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February 3, 2008

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Breakfast with Said Deep and Raad Alawon
Turning off local television
Gender and race politics
Polling, timing how, when and where
Internet technology - good and bad
Tomas Sustek and Slovak TV
The unknown Obama; His brother, his cousin Odinga
Rich, white Democrats

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Good idea, keeping the comments more concise. Maybe you could adopt a loose version of the format that times each segment or topic, and thus propel you through the list. Of course, since you are not on broadcast TV with its time constraints you could be easier on the time limits. I already read Said Deep's blog, and it is good.

Regarding the source of Barack Obama's funding, I am worried that some of it may come from overseas. We already have Saudi Arabia sending millions of dollars here to fund the Muslim Student Association at our colleges, including the UM-D, and to prop up the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The Saudis also send big chunks of money to certain influential schools to fund "Middle Eastern Studies", including the payment of professor's salaries. Guess who is now steering those schools in their attitudes toward the Middle East? It is not beyond reason to think that the Saudis might be funneling money to an American presidential candidate. It might be as simple as doing business with the Democrat bigwigs, making them richer and allowing them to pour money on the favored candidate.

--by Dearborn Observer on 2/4/08   Lives: Dearborn  

I was wondering if you'd heard, Russ, how some lady had called the President an expletive when asking Hillary Clinton a question about policy, and Hillary didn't admonish or even say anything about what the woman had called the President of the United States. Remember when everyone was in an uproar on TV about the lady at the John McCain rally calling Hillary the B-word?

If anything works well in Obama's favor, it's that he at least seems to show a strong contrast to that kind of BS. I've heard people swearing about the President at his rallies and he at least tells them that he thinks people should be respectful to Mr. Bush since he is still the President but that he strongly disagrees with the policy, and doesn't just let that kind of hate speech roll over. Even if people disagree with him on Policy issues, a lot of people at least agree with him in political spirit.

--by Brian on 2/4/08   Lives: USA  

Very nice job this week. Your comments were brief and to the point. Keep it up. Could you ask Mr. Deep (inasmuch as he likes to dig up news), if he could apprise us what is happening with Officer Saab case, I understand the court case has started up.

--by Allie on 2/4/08   Lives: Dearborn  

It occurs to me: you can't get TOO focused in your comments, or you will have to change the name of your show....

--by Dearborn Observer on 2/5/08   Lives: Dearborn  


Like so many frustrated American born people who have, under the current administration, found the American dream unreachable, I can think of a LOT of people who would like to hurl a few expletives towards GW Bush. Me included!

I anyone wants to know "How could anyone vote for Clinton?" GWB and the Rebublicans have all but handed it to the Democrats by destroying the American Dream for the middle class!

--by Bush Sucks on 2/7/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Dear Mr Bush Hater, My,My, you are an angry one. You sound like a school teacher on a rant. So I will assume you are a teacher.
If anyone has destroyed the middle class it's you and your liberal colleague's who have dumbed down the process of education, so that more and more parents are taking their children out of harms way and sending them to private schools.
Your blatant political biases and disrespect for the office of the President of the United States is appalling.
I too, have some reservation about President Bush and his policy's. But Brian's comment had some class, which you seem to have none of.
Further;financial and education policy's come from the Congress as well as the President. So as they say on the street, "Get a life " and in your case, "Get some Class"

--by American on 2/7/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Bush sucks, Is a classic liberal. He's a VICTIM, blames everyone but himself for failing in the pursuit of the American Dream.

--by R. Terrel on 2/7/08   Lives: Michigan  

Hey American:

You blather on and on about how teachers like me have "dumbed down" the process of education without one shred of and idea what I do for a living. You run on and on and built this whole thing and have no clue what I do for a living. I guess that makes you a TEACHER HATER! LOL!!! And you march your kids right off to teachers every single day. That must really eat you up inside.

I find this to be exactly why our country has become the laughing stock and butt of every joke in the book world wide. People in this country can just assume things, and POOF! It becomes their reality.

You just went on a rant about what I do for a living and have calculated the exact reason and cause for every woe of this country, yet you have absolutely no idea who I am, what I do for a living and what my political affiliation is or how I voted.

You, my friend, are why this country is divided and willfully ignorant and are incapable of contemplating ideas farther away than your own imagination. Go tell all the families of the American servicemen and women who are in harms way to save us from WMD’s that didn’t exist. If that isn’t disgracing the cradability and integrity of the office of the US President I dont know what else could do it better.

--by You’re an embarrassment on 2/7/08   Lives: Dearborn  


In your presentation you related that Mr. Deep and Mr. Alawan contended that ALL immigrants of the past favored their own culture and didn't want to assimilate. I think you gave up on that argument too easily. Most immigrants embraced America and American values. "The land of opportunity" is what this country was called. I don't know if it is true of other groups today, but certainly the more-recent immigrant Arab Muslims in Dearborn are fighting assimilation. Indeed, they want everyone else to change for them. They want the rest of us to change our school holidays on a last-second basis. They want us to ignore them as they force their daughters to wear scarves and anti-western robes when they leave the house. More than ignore, they want us to praise it. When we don't, they throw the label 'racist' around as if it actually applied. Well, this is America, and we should hold to American values. We should expect the immigrants among us to also comply with American values. Grandma and Grandpa might have trouble speaking English, that is to be expected. I certainly remember Italian and Polish elders that struggled with the new language. But I remember that it was only a few decades ago when the Arab-Muslim population in Dearborn was embracing assimilation. Not one girl at Fordson High School in the early seventies wore a scarf to school, much less Middle-Eastern robes. Mr. Deep and Mr. Alawan seem to forget that this fight AGAINST assimilation is a recent phenomenon.

--by Dearborn Observer on 2/9/08   Lives: Dearborn  

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