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rambling - March 25, 2007

March 25, 2007

Rep. John Dingell
Don't believe everything you read
Urban Legend
Hillary Clinton
Dearborn Press&Guide
Dearborn Public Schools
Athletic Directors
Oakman Elementary School
Michael Guido Theatre
Death Penalty
Cashing in on Design
Tiger Stadium

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Good webcast Russ. Good to see your site back on focus again. As for the athletic directors, I have not been a great fan of Artis, but if push comes to shove to protect the classroom then the directors have to go. Now a voluntary 10 percent pay cut by the Board and Administration would really say somthing, but the directors may have to go. State funding of education is in complete disrepair. As for Oakman school, you aint heard nothing yet! I hear the principal there makes Marc Zigterman look like St.Peter. Ditto cheers!

--by DearbornGrapvine on 3/25/07   Lives: Dearborn  

You couldn't be more wrong comparing the Oakman principal to Zigterman. She is dedicated, fair and professional. She has expectations for herself, the staff and at the center of her expectations will always be the children.

--by Tractor Girl on 3/28/07   Lives: Michigan  

The dedicated principal of Oakman School was loved and adored at Salina and Stout. Why is there a very select small group of power hungry people at Oakman trying to tarnish her reputation? It will not work, she has too many people backing her.

--by The tractor on 4/1/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Then why has Artis been wearing out a path to Oakman to help cover her mistakes? She may be another Imad Fadlallah as if more than one is enough.

--by DearbornGrapvine on 4/1/07   Lives: Dearborn  


This district would be blessed to have some more Imad Fadlallah's. However, Deneen Charles is her own person. She deeply cares about the children. Everyone knows that. By the way, what mistakes would you be talking about? Is it the mistake of trying to increase parent involvement at the school and to make the useless PTA stronger or is it trying to make a positive connection between the staff and parents. You don't know what you're talking about.

--by The Tractor on 4/3/07   Lives: Dearborn  

"Useless PTA?" Did you see last year's field day?
Their parent survey was called illegal. When did the Dearborn Public Schools suspend the first amendment??!!

--by Concerned on 4/3/07   Lives: Michigan  

The principal is in charge of the school. It was unprofessional and unethical of the PTA to send out a survey about the climate of the school without working with her. The principal and PTA should be a team. If they would give her a chance and work with her, they would find that Daneen is an asset to any school in this district. Like I said before, she was adored at Stout and Salina. The parents at Stout loved her and the parents at Salina went to the board and begged for them to keep her at Salina. The survey has nothing to do with the first amendment, it has something to do with unprofessionalism and unethical work done by the PTA. You can try to use the constitution to your advantage as much as you want, but what is wrong is wrong.

--by TheTractor on 4/4/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Being adored at Stout and especially Salina. Now thats a real endorsement! The school atmosphere is an indicator of our disrict as a whole under this Board and Artis.

--by DearbornGravevine on 4/12/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Any teacher I've ever talked with at Oakman has only respect for teachers at Salina and Stout. Dearborngravevine does not speak for us at Oakman on this matter! It is very sad that we are so unhappy at our school. The teachers at Oakman have always worked well together and with others. We have been known as hard workers who try anything we can to better the education of each child at our school, just as the rest of the district schools do. This matter should be dealt with in-school.
However, don't attack the PTA when you don't know the whole story! The PTA women wanted Danene as principal. She was their first choice, so they were definitely willing to work as a team. It is hard to do so if you are called into the principals office within her first two months at the building to be told that there isn't parent involvement at the school because the PTA women are too cliquish. Danene obviously didn't know about the schools past PTA efforts. We have had great PTA people, but Andy Dennison asked these ladies to be the PTA officers because no one wanted the job. There has been more PTA involvment in the past two years than in all the previous years I've been at the school. Kevin Harris says that the parents are, in essence, the boss at Oakman. Danene works for them. The survey should not have been the issue it has been. It had three questions on it. All of them about teachers and if they were doing their job. Nothing was there about Danene. We want to work things out with Danene!

--by Teacher at Oakman on 4/13/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Daneen doesn't have a clue and neither do you tractor girl!

--by hootie on 4/16/07   Lives: Another country  

Hootie, how unfortunate for you that you can't recognize the utmost in professionalism and integrity. Danene is a master teacher and fair leader. The Oakman community is lucky to have her.

--by Tractor Girl on 4/18/07   Lives: Detroit area  

Well, now is time to really consider things. Yesterday at Oakman a 4th grader drew a picture of himself holding two guns pointing at a girl (which happens to be in his classroom). Dearborn Police were called BUT was the child expelled??? NO NO NO!!!! This is not right Danene! Now this adds another reason to look into Danene Charles' professionalism. Wouldn't you say so?????? SOMETHING IS WRONG AND I AM WORRIED.

--by Worried at Oakman on 4/20/07   Lives: Dearborn  

The teachers still have no idea what they've done to turn parents against them. As parents, it's time to explain your concerns. If there are no problems, it's time to tell Ms. Charles that the teachers are continuing to do a good job.

--by Concerned on 4/30/07   Lives: Michigan  

Russ, i know im a little late on this one. But how can you be happy about walmart coming? There are plenty of reasons not to like walmart, but you cant deny that in just about every place a walmart pops up, small mom and pop stores close (big time). We could be saying goodbye to another part of what makes dearborn a special place. Hello low prices, goodbye ma and pa!

--by eastside on 5/10/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I went to school at Maples Junior High, where Russ Gibb was my english teacher. I was so shy that I was intimidated by his arrogance. In spite of that, I think he realized that, and held me over after class for a friendly chat. He talked about everything... but very little English, but I still learned a lot from the man. I got an A just for being there. Thanks Uncle Russ, I'm still alive and doing fine.

--by Mario Boccarossa on 7/19/10   Lives: Michigan  

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