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March 23, 2008

Some of you know that I collect robots as a hobby. In fact I have one of the Sony's first Aibo dogs which I purchased from the Tech Museum in San Jose, Ca. But I must admit that this one scares the hell out of me. RUR is alive and well.

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What we are witnessing here Russ is the end of life as we know it! We think we are so cute pushing the technology envelope further and further in the pursuit of money that we are oblivious of the ramifications of our own advancement.

Scientists and engineers like these built robots to replace workers, we build computers to replace pilots, we make a device that can replace damn near everything we, as humans, used to do.

Before we know it, they will be sick of us and view us as impedance to their existence!

Sounds like a great story line doesn’t it? Oh yea, it’s already been done, or is it reality imitating fiction?

I guess it’s the beginning of SKYNET

--by Skynet or reality on 3/23/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Amazing technology. I think the insect-sounding motor and the bird/insect-jointed legs make it really creepy, not to mention the bug-eye-ish motor protectors on the front. Just remember Aasimov's third rule, Russ!

--by Brian on 3/24/08   Lives: USA  


--by ::former student:: on 9/13/08   Lives: Detroit area  

I've seen this. The purpose of the device is as a portable pack mule for our armed forces. Not only can it carry more equipment than the soldiers could, but it frees them up to be able to fight at a moments notice. If the bot gets shot it's repairable in the field.

This isn't be beginning of skynet. I'm working on that. }:D

The skeleton is easy. The Austrian accent is a bitch.

--by Aaron P on 7/31/09   Lives: Michigan  

My complaint about robots until seeing this is that they seemed so 'dead'. This one seems all too creepily alive. It's a grotesque, headless dog-spider out of a scary movie or a nightmare. Imagine what they'll be like when their builders can make them run silent.

--by 360 decrees on 5/1/12   Lives: USA  

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