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February 25, 2007

World Peace
New Political Party
Jennifer Granholm
Media: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and BBC
City of Dearborn
New Mayor
Reading and Math Scores
Competition for the Fairlane Club
and Proud to be an American

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That's so much stuff to talk about I don't think even the libraries in Dearborn have enough information to tackle that with. So, I'll just pick one thing I know about: the UN.

Personally, I think the UN *would* work if they changed some simple things with how they do business. Foremost of all is how the Veto System works. The UN has all sorts of councils on things of great importance and in all of those councils only 5 countries get full Veto Power - all of which are given by inheritance from participation in WWII. The UN - a supposed delegation meant to support Democracy - is being run like a monarchy!

If a nation wants to be on the Human Rights Council I think they should only get the power to veto if they're upholding all the basic human rights people deserve. After all, who in the world thinks that Communist China is a leader in Human Rights EXCEPT Communist China?

If you're a nation on the security council then you should only get to veto if you follow all the security council rules. Instead, we have Russia with strong ties to an assassination using a dirty nuke in London and somehow they're getting to decide what is and isn't the definition of a Nuclear Attack? GIMME A BREAK!

Now, personally, I think all the nations should be let in SO LONG AS THEY FOLLOW THE RULES. I could care less if some nation is communist, capitalist, democracy or a monarchy so long as they are following the rules to the last letter. China, just like America, has no right to go about telling other groups of people how to run their lives. If China wants to be a Communist Republic then that's up to the Chinese to decide (and they did). But if they want to run over peaceful student protesters with tanks then they shouldn't have one iota of say about human rights - anywhere - and should be willing to pay the price in sanctions and threat of invasion.

Of course, all of this is useless theory since none of the big 5 will give up power so people can do things for honest good. And like you said Russ - power makes the world go round. So long as we inherit it we're free to abuse it.

And the story goes on...

--by Brian on 2/26/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, Take a read of this artical It pretty much sums up the Democratic party's class war fare adjenda.

--by Lowrey on 2/28/07   Lives: Michigan  

12:00AM on 3/4/07

Are you the Russ Gibb who was on WDRQ in Detroit when it was an all-talk radio station, in the early 70s? My family always listened and my dad (Birt Hurlbert) made friends with some of you folks. One time he brought my brother and me in to see the station. Our favorite was your broadcast of The Fourth Tower of Inverness. I don't know why, but I was thinking of you all this morning during my commute to work and decided to see if I could find you online. I remember a woman named Penny and some other guys whose names I have forgotten. But -- we grew up without TV and with talk radio, and I think it was a very healthy thing! Do let me know if I have reached the right guy. Thanks! Karin

--by Karin Wikoff on 3/4/07   Lives: Michigan  

Why are 7,500 Iraqis coming to America?

Why can’t 7,500 Irish immigrate to America too?
How about 7,500 Polish? 7,500 Germans?

Why don’t the Iraqis stay in Iraq and fight for their freedom instead of coming to our country to live off of the land and suck up welfare benefits?

Plus, watch the state department relax entry requirements to appease the do-gooders.

During a similar international goodwill gesture several years ago, Cuba’s Fidel Castro sent us his convicts who robbed us. Iraq will probably send us all of their terrorists who will blow us up.

How are we going to track these individuals?

We are doing it to ourselves!

--by Doing It To Ourselves on 3/5/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Rest assured the 7,500 Iraquis will be living in sub-standard conditions in some sponsoring cousin's basement while working for coolie wages in a gas station or party store. Their bosses won't pay any FICA or income taxes but it's guaranteed all of the welfare schemes including food stamps will be fraudently tapped.

How does an honest businessman compete?

--by Struggling Businessman on 3/8/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Hi Russ,

We love your web site.

Can you please add the "Date" of the last Posting after the words "COMMENTS (5)" so that we can tell which "Titles" have been updated?


--by Reader on 3/12/07   Lives: Detroit area  

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