Gibb,
Glad to see you are back. I found this quite interesting to view. Hope you are feeling better.

--by Chris K on 2/27/09   Lives: Michigan  

This is a little different but much more depictive.

--by Dearborn Resident on 2/27/09   Lives: Dearborn  

i have NEVER in all my years in the school system seen a video as thought-provoking as this one.

thank you for sharing.

--by a product of the dearborn public schools. on 2/27/09   Lives: Dearborn  

Of course if this were on the test for the Michigan Merit Exam, it would be the only thing taught in school. Without an educated citenzenship there can be no republic or any degree of freedom.

--by Chief on 2/27/09   Lives: Detroit area  

Thanks for the lesson Russ. Really informative posting.

--by Ben Zurawski on 4/1/09   Lives: USA  

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