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February 2, 2009

I recently received this article by one of my Doctors, Allan Dobzyniak. It's a must read!

Take the time, it will be well worth while for you.
Click here for the ARTICLE

Article by: Allan Dobzyniak

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Well said, and so true. If attorneys are worth $1000/hour, then what about our physicians??? The value of a good internal medicine physician is lost on fellow physicians, politicians, administrators and the public at large. Once the smart, self-sacrificing doc is gone and traded in for the glib, web-searching, C average students who now get into med-school in the name of equal opportunity, we'll all be dead sooner rather than later. The ability to properly diagnose a myriad of illnesses cannot be done with a PDA or an iPhone, no matter how hip they look. Today, medical schools and society focus on "being nice," bed-side manner, cost-effectiveness and many other things which have nothing to do with being able to save lives, the actual gold-standard of medicine. Welcome to the brave new world of fancy lingo, meaningless Sigma Six Black belts and the death of the physician.

--by NIna on 2/27/09   Lives: Dearborn  

He must be a good doc if hes kept you alive this long. Maybe he can revive your website

--by Penny Cillin on 2/28/09   Lives: Dearborn  


It is good to see you are back. The article from your doctor is not only relevant, but reasoned. Thanks for sharing it. On the point of doctors wanting more time to care for each patient, an economics professor of mine pointed out that the AMA effectively controls the number of doctors by controlling the licensing of medical schools. Also, he told us, two-thirds of qualified students are turned down each year at those schools.

The AMA is trying to keep the supply of doctors down, while the insurance business is trying to keep payments down. A thought: what if the insurance companies just put more students through medical school? Wouldn't an INCREASE in the number of doctors solve the time problem that caring doctors have, help problems be caught earlier before they become more expensive, and therefore save everyone money? Just asking...

--by John Higgins on 2/28/09   Lives: Dearborn  

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