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January 26, 2008

National elections
Democratic party self destruction
Democratic coalition groups
Feminism/Race politics
Republican party lost
What's in a middle name
Political parties bye bye
Congressional pay raises
Smart monkeys
Dr. Doolittle's heaven
Henry Ford Community College
Roger Craig
Mike Berry
Ford Motor Company
Buy American

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24 Comment(s)

Race and gender, The Democrats made these issues into politically correct mantras. They are now going to split the party asunder.

--by FDR Democrat on 1/27/08   Lives: Michigan  

Gibb, I see you have been up to your monkey business again. maybe the chimps could teach you a thing or two. Wanna banana ?

--by Trainer on 1/27/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Well that does it. The limousine liberal Kennedy mob have endorsed Obama. For sure now,I'll
vote for Hillary Clinton.

--by Working Dem. on 1/27/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Poor Obama, The guy is scraping the bottom of KKK barrel for endorsements. Kerry, Kennedy and C.Kennedy. Poor, poor Obama.Talk abou the kiss of death, More like the booze hug.

--by How very sad on 1/27/08   Lives: Michigan  

The worst thing either Obama or Hillary could have done was bring this race issue up. They will lose anyone on the fence now.

--by Kibbi on 1/27/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Ted Kenndy ! Lets hope Obama is a good swimmer. Billy didn't bring race into the election . Obams Afrocentric church did. The liberal media SPIN is on.

--by HRC fan on 1/27/08   Lives: Michigan  

Ted Kennedy "BARACK OBAMA INSPIRES ME " I wonder if as much as a stiff hit of Scotch liqueur ?

--by UAW dude on 1/28/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Ahahaha...Obama sure could not have picked a family of losers other than the Clintons. If it wasn't ol man Kennedy bootlegging booze during prohibition, it was Teddy giving swimming lessons and his brother Jack chasing skirts around the White House. The Kennedy clan is one election away from being true has-beens (or never weres')and Obama will sure regret that decision.

--by Bill on 1/28/08   Lives: Dearborn  

The liberal media elite are having great fun downgrading Bill Clinton. The Liberal snobs in Washington DC, think they have Billy down and out. Don't bet on it .

--by russ on 1/28/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Its kind of amusing how the everyone seems to be trying to neutralize Bill Clinton.

Had Bill Clinton been able to run for President today, he would be our next commander and chief.

Say what you will, but it is the truth! He would win by land slide.

--by Reality Check on 1/29/08   Lives: Michigan  

To Reality Check: sure smoke a lot of dope. I think you must be Bill Clinton in disguise. This country doesn't need to be tranformed into some socialist, criminal utopia where the Clintons can get away with anything. Let everyone keep piling on the Clintons, their comeuppance is long overdue.

--by Bill on 1/29/08   Lives: Dearborn  


I live in a state where people re-elected a known liar and thief in Detroit, elected a governor who drove the Michigan economy into the ground, almost single handedly, and senators and congressmen who have been destroying Michigan for decades because we just keep on re-electing them over and over and over. Every single one LIBERAL DEMOCRATS and every one RE-ELECTED to office. Michigan loves a loser!

To say that we would not re-elect Bill Clinton makes you criminally un-observant to put it kindly.

The Clintons did get away with anything and everything! So does Kwamie, Jennifer, John, and Carl. How did we deal with them all? WE RE ELECTED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

Sounds like lots of Michigan people must be on dope! Or maybe they are simply too stupid not to be paying attention. At least dopers have an excuse for their oversight….what is your excuse Bill?

--by Reality Check on 1/29/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Dear Reality Check:
I have enough faith that people would not and I repeat would not re elect a socialistic dictatorial wantabee with the last name of Clinton. I have spent my life in politics Reality Check and I have put up with clowns like you my whole life and you should spend some more money and get some really good dope and know that what comes around goes and around and that the Clinton days are DONE! I spent my life protesting against people like Clinton and I haven't spent my time on a blog summoning up the courage calling me like me a criminal. Look in the mirror you pathetic know it all and ask yourself when did you protest against anyone of the Clinton ilk? I know the answer to that.

--by Bill on 1/29/08   Lives: Dearborn  

The problem with people like Bill is that they think they have everything figured out. They know that their opinion is right, anyone who doesn't think the same way is wrong. But actually people like him are at the heart of the problem with our country. They just feed their own thoughts and views, while spending no time at all considering why someone may think different. It's just attack, attack, and attack. He will walk in that voting booth and do the same thing he has done for years and years and years ... look for the D or R and vote accordingly. Well, at least he votes, I guess.

--by Tired of ignorance on 1/30/08   Lives: Detroit area  

I wonder if TIRED OF IGNORANCE and his buddy BILL Have ever looked in a mirror and saw their own ignorance staring back ?
A little "reflection " would be good for both of them.

--by Mirror on the wall on 1/30/08   Lives: Dearborn  

The biggest Crock in Michigan is are so-called Michigan legislature, these guys are career politicians that go from one job to another after term limits.Our State taxes are ridiculous because of their idiot spending. These rip-off artists make the Detroit Schol spending look like pennies compared to their mockery of our state taxes. Why do we need 2 state houses ? Why are they allowed to travel all over the world on my state dimes ? What about their new office furniture ? Why do they need a staff of flunkies ? What are they doing in Lansing that requires them to get a full-time salary for a part time job ? What about their new pension that they get and reap from our tax dollars ? Examples are Hart, Polidori, Kilpatrick; Are you watching your local politician rip you off ? When was the last time these Crock voted for a return of our tax dollars ? What about our City Council ? These guys have Dearborn so out of whack ( with the rest of the state )with our city taxes. Why do we have so many houses for sale ? Is it maybe because people can not afford our city taxes ? And I hear that Abraham might run for mayor. Give me a break to all you low-life career politicians.

--by Crock on 1/30/08   Lives: Dearborn  


Like most conformist non-conformists, look at what you have now instead of Bill Clinton.

For all of your protesting, we are at war in two countries, we are about to start a third, our economy is collapsing, people are losing their homes and have no health insurance, our schools are in ruins, and you want to cry about how hard you protested against Clinton. Look at the debt your kids will inherit Bill. Why dont you go protest that?

Like most out of touch, obnoxious "look at me" protesters, you completely missed the point Bill. You’re too full of your own righteous self indignations to come to grips with the fact that the American population (particularly in Michigan)is not impressed by good leaders, it’s bought and sold like cattle by the media and popular culture. Why don’t you lay down your Pickett sign and pick up a hammer and go volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, than you will have some REAL impact on the real world. Until then, you’re just another dufas on the internet blowing a lot of smoke about stuff that had nothing to do with the discussion.

The point that completely eluded you is not that Clinton was a great president, its that people LOVE to elect corrupt, all be it, well packaged, confidence men.

--by Cry me a river Billy boy on 1/30/08   Lives: Dearborn  

"I have enough faith that people would not and I repeat would not re elect a socialistic dictatorial wantabee with the last name of Clinton"

That’s funny, she is already in the top two for the democratic ticket and Michigan gave her the nod of approval. Non only are they voting for her, but she is the more evil of the two!

Protesting the Clintons in Michigan might be a lonelier job than the Maytag Repair man!

You don’t get it BILL, no one cares about how corrupt a politician is, just if he can play the saxophone on late night TV. Maybe you should go protest paid parking in West Dearborn, thats something you can get people on board with.

--by Protest this! on 1/30/08   Lives: Dearborn  

MIRROR ON THE WALL is perfect. We all need to be like him/her. Must be nice to have the world figured out.

--by Try taking a look yourself on 1/30/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Times were never better than when Slick Willy was prez!

--by cant deny it on 1/30/08   Lives: Detroit area  

As for taking a look a look at myself. Your right. I do have it all figured out. As well, as your syntax algorithm abstract tree code with a 26.3700 diminutive cross reference used on your posts. I guess that once in love with Aimee , always in love with Aimee. LOL

--by Right On. on 1/31/08   Lives: Detroit area looks like I really rattled the cages of all the Clintonian supporters. They just can't stand being exposed for what they are and especially for what the Clintons are.

--by Bill on 2/3/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Do some people really believe that we all have the same opinions and viewpoints? Some of is liked the Clinton, some of is like Bush. Both were elected to 2 terms.

--by robots on 2/3/08   Lives: Detroit area  


What is that statement about 'syntax algorithm abstract tree code with a 26.3700 diminutive cross reference used on your posts?' Is that english? And what does that have to do with Aimee? You have caught my attention. Please explain.

--by Er...what? on 2/5/08   Lives: Dearborn  

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