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February 16, 2008

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Russ,Me too. Attila the Hun. LOL

--by voter on 2/16/08   Lives: Michigan  

Have you read Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose, Russ? Jefferson was not an atheist. He was a humanistic, religious man who lived in the times of great political oppression. His wisdom, however, should cross beyond atheism, and it worries me when us modern folk call him an atheist because we're used to assuming that anyone who doesn't talk about religion or try to convert you must not be religious.

By the way: This was 10 minutes (9:40 is not 9!) and it was mostly ranting about Obama on the same topics you've covered before with no new info. The entire blog was a re-hash of the same stuff as last week. If I turned this in for class, Russ, you'd have told me, "You said nine minutes tops. This is ten minutes. That's not good. You need to pick a different topic, too, branch out a little. You run on and on a lot, kid. You gotta focus, make a point and get done with it. I'm giving it a C, okay? Now go get a haircut or something!"

I'm sorry about the snow, Russ. Maybe you should come down to The Breakers? I'll fix you some great coffee and and take you to the spa where my good friend Jenawna can give you her interesting take on Afro-centrism and the best foot massage of your life.

--by Get it together! on 2/17/08   Lives: USA  

Russ, keep up the good work.
Seems "Get It Together", is a fan of Obama and does NOT want you to bring up the undeniable truths about Obama that he is nothing but a puppet of a bunch of wealthy old line white boy liberals, Kerry, Kennedy, Sorenson, Soros and Dashle, playing the ultimate race card.
Nothing new about Obama.

--by let 'em have it. on 2/17/08   Lives: Detroit area  

I just listened to your little speech, and it seemed like it was a repeat performance. I generally like to hear from you, on local topics, which you don't seem to do anymore. Get off the national topics, and do what you know best, and I feel its local politics. By the way you are starting to look shaggy, get out of the house, and get a haircut.

--by Ethan on 2/17/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Ethan or whatever your real name is. It's my show and I'll run it my way not yours. Get your own blog up,show your real name and face. Stop hiding. So Ethan or whatever real name is. Get a life . I'm doing just fine. Thank you. :)

--by russ lol on 2/17/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Hey Russ:

When is the last time someone told YOU to go get a hair cut? LOL!!!

I have to say, I know it’s an election year but I knew at the last Democratic National Convention that this guy would be running for Mayor. It was just like when Dennis Archer resigned and it took the media exactly 30 seconds to ordained Kwamie to the job of Mayor despite his non-existent political career.

We have no say in what the Dems put up there for us to vote on. They have to take Obama! Clinton is so hated among Americans that she would almost guarantee a victory for McCain. Add into that the fact that the media will not scratch the surface of his background and relationships or family and it is pretty clear that he is their baby.

Personally, I think it’s quite possible that Obama may be the Anti-Christ!

We have already seen that Hillary Clinton lacks the grit to be a president, and this Obama guy came from nowhere and not one mainstream media source is saying anything about his family ties.

We are in big trouble Russ, BIG trouble!

--by A HAIR CUT? on 2/17/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Just a note from an old student (Adam Besso, 1994) - We need to get you a pope-mobile because you're the last of the true "say what you will and F* em all" guys left on any school grounds! And if you want anyone to administer haircuts in the halls, I'd be happy to oblige.

--by BeeSting on 8/28/08   Lives: Michigan  

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