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February 8, 2008

Politico-El Garbago

I am so fed up with our local politicians. We have one of the ( Dearborn ) highest property taxes in Michigan. My block is full of 5 new renters that do not even shovel their own snow. The Mayor ( O'reilly ) has become an expert at everything, his opinion is all that now matters. Our city council gets paid an enormous amount of money to work a few hours a month. Since , when did public service become a Job for a lifetime. Why is Polidori in Lansing ? Hart was the life-long senator that went from one new job to another. How are these rip-off artists entitled to our state and city money. Our up-incoming star .....Abraham, has his lips quivering for a run at the mayorship, Give me a break , what are his qualifications ? It a huge pay-check with pension benefits. Maybe , these local policos can head over To Lansing and reap more cash and a new Job. Boy , the voters and citizens are so blind to these tax-mongers .Oh , by he way we have 2 State houses in Lansing, doing what ? What they are doing is planning their next job, their term limits job is about to expire.

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Ok, You got part of your RANT right, But the politician that is salivating for the mayors job is Tafelski, not Abraham. Tafelski's on an ego trip with Brian Mossalla his boss.

--by Citizen too. on 2/8/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Speaking of Dearborn politicians. Has anyone noticed that on the city's web page, that the only council person without a phone number listed is Doug Thomas ? Maybe it's a long distant call to Florida for Doug ?

--by russ on 2/8/08   Lives: Dearborn  

The only lips I have "heard" quivering for mayorship are Tafelski's. He has made it clear on more than one occasion he will be the next mayor. How many day jobs has he had in the past eight years? I guess that qualifies him for mayor.

--by Out of Here by Next Election!!! on 2/8/08   Lives: Dearborn  

While you're all focused on Tafelski, how about rumors that Mike Guido Jr. is gearing up for a run? He may be young but he already has a job with the city and has that family name not to mention Uncle Mark and Mama Kari behind him...

--by Rumorgal on 2/8/08   Lives: Dearborn  

You seriously have no clue! Why would Bob Abraham want to run for Mayor? He is the CFO of a major company and a CPA. We are fortunate to have him on City Council. The City of Dearborn will be lucky if he runs again!

--by Open Your Eyes on 2/8/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Having been in Mike Guido's graduating class at DHS I doubt that he'd be running. He was always a popular kid, active in clubs and sports, most people found him easy to get along with even though I didn't know him much at all. But somehow, the profile doesn't fit. John O'Reilly is a close family friend of theirs through the work John and Mike Sr had done and I doubt he'd openly contest that man when he doesn't even have a college degree yet. The son has a city job because his father was mayor of the city and obviously that's the first place he'd go to look for work. I think people are overreaching if anyone is saying that. While I have a feeling (just a feeling, I haven't heard anything) that Mike may run some day, it's a day longer down the road than this.

--by Brian on 2/10/08   Lives: USA  

Let's not forget Mayor O'Reilly was set to run for judge of Dearborn District Court, but pulled out of that race after Mayor Guido's illness was progressing. Let's not forget Judge Hultgren may or may not run for re-election and that Judge Somers also is up for re-election. If O'Reilly decided to run for judge, then that would clear the way for someone like Mike Guido, Jr. to run for mayor.

--by rumorgal on 2/10/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Tom Tafelski has had a steady job for as long as I can remember and has been active in trying to reslove Dearborn's REAL problems. There is not much a single Councilman can do when he has to contend with 6 other Council members who are content to do nothing at all except to go along to get along. Tom has this City's best interests at heart! He is the one person who is extremely concerned with the condition of the neighborhoods and city services. We get a lot of lip service from others, but Tom has been VERY active during all his years on the council and has gone to Lansing to lobby our so-called representatives there to amend laws to favor what is needed in Dearborn. ...

--by Concerned Citizen on 2/12/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Mr Concerned citizen. "We could do a WHOLE lot worse than Tom Tafelski as our next Mayor." It would be WORSE if Tafelski became our mayor. Never happen.

--by voter on 2/12/08   Lives: Dearborn  

The Free Pree reported last Friday several Dearborn police beat up three guys from Taylor at Falls Lounge in Dearborn. Then they destroyed the police reports in the Police Department AND Oakwood Hospital. The guys were pulverized so badly by the rogue cops, they ended up in the hospital.

The real problem is the Councilperson who was celebrating at the retirement party and was part of the cover up. The citizens of Dearborn will have pay dearly for another lawsuit instigated by Dearborn politicans.

--by Avid Russ Gibb Reader on 2/19/08   Lives: Dearborn  

In reading all the articles, I have not seen anywhere that the police were named as the assaulters but rather that they were present in the bar at the time of the attack. What their participation was during this event and how the police reports were written has not been revealed in the papers. Jumping to conclusions before the State investigation is completed only aggravates the rumor mill.

--by Conscientious reader on 2/21/08   Lives: Dearborn  

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