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Diana Ross Lipstink

January 28, 2008

Detroit's own music diva Diana Ross was booed off the stage in Jamaica yesterday! Why? At 80 dollars a ticket she lip-synced her performance and the crowd was not very happy. Jamaican papers are loaded with criticism.

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Russ . FYI Ed Zelenak

Two Detroit singing legends appeared this past weekend at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival at The Aqueduct at Rose Hall in Montego Bay. Anita Baker wowed the crowd and performed to rave reviews for her "sparkling" performance on Thursday, Jan 25, while Diva Diana Ross ended up being a "supreme" disappointment on Saturday, January 27. Ross took the stage at 11:00 p.m. Saturday to perform a thirty-five minute show of her hits in front of an audience of tens of thousands, including Jamaican Prime Minister Golding and dozens of government ministers and members of parliament. When Ross took the stage, the giant television screens placed throughout the venue shut down and the volume of her vocals diminished. "If you can imagine people paying $80.00 US ($5600.00 Jamaican) to see and hear Diana Ross sing," said Dr. Lee Bailey of neighboring Spring Farm, "then to have her drowned out by booing when it was clear she was putting forth a half-hearted effort. I went close to the stage and became convinced that her lips were not lining up with the lyrics. Miss Ross was a big shut-down for Motown," continued Bailey, "and I seriously doubt whether the people of Jamaica will be singing Bob Marley's 'One Love' to her for a long, long time." Ross concluded her performance to another chorus of hearty boos, and was whisked away in her limousine. The festival emcee then said three times, "Ms Ross had requested that there be no video closeups of her performance."

--by Music guy on 1/28/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Well, at least she hasn't changed her act. Years ago, I paid a healthy sum to see and hear Diana Ross perform "in the round" at Olympia Stadium in Detroit. And guess what--she was lip-synching then. Hmmm...maybe it was one of the other Supremes who was not having an affair and a child with Berry Gordy who actually sang all of those hits..

--by Carla on 1/28/08   Lives: Dearborn  

I seem to recall EVEN Aretha Franklin lipsync'ing the anthem when she sang before the Pisons game in the playoffs a few years ago.

Where is Millie Vanillie now???

--by The Blue Parrot on 1/29/08   Lives: Detroit area  

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