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February 13, 2008

Here's some interesting information I received yesterday.
Important Information.

Google has implemented a new feature which enables you to type a telephone number into the search bar, hit enter and you will be given the person's name and address. If you then hit MapQuest, you will get a map to the person's house.

Everyone should be aware of this! It's a nationwide reverse telephone book.

If a child gives out his/her phone number, someone can now look it up to find out where he/she lives. The safety issues are obvious, and alarming.

Note that you can have your phone number removed or blocked. I tried my number and it came up along with the mapquest and directions straight to my house.

I did fill out the removal form for myself, and encourage all of you to do the same.

In order to test whether your phone number is mapped, go to: Type your phone number in the search bar (i.e. 555-555-1212) and hit enter.

If you want to B L O C K Google from divulging your private information,simply click on your telephone number and then click on the Removal Form. Removal takes 48-hours.

Check your own number and although this may not apply to you >if you have an unlisted number or cell phone as primary contact, but you may know someone who needs to know this.

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There is an engine called zaba search that gives the same info and charges $$to delete from them for 2 years Hey RUss can they really charge you to delete your own info???

--by surprised on 2/13/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Unfortunately there are hundreds of sites on the web that do the same thing, and I highly doubt all of them will be as kind as Google to remove you.

The reality is this has always been an issue for a listed phone number, just that phone books are indexed by name, not phone number. This is merely a different type of indexing for public data.

New? Not since at least 1996, as best I can recall doing it.

--by Mark Stanislav on 2/13/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Evan more alarming than this is

Basically put in name, approx. age, and you can, for a few dollars, find out every single thing about anyone in seconds...

--by information rage on 2/13/08   Lives: Dearborn  

I googled my phone number and not only got the above information but also could view a picture of my home with my daughter and a frind standing next to her car. Also pic of my neighbor watering her lawn

--by Moe on 2/13/08   Lives: Dearborn  

I just searched my number for fun. The information was totally wrong, so much for technology and the snoops that are out there. I don’t want anything changed.

--by Lovin it on 2/14/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Polk and Bresser's directories have been doing this for decades, where have you all been.

--by Dearborn Dude on 2/14/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Besides the obvious convenience, this is part of why I keep a cell phone but no home phone. The telemarketers can not call you on a cell phone, it is untraceable to your residence and because it is going over the public airwaves there are a certain number of protections otherwise not given by private phone companies that go through the land lines. It may surprise you but lot of families these days don't have land lines anymore and just use cell phones.

--by Brian on 2/14/08   Lives: USA  

Too bad this isn't used to locate all those illegal immigrants the government can't seem to find...

--by Squeezed Taxpayer on 2/14/08   Lives: Dearborn  


Anyone can pay $7 on-line and retrieve your cell phone number.

It may surprise you that if we ever have another black-out, your landline will be a lifesaver whereas your cell phone will be dead. The last black-out, no one on my street had cell phone access. A landline phone (with a cord, not wireless) will still have power.

Sometimes, old technology is still the best technology.

PS: Telemarketers CAN and DO call cell phones.

--by Schaef on 2/14/08   Lives: Dearborn  

This might be a little off topic Brian but you might want to look at the ample studies about brain lesions, Tumors and cist formation with frequent cell phone users. It’s quite alarming!

--by Brain Health on 2/15/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Guess what? I own a huge book full of yellow and white pages with everyone's names listed alphabetically. When I look up your name, it gives me your name and address. How scary!!

--by Yellow Book on 2/21/08   Lives: USA  

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