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a world without america

February 21, 2007

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Russ . I'll bet you won't see that video on CNN or ABC News , or CBS news or NBC news. But they sure play the hell out of any Anti American news. I stopped viewing those stations years ago.

--by D. B . Cooper on 2/21/07   Lives: Michigan  

Bet you don't see that video on FOX News or Bill O'Rielly'a ahow either. So what is your point? Are you trying to say that those news channels are anti-American? Because if that is what you are trying to say than you are way off the deep end.

--by Please Clarify on 2/22/07   Lives: Dearborn  

CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC , ALL have an Anti American spin. FOX News at least give a balance to the news. In fact as I look at the ratings for cable FOX is way ahead.

--by Viewer on 2/22/07   Lives: Detroit area  

I don't think that any of those news channels are as biased as most people will have you believe. I'm tired of people screaming fowl everytime a news channel reports something that they don't agree with. One quick point: what benefit would ANY news agency have being anti-American? Think about it. When any particular news agency reports negatively on the war or Bush, why does it mean that they are biased? Could it be that the war may not be going well, or that Bush has done a poor job in some areas? I doubt that any 24/7 news channel could appease EVERYONE all of the time. Now, when you are watching a show NAMED after their host, I think it implies that the views are primarily from that newscasters opinion. Would ALL of the polls also be biased when they report that more Americans are dissatisfied with the job George W. Bush has done as president then with any president since modern polls have been used? Or do you feel that they are biased because they are reporting something that you YOURSELF don't agree with?

--by stop worrying about spin and start looking at facts on 2/22/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Criticism of American policy does not equal hating America. Conservatives'/Republicans' self-vicitmization over the past 5-6 years is creating an us-vs.-them mentality which is doing more harm to this country than the "liberal" critisism of the Bush administration.

Who is this video supposed to be addressing? All those "damn blue state lib'ruls" that want America to fall in the ocean or wish it never existed? Get over yourselves. You don't have to jackboot yourselves in line behind the president in order to love this country.

--by Jake on 2/22/07   Lives: USA  

Sure does not take the Democrates long to turn everything into a hate Bush world view. Most American media is liberal. You are what you eat, You are what you read, hear or see.

--by American -American on 2/22/07   Lives: Detroit area  

Jake, this video was not about the president (referencing your last line). He wasn't mentioned at all. I'm curious as to why you are so offended?

I thought it was GREAT. Thanks, Russ.

--by LayLo on 2/22/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I saw the video...made me think that this was directed to the European countires that always have a bad thing to say about American policies and politics. Where would Europe bee if the US didn't help in WWI and WWII? Would there even be countries like France or Britain, to say the least the smaller European countries. How about other conflicts were the US was asked to help.

There wouldn't be a UN if President Roosevelt asked and got a formation of coutries for the United Nations. Where would the organization of the UN be if America didn't allocate billions of dollars to there budget to keep it running.

Yes, I think this video was directed to all the nay sayers against American, American politics/polocies, and American determination to help others in obtaining certain freedoms. Appreciate what you have....and how you got them!

This is not about the news media or even about our current President, it mearly points out that the world would be a different place if there wasn't an America.

I wasn't offended's just one of those "What if" senarios. Good video...thank for posting that Russ.

--by AH on 2/23/07   Lives: Dearborn  

You know, I might be a Democrat but first amongst all things I'm an *American*. I enjoyed this video and as far as I'm concerned it's been a very long time since *Americans* feel like we can celebrate any of our achievements together. To be able to enjoy things as *Americans*, rather than political parties, we have to stop getting into hissy-fits over things with no direct significance to us. This ad isn't even on American Television - why is everyone pulling the propaganda card? UKers are just as media aware as us - this won't serve as anything more to them than it does us.

It's really sad when we can't even mention Saddam Houssane being an evil dictator without democrats raging and republicans gloating. No one can mention Pres. Clinton having some great policy decisions without Republicans going bonkers about morality and Democrats whining about some Starr that's so long gone it's probably a black hole.

All of this, to me, stems from one big, selfish moral problem: People want unilateral truth on their side and it's never going to happen. We've all been horribly wrong at some point and if we haven't ever been wrong than how the heck would we know we were ever right?

Just get over yourselves! Everyone's so caught up in holding the battleground for political parties that they seem to forget the whole reason we even listen: to ensure a better tomorrow. Keep in mind that tomorrow's going to be just as crappy as today if we spend all of it griping.

--by Brian on 2/24/07   Lives: Dearborn  

It's called "divide and conquer", Brian. The 2 party political system is a prime example of this. People really get defensive about the affiliations.

--by Keep An Open Mind on 2/24/07   Lives: Michigan  

ask latin american countries what their world would be like if there was no america.

--by eastside on 2/27/07   Lives: Dearborn  


The terrorists do an exceptional job of winning the "Perception" war. Since Perception is Reality, they believe that naive Americans will cave in among ourselves because we cannot believe how persistent the terrorists are.

--by Perception on 3/12/07   Lives: Michigan  

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