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January 25, 2008

My son started at HFCC in this Winter Semester, We withdrew him in the first week after he reported that 2 of his 5 classes were more unruly than his classrooms at EFHS as many of the students in his classes were duel enrollee's.

Oakland Community College accepted his late registration because the counselor there informed us that they have had a wave of transfers from HFCC in the last fall and current winter semesters.

Oakland Community College is now targeting HFCC students for enrollment with in-district tuition rates for out-of-district HFCC transferee's and has made it clear that they are NOT accepting non-qualified HS enrollee's like HFCC is now doing.

--by See Ya HFCC on 1/22/08 Lives:

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This has got to change. What can we citizens do? Who should we contact?

--by Lori on 1/25/08   Lives: Dearborn  

HFCC is thinking about having sections that are comprised entirely of HS students. This is because they accept duel enrollees without any standards and those students are disruptive. U Of M Dearborn insists on a 3.0 GPA but Harvard on the Rouge (or is it the Evergreen Institute of Technology) has lower standards. Citizens should go to the top of the ladder, the school board - the solution is the same for all things ailing DPS. Dearborn is K-14 district and the board is responsible for the college as well.
Of course the instructors at HFCC could simply fail or kick out disruptive students without a refund of tuition, but that would be waaay too logical.

--by Cheif on 1/25/08   Lives: Detroit area  


Needless to say, we, the tax paying citizens, are paying for those kids to attend HFCC. They get the boot, we get the bill whether they are there or not.

But that would require waaay to much thinking to figure that out.

By the way, we already have a "Harvard on the Rouge." Its called DCMST.

--by Indian on 1/26/08   Lives: Detroit area  

"HFCC is thinking about having sections that are comprised entirely of HS students."

I don't know if this is true or just a rumor. However, would such a class just be a high school class? But taught by an "instructor" (not necessarily a licensed high school teacher) who is not a DPS employee (or union member)? Seems to me this is a way of "outsourcing" our teachers jobs. Plus, the school district loses oversight of curriculum, etc. and has no say in the curriculum taught in these sections (not that they do such a bang-up job as it is. It's just the principle of the thing). Sounds like a bad idea to me. Why not keep them (and their $8000+) in the high schools.

--by Outsourced? on 1/26/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Hey Indian,
Sounds as if your kid didn't have the GPA for DC MST. Not to worry, HFCC will take 'em.

--by SMEDLEY on 1/26/08   Lives: Dearborn  

DCMST is the "Dearborn Center for Math, Science, and Technology" - located at the Michael Berry Center. Many of Fordson's brightest stars in the teaching world left to teach there rather than face intimidation at FHS.

BTW, there's around 450 students from FHS dual-enrolled at HFCC. Students with a GPA of 2.5 are allowed to take college credits there. Given the choice of going full-time to FHS for mere high-school credits, or dual-enrolling and getting college credit for free, it's a no brainer. By comparison, DHS has about 60 students dual-enrolled.

--by Watchdog on 1/31/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Let’s not let U of M Dearborn off the hook folks.

They have a load of duel enrolled students there as well, its not just HFCC.

As for DCMST, Seniority and last years teacher surplus hit them as hard as everyone else. They too have their load of non-highly qualified instructors now as anyone who was worth a damn as a teacher had already left FHS. Their numbers are dwendeling as well as they filter out of DCMST to colleges.

You can thank HR and the school board for using their terrorist tactics to force the new union contract last year and keeping a failing administrator in a failing HS.

All the teachers who made FHS great are long gone, now all the students who were worth anything (and a lot who are not) are leaving too for DCMST, HFCC, and U of M Dearborn. What is left behind is just sad! 80% of FHS students, regardless of their GPA are clearly not qualified to even succeed at HFCC. They lack the discipline, background and basic skills to attend even a community college. The latest "duel enrollment debacle" has proven this resoundingly.

How can FHS leadership continue to churn out duel enrolled college students when they couldn’t even make AYP for 4 consecutive years?

The good news is that once they fail AYP this next year, I guess the state takes over! LOL!! Like that will make it all better. What does Artis care, he wont be here to deal with the fallout.

--by the next chapter on 2/1/08   Lives: Dearborn  


The 'dual-enrolled' students only attend HFCC or UM-D half the day, if it is still run the same as years ago. To answer a question above, the Dearborn school district would still be housing the student for half the day, and would still receive the state money. Let's say that is $8,000. Half that money for the year is $4,000. Paying for six classes (two semesters, three classes each) at HFCC costs about $1,200. The school system just made a profit of $2,800.

Does my math look right? UM-D would cost more, but I expect the vast majority (all the poor students) attend HFCC.

--by Half the day? on 2/4/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Half the day?
yea, thats like saying in the DPS only the poor students get free lunch!
We all know thats a load of crap! Just like free lunches, free tuition equates to federal grant money so the more in the colleges the better!

--by Learn the system on 2/8/08   Lives: Dearborn  

hfcc is in the dearborn school district so they have to follow k-12 and college rules unlike u of m, cental, michigan state and all of the other colleges with in the state so why dont you all get your facts right brfore you put down colleges like this its stupid. and for Russ not all poor studentss go to hfcc im poor and im going to michigan state so bite me.

--by kris on 3/3/10   Lives: Detroit area  

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