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Kerry's kiss of death.

January 10, 2008

I see where Senator John Kerry will endorsed Barack Hussein Obama's bid for the Democratic nomination . Kerry,who lost to President Bush is viewed by some as a big time loser.
His endorsement is view by some in the Democratic Party as a "kiss of death". What do you think ?

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Poor Obama, A very talented canidate,and he has to be saddled with a Kerry endorsement! How sad. Leave it to Kerry to spatter ketchup over everybody.I'll take Obama without Kerry, thank you.

--by K Jeffery on 1/10/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Oh how I hope it is the big kissoff for Obama and his gang of juvenile delinquents. Obama, Kerry and Oprah can all hold hands and sing Koom-ba-ya and hold each other while they get thrown under the Democratic bus driven by Bill, Hillary and their gang of thieves. Better than that, let the whole Democratic party get run over by John McCain.

--by Fed Up With Obama on 1/10/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Do you think Fed Up With Obama is a partisan Republican ? lol

--by he he on 1/10/08   Lives: Michigan  

Kiss 'o Death.

I'm just guessing, of course. It will be interesting to see. McCain's people have called me twice today. He is really spending the money in Michigan -- I didn't think he had a chance, but now... I'll have to take another look at him.

--by Lori on 1/10/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Obama's entire national career started because of John Kerry and the 2004 Democratic Convention, and got to make that infamous speech because John Kerry pushed on his behalf with in-party officials. Also, everyone within and outside of the party knows that if Bill Clinton's wife weren't running against Barack, he'd be ranting and raving on his behalf too.

I think it's interesting how Republican hacks always attacked Hillary until they woke up to the late realization that Barack is a very capable opponent and may defeat her. Unfortunately, for people to pull a rug under someone, there has to be a rug. Barack's openness about his life will make it difficult for republicans to "Ah-hah!" him like they did John Kerry.

PS- McCain's platform style is almost identical to Hillary's. If Barack wins the primary republicans had better pray Huckabee is the GOP's guy because he's the only guy whose a strong enough communicator and enough of an "out-party" candidate to not get slain like another Hillary by Barack.

--by Brian on 1/10/08   Lives: USA  

The only thing anybody really knows about Obama is what he has chosen to fudge an spin. The real dirt is yet to come. Dream on Brian, dream on.

--by Ha, Ah-hawing Obama on 1/10/08   Lives: USA  

Dear He He,

No, I am not a partisan Republican. I can find plenty of things to dislike about the Republican Party. With that, I just want someone out there in cyberspace to tell me anything about that wet behind the ears, snot nosed, hiphop punk Obama has done as a U.S. Senator. Obama's superficial oratory and lack of substance will do him.

--by Fed Up With Obama on 1/10/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Kerry is a media geek. He,will do anything to get his name or picture on the media. Obama should not have to suffer Kerry.

--by Young dem on 1/10/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Obama, Obama, wait until the voters find out he a politically correct liberal and also a lawyer. Obama is a lawyer and a lawyer is Obama.

--by Teeker on 1/10/08   Lives: Detroit area  

I find it funny Kerry isn't even supporting the guy who was his running mate in '04. Makes you wonder if they would have gotten along as Pres-VP had they won....

It seems like my loyalty would be to the guy who actually ran and lost with me in '04...but alas they are democrats and there really is no rhyme or reason to what they do.

--by Tony on 1/11/08   Lives: Dearborn  

How come no one is commenting on Obama's friendship with Odinga in Kenya? Even the president in Kenya is against Odinga and has called Obama a "stooge" for Western-hating, "Killing Fields" Odinga.

--by Schaef on 1/11/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Obama keeps trying to downplay his Muslim upbringing, but as Russ has pointed out elsewhere, he now belongs to a black-separatist church that doesn't tolerate white people and wants to be loyal to AFRICA, not the USA. This is a huge weakness that will be exploited sooner or later this political season. Remember the fuss about women not being allowed to join a private country club (Augusta)? How about a church that won't accept you because of your skin color?

--by He's a hater on 1/11/08   Lives: Dearborn  

So what is the problem with a Muslim upbringing? Shouldn’t we be concerned with someone who has a Catholic upbringing? What about Christians or Unitarians? Historically if we look at history, Christians have been far more imposing and violent than Muslims towards others.

Why in the hell are we debating whether a person of Muslim upbringing should/could be president but a Christian or Catholic or Mormon is all right? Oh yea, everyone is attacking the Mormon too. How stupid are we as a public that we sit back and allow ourselves to be dummied down by people who would tell us we should be afraid of Muslims, former Muslims, Mormons, or anyone else of any faith. The Bush administration has set our constitutional rights back centuries but we should be afraid of someone who had a Muslim upbringing? It does not make sense!

What has become of this country when we openly discriminate against anyone because of religion? I think this country is on the brink of collapse when the most important ideals our country was built on is being cast aside (freedom of religious observance) because sitting government officials have created a situation where we are afraid of Muslims and therefore, should not even consider him for a president.

--by We have sunk to a new low! on 1/11/08   Lives: USA  

Obama, a man of all seasons. In “The Audacity of Hope,� Mr. Obama says, "I was not raised in a religious household." He describes his mother as secular, but says she had copies of the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita in their home.

--by Truth will out. on 1/12/08   Lives: Michigan  

I just thought people might like to know there is a different perspective over this side of the Atalntic - most of the newspapers and political analysts on the TV were saying how lucky Obama is to have managed to get Kerry's backing and that given how close the New Hampshire results were he has just received a boost compared to Hillary Clinton.

--by Tony in England on 1/12/08   Lives: Another country  

John Kerry lost to President Bush. Kerry had the backing of Move On ,the left leaning liberal organization that had the money backing of billionaire Soros. So guess who is behind the rapid rise from obscurity of Barack Obama. You guess it.

--by A Talhed on 1/12/08   Lives: Dearborn  

The for hire liberal media love Obama. Another example of the Democratic Party being taken over by billionaires. I see where our Democratic controlled congress just gave themselves another raise in pay.Ordinary working men and women are being laid off and they give themselfs a raise. So much, for the Democrats being for the working class.

--by UAW guy on 1/12/08   Lives: Detroit area  

The problem with this country is not Democrats or Republicans. A far bigger problem are the people that think the problem with this country are the "Democrats" or "Republicans".

Take people like "Fed Up with Obama". They believe this is a football game and they have to pick teams. In doing so, they abandon all rationality.

The truth of the matter is so many people have already decided what is right and what is wrong. You don't look at evidence and then decide your position. You decide your position and then look for the evidence.

Democracy is a device that ensures the people get exactly what they deserve. You want to have a football game mentality, you can keep electing terrible politicians, and you can keep getting what you deserve.

Personally, I think the best thing to do in the next election is to vote for the non-incumbent. Doesn't matter if they are Republican or Democrat. The current crop, on both sides of the aisle are terrible. (I'm not serious, just ranting).

--by Matt on 1/12/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Matt, I was thinking about making a comment on your post but the Move On Soros boys at the Obama campaign has decided that their new position is to call anyone who disagrees with them racist.
Remember folks,in our liberal media controlled America, African Americans are not to be criticized under any circumstances that just wouldn't be culturally sensitive or political correct.

--by Phil Callaway on 1/12/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Yes,yes, I give ya that the big $$$ handlers, around Obama make me nervous too. But,ya gotta give it the the guy he is one excellent speaker.

--by Jerry on 1/12/08   Lives: Michigan  

Russ I found this comment on "Obama HAS NOT been examined or vetted...THAT is Bill Clinton's point and it is absolutely correct. If Obama's supporters think they can call every critique of Obama's candidacy RACIST they are in for a very rough time of it. Scrutiny is not something one can escape in an election for President of the United States."

--by Dem voter on 1/12/08   Lives: Michigan  

Soros, Soros, everywhere. Try this one on.A study that claimed 650,000 people were killed as a result of the invasion of Iraq was partly funded by the antiwar billionaire Democrat George Soros.A well know Bush hater.

Soros, 77, provided almost half the $100,000 cost of the research, which appeared in The Lancet, the medical journal. Its claim was 10 times higher than consensus estimates of the number of war dead. An other example of Democratic billionaires controlling the media. Many media outlets carried the hyped left wing study as gospel.

--by Money Talks on 1/12/08   Lives: USA  

I would think it's about time and a good idea to give some promises and homage to Africa. That continent is a mess, genocide everywhere, and with a mostly Muslim population it is the most rife and waiting breeding ground for terrorism to recruit. The only reason Al Queda hasn't been able to recruit there is because, international organizations admit, the various groups are killing each other so fast they can barely get a leash on any of them because their leaders keep dying. Just imagine that kind of hate and trauma unleashed, instead of on their fellow tribesmen, but upon American citizens. Africa is a real threat if we don't start helping curb the violence that is swallowing that continent whole NOW. And yet, every President in the past 30 years has sat back as a major genocide or conflict occurred somewhere in Africa, did nothing, thinking there were no consequences to American interests. This is the kind of behavior that allows groups like Al Queda to move in and say, "We care about you. We want to help you. America does not." And from then on it's a slippery slope because our apathy could very well become our own demise.

A President who has the face of an African, who has family in Africa, can very well stop the development of the most waiting and dangerous front in the War on Terror. Many blacks in Africa ARE racist and they are told very early on that white men want to dominate them and rule them. Obama can at least appeal through their better natures and if not change their institution, help change their citizens minds, and still represent with good faith the people of this great union. That, in and of itself, is a way to help the War on Terror that no other candidate can claim to.

--by It's about time! on 1/13/08   Lives: USA  

Obama is playing the race card and tries to blame the Clinton's for starting it. Obama and his staff are playing with fire and I hope they don't get burned with this tactic. As a Democrat I'm sick and tired of black politicians resorting to race victim every time they don't get their way.

--by Democrat on 1/13/08   Lives: Detroit area  

The battle between Clinton and Obama is tearing the Democratic Party apart. The billionaire Soros is behind Obama. Divide and conquer,thats Soros game.

--by jimmy on 1/13/08   Lives: Michigan  

Mr. "About Time" must live in never, never land. Get some common sense, grow up and get over Obama. He is not going to get the nomination.

--by Observer on 1/14/08   Lives: Detroit area  

From reading the writings of "It's About Time", it seems they missed the point of the first writer. Sure, we could do better in Africa with relations with the right people. In fact, we are helping the UN train thousands of agencies there to grow better wheat. The Nobel-Prize winning scientist - whose name escapes me, sorry - is over ninety years old but is still working to help Africa with the food problem. The point is, though, that Obama's church favors Africa FIRST, before the USA. That is not an attitude we want our President to hold, certainly. I can't see how Obama can defend his membership in that strange church.

--by Looking carefully on 1/14/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Here a quote for you. Last Sunday Reverent Wright Pastor of Obama's Trinity "Afrocentric" Church of Christ. " Sunday, Wright seemed incensed over a column by avowed atheist Christopher Hitchens that had run the day before in the Chicago Sun-Times. Hitchens decried Obama for giving "his allegiance to a crackpot church with a decidedly ethnic character."

--by T.R. Stone on 1/17/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Above in this thread, someone questions why we should be concerned about a Muslim becoming President, because (according to them) "Christians have historically been more violent than Muslims." That statement is certainly debatable, but it doesn't matter if it is true. In RECENT history, and currently, and for the forseeable future, we see nothing but violence coming from Islam. We have yet to see any organized movement within Islam to even denounce the violence which is certified by their sacred texts, much less actually try to put an end to it. We see widespread support in Dearborn for Hezbollah, the "Party of God", even though it is a terrorist group that hates America.

So, NOT worrying about a Muslim becoming President would be insane.

--by Look at the Now on 1/18/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim. He was an atheist before he became a Christian. His birth father was a Muslim and his mother an atheist . Now, one can debate if he became a Christian for political reasons. But he is a Christian.

--by Look on 1/18/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Not to be contrary, but Obama attended a madrassa when he was young...hardly atheist. Did you see the debate last night, when he cut at Hillary Clinton by saying he "wasn't sure who he was running against"? That seemed to suggest he didn't think a woman could run without her husband...a sexist slam. Here's betting nobody in the media calls him out for it, although they sure played up his false accusations that Hillary was somehow insulting MLK, Jr. when she pointed out the Dream began to be realized when it became the law of the land. It took a President to codify civil rights. That is true, and no insult to anybody. For political reasons, Obama pretended it was. Then he turns around with a sexist slam. Just precious, don't you think?

I am not a Hillary supporter. I don't think any of the Democrats are tough enough on terrorism. But I think Obama is playing the usual politics. So much for 'change.'

--by Did you watch the debate? on 1/22/08   Lives: Dearborn  

Madrassa is Arabic for SCHOOL. Old Limbaugh toothless attach there. Besides, there are many non Catholics in Catholic school, why should Madrassas be any different? Why do so many people get hung up on such simple things? I do agree with the previous poster that Mrs. Clinton's remarks were spot on and true and that Obama went way overboard with his response. Also, I've been to Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago a few times and NO they/he does NOT favor Africa over the U.S. he does favor the development of the African American community through Christianity.

The above quote "In RECENT history, and currently, and for the forseeable future, we see nothing but violence coming from Islam." I suggest you take a realistic and sober view at the world and perhaps you will see that there is more than violence coming from Islam and also there is a heck of a lot of violence and death coming from our current so called Christian president. I understand the willingness for our GVT. to make the effort to demonize every aspect of an adversary but for so many citizens to blindly parrot every silly statement about them is beyond idotic. Try reading directly from the source instead of going onling perpetuating lies and asinine exaggerations. Haterd comes from ignorance.

--by zinjanthropus on 1/26/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Zinjanthropus, Seeing that you can't even get your name correctly, why should anyone pay any heed to your screed about ignorance ? Sorry "Bones" your name is Australopithecus boisei. Your arguments are living proof that a LITTLE knowledge is a dangerous thing .

--by Dr, Leakey on 1/26/08   Lives: Another country  

What a typical response from a ditto head! here you are ignoring the subject by attempting an ad hominem on the fake name I chose. geesh! So you googled Dr Leaky? good for you. Now back the subject.

--by Zinjanthropus on 1/28/08   Lives: Detroit area  

Your problem "bones" is you try to be too cleaver by half. Your full of yourself. Thats why no one pays you no mind. B.S.walks and money talks.

--by B.S. detector on 1/28/08   Lives: Detroit area  

This is to Matt:

What the hell are you talking about? You must smoke a lot of dope to come to absolutely ridiculous conclusion that you think my comments about Obama are like a football game. If you need to rant, at least make sense. The comments that come from people like Matt are reaffirmations why blogs are just an incredible waste of time and energy. I'll do my talking elsewhere and put my mouth where my thoughts are on Tuesday by voting and I will go to bed with a clear conscience nowing I won't vote for any communists like Obama, Hillary or Edwards. I will vote Republican, hold my nose while I do it, and take what comes.

--by Fed Up With Obama on 1/29/08   Lives: Dearborn  

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