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February 14, 2007


Why doesn't the Board fire Artis prior to the end of his contract? This would leave him months short of collecting his pension and send him pandering to another district to seek employment for a few months. Hey, maybe he could even go back to the classroom for a few months! We all realize that he is setting up his own educational consultant firm, getting it ready and running upon his retirement from the DPS. Let's face it, who would be stupid enough to hire him as a consultant anyway?

Let's just cut our losses and cut him loose. We have to look for a new superintendent anyway. What's the difference if we do it now or a year from now? The money spent to pay off the district embarrassment is minimal compared to the frivolous waste that occurs daily in the Dearborn Public Schools. The big question is, can any board members, besides Ms. Dulmage, have the courage to rid the district of it's cancer?

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Artis , is close to retirement, He would sue the Board . Don't kid yourself, the mistake was made when Mrs Blackburn was the President of the board and she pushed to have his contract extended. Only Mrs Dulmage and Mrs Adams voted no. Now we all pay for the boards mistake.

--by D. L. Berry on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, Fire Artis, ? Never happen, The Ego sisters Lane and Blackburn, and the Balless Boys, Schoolmaster and Guido will NEVER admit they made a Big Boo Boo.

--by True Grit on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Why don't you stop blaming Blackburn and tell your super hero Dulmage to make a motion to fire him. Her buddy Adams is the president now. The two of them should be able to throw their weight around and bully the rest of the board into it. Or is Blackburn more powerful than Dulmage, because she certainly doesn't weigh more.

--by TKO on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I don't think that Artis should be fired at all. The problems with the DPS run way deeper than one person. Anyone hoping for the seas to part if/when Artis is gone is really in for a really big surprise. It will get much worse.

--by Taz on 2/14/07   Lives: Michigan  

I dont know how he could sue the Board if we pay off the rest of his salary. It would be the BEST money spent in this district in many a month. Perhaps we could take up a collection/fund raiser/telethon. I would wash cars in -25 below if it could help him leave. We could then concentrate on removing Lane/Lane-Ourchane and Guido. Once this was done and more competent board members in place we could do the superintendent search. Getting rid of Artis now would be a plus, but allowing a new search and possible vote with the same group of rocket scientists on the Board would be a big fizzle!

--by CoreValues on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, Is it true that another teacher has been transfered out of DHS because of conduct ? Where is this person teaching now ?

--by Dearborn High parent on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Many have offered many good ideas.

We think the School Board should ardently seek a
replacement now. Only when & after the School Board finds a viable replacement should they fire Artis.

--by Find A Replacement First on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Joe Guido started out being a good Board member ten years ago. What happened to him?

--by Wondering on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Having the present Board find a replacement for Dr. Artis would be like putting Typhoid Mary in charge of Surgery at Harper Grace Hospital.

--by Louis Pasteur on 2/14/07   Lives: Another country  

The three prominate lawyers who control the School Board will stop any type of movement to fire Artis. Dr. Artis does whatever they want and rest assured they don't want to lose him.

--by Watchful Eye on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

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Message from: S. Lynn,

Russ, I added the necessary "." between the letters of my acronym. Imagine you had a magic ruler capable of identifying and measuring the status of what ails our school. I will call it the Ailment Status Score (A.S.S.). The DPS A.S.S. ruler is measuring a crisis level of 12 A.S.S. points. The Fire Artis people are not necessarily placing blame for such large A.S.S. on Artis. They are reasonably stating that he is responsible for a large enough portion of A.S.S. to question his value to the district. I personally don't expect perfection and would give a superintendent with an A.S.S. of 1 = Very Good A.S.S. of 2 = Good/Fair, A.S.S. of 3 = Poor When measuring Artis I find he contributes to half A.S.S. levels in Dearborn – or 6 out of the 12. He is an employee of the Public. My hard earned dollars pay for the A.S.S.. My tax dollars entitle me and others to speak and take action if desired (just as you oppose) when we determine his ASSet/Dept ratio is too high. A.S.S. In my opinion, Ms. Blackburn proffers a fair portion of A.S.S. herself – Maybe a 3 but, if added together Artis and Blackburn are A.S.S.-of-nine. I will be working diligently to decrease the margin of wide A.S.S. in my school district.

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--by It's an Acronym on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Good Evening,

The board will do nothing. Their only course of action is to ask Artis to resign, pay off his contract and say farewell. The problem that they will have is trying to replace him.

The only credible local candidate is Dr. Kreger. She is the only one that shows up at all the functions and is the visible face for the district. This board hired a consultant that has never had a leadership position and that is preaching stuff from 20 years ago......

--by A bystander on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

If the only qualification needed to be superintendent in Dearborn is showing up (not staying awake), then we have a lot of good candidates. Why even do a search...just anoint Dr. Kreger. It doesn’t matter who gets the job, people on this site will never be happy with the appointment. I really hope she gets the job!

--by Observer on 2/14/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Mr Gibb, Why isn't the problem of neoptism in the Dearborn Schools being addressed by the Board of education ?

--by Retired Fordson Teacher on 2/15/07   Lives: Michigan  

Nepotism STARTS at the Board of Education. Pam got her daughter a job as a teacher a few years back, Jim’s wife is a teacher and so is Darryl’s wife. How would you like to negotiate your daughter’s contract? At least Jim and Darryl opted out of the negotiations.

--by Wake up! on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Ms. Dulmage
When are you going to stop? You are a bitter woman who needs to find something else to do then try to get a decent man replaced. You write on this website under a multitude of names just to give yourself support that you dont really have. You need to realize that everyone is on to you and you are starting to sound like a nagging wife and not someone that should be entrusted to make decisions that affect our children. I am looking forward to the day you are no longer on the board just so all this petty bickering would stop. Every time I attend a board meeting or watch them on TV it worries me to see that the last thing on your agenda are the kids. You are embarrassing yourself and the city of Dearborn. I am sorry if this sounds rude and maybe a bit blunt but you need a wake up call. Do everyone a favor and resign so that the rest of the school board can concentrate on what is important instead of trying to reel you in and make you look a bit civilized. GROW UP ALREADY!!!!

--by GET REAL on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Ho,Ho, Get Real ,is an Artis lover. Sure sounds like an Amiee Blackburn scheech. In fact, just change the name Dulmage at the beginning of her post to Blackburn and all the insulting comments sure fit Amiee Blackburn. Also I love it when the Artis sucker uppers , try and infer that only a few post comments under different names on Russ gibb at random site, while they do the same thing. Hey Amiee, post away, everyone knows who you really front for . As they say, "the jig is up " Smile

--by Smile on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  


You certainly don't speak for me. Sharon Dulmage is the most independent of the School Board members, and I agree with her opposition to Dr. Artis. Examples of Dr. Artis' bullying nature abound, and his refusal to take a stand against Mr. Fadlallah's anti-American statements shows that he is not interested in what is good for Dearborn or our kids. A good man? Perhaps. A good Superintendent? No.

--by Fordson '72 Grad on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Its time for Get Real to Get Real. Like Aimee and Abed and Schoolaster and Guido dont post here under multiple names to give the illusion of support. Get Real. As I recall Abed actually once posted under his own name in order to threaten to sue people whose posts he did not like! I have never been a great fan of Dulmage but when you stand her next to the Motley Crue that is our current Board of Education, she comes off like Clara Barton!

--by Get Real..Get Real! on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ and posters - I am not familiar with the school board in Dearborn nor Dr. Artis. My children are grown and, therefore, not a part of the Dearborn School District. I am, however, a reader of Russ's site. Would you please explain to me what is going on with Dr. Artis and why he seems to be such a problem. From the postings, it seems to me that this is a deeply-rooted problem and probably won't be able to be explained in a few words. I'm just curious because the actual problems are usually not explained to outsiders like myself. Thanks to anyone who can explain the problem to me so that I can be a more-educated reader of this site.

--by claudia on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I am flattered that you think I'm Aimee Blackburn. I must be getting under your skin because it's obvious that she bothers you. Didn't your mother tell you that jealousy is not an attractive trait.

--by Get Real on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Why did Amiee Blackburn vote to extend Dr Artis's contract ?

--by Just asking on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  

To Get Real:

It's coincidence that Sharon Dulmage's last agenda item is "The kids" because from what I've seen and heard of her, it's the only thing on her agenda. I guess we're all winners on this one!

However, other board members have to fulfill their PAC quid pro quo first. If we were to draw out a mock agenda for them based on their records, I'm sure it would look something like this:

1) PAC
2) Consultation Firms
3) Dr. Hurly-Burly
4) Kids?

And a scribbled note on the bottom that says "If you can't get to #4 do it next week."

--by 20 and counting on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Good luck getting more then a couple vague responses to your question, Claudia. They will give you one or two loose examples, at best. It is just your classic "everything is my boss' fault" syndrom.

--by GO BLUE on 2/15/07   Lives: Michigan  

Claudia, Dr. John Artis in his very first meeting with his Ten Eyke staff said " staff morale is your problem , not mine" The man has no understanding of of true leadership.

--by Secretary on 2/15/07   Lives: Detroit area  

20 and counting:

You should do your homework. No one...and I mean NO ONE has excepted more PAC money than Sharon Dulmage. She got so much one year that she had to give some back because it violated the law. Take a trip to the county and do some homework before you start telling lies about other board members. Another example of what is wrong with our schools. Teacher's who don't prepare before they spout off.

--by Conspiracy on 2/15/07   Lives: Dearborn  


You have asked about Dr. Artis, and why he is the center of such animosity. Let me give you two examples: In the fall of 2004, he was directed by Mary Lane Ourchane - then Board President and one of his supporters - to investigate and put a stop to Dearborn High 'recruiting' athletes from the other schools. That belief is a persistent myth among some at Edsel Ford, which is the school Ms. Lane-Ourchane's children attend. Dr. Artis charged ahead and, rather than ask, accused coaches and athletic directors at Dearborn High of that kind of cheating. He sent a man to a family's home at 6:00 a.m. to demand to see their daughter, to prove she actually lived with her parents at the home they occupied within the Dearborn High boundaries (They had moved from Dearborn Heights).He had his staff drag students out of their classrooms to be interrogated about their dealings with their coaches. Their parents - who actually made the decision to send the students to Dearborn through 'school of choice' - were not notified of the intimidating treatment of their children. Dr. Artis refused to apologize for his 'bull in a china shop' behavior. The upshot of his 'investigation' showed that no cheating had taken place at Dearborn High. Nobody at Fordson or Edsel Ford was accused, or even questioned, even though both schools have athletes who chose to attend there. Dr. Artis is a bully.

Last fall, Mr. Fadlallah, the Principal of Fordson, gave an interview to the Associated Press in which he said that he "could not defend American democracy any more." That interview was printed in the Detroit daily newspapers, and followed an interview he gave in December 2001 where he complained about America. Mr. Fadlallah, on 9/11 of this past year, held a moment of silence...not to commemorate the American fallen of that infamous day in 2001, but to remember the people of Lebanon. Many people protested to Dr. Artis, and demanded at least some sort of public censure for Mr. Fadlallah's actions and words. Dr. Artis refused. He even refused to categorize Mr. Fadlallah's words as an attack on America, instead defending Mr. Fadlallah's rights to his opinion! Mr. Fadlallah was speaking as the Principal of Fordson High, and as such he represented the School Board and the people of Dearborn. As far as the world knows, we don't have a problem with criticizing "American democracy" because Dr. Artis never reprimanded or punished Mr. Fadlallah. Dr. Artis does not reflect the values of the majority of Dearborn citizens, and he does not act in a professional manner.

So, despite what 'Go Blue' and other apologists say, Dr. Artis deserves the animosity aimed at him.

--by Fordson '72 Grad on 2/16/07   Lives: Dearborn  

To Claudia:

As you can see from the melodramatic post of Fordson '72 Grad, Dr. Artis should be hung by his toes. Or maybe we could bring him to the front of the class and spank him with the paddle. We shouldn’t do an investigation when there are allegations of cheating. And we certainly should fire someone for his words being taken out of context and printed in a news paper. We all know that newspapers never put their own spin on an issue to sensationalize it, therefore selling more papers.

I won’t bore you with the things that have improved since Dr. Artis came to the district, because all of the positive things are all the responsibility of the teachers and staff. Only the things that could possible be perceived as negative are the result of Dr. Artis.

You seem like an intelligent person based on the fact that you bothered to ask why he is so bad instead of just blindly following the pied piper down the slippery slope. I’m sure that you can read between the lines and see that this is more personal than it is professional. Typically when employees are held accountable for a full day’s work for a full day’s pay, you will get some naysayers. They just all tend to flock here to wallow in their misery together. These are just unhappy people plain and simple. No matter what happens, they will continue to complain and cry conspiracy.

The beauty of this site is that we can see just how simple minded and petty some people are. And we realize what a great country it is that we live in when we can all say what we want without getting fired or losing our homes or our lives. Only one sad fact remains. This country will always be ruled by the minority, because the silent majority is too busy trying to earn a living and raise their children to be bothered with the pettiness that is heard over and over on this site.

--by Alice Sutton on 2/16/07   Lives: Dearborn  

So exactly how much did you want to pay Fadlallah after he sued us for firing him after he exercised his right to freedom of speech? Not to even mention the legal fees defending ourselves, if we even chose to do so.

--by you pay the lawsuit on 2/16/07   Lives: Michigan  

7 more Reasons for replacing John Artis --

-- He doesn't drive a Ford Motor Company product.
-- He does not believe in living in Dearborn, perfers Grosse Pointe.
-- He does not believe in Dearborn Schools, he sends his kids to Grosse Pointe.
-- He jumps through hoops for three lawyers, much to the chagrin of the majority of Dearborn residents and students.
-- His actions often conflict with ethics, morals and financial welfare of the community.
-- He doesn't know what Loyality is all about.
-- He often does not use good judgment.

--by Too Many Reasons on 2/16/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Dear Alice, or whatever your real name is. You keep defending John Artis. He is a very poor excuse for a superintendent . Most I his time is spent planning his counsulting career after he gets out of Dearborn. I should know, I have worked with him in the pass. He is fooling no one. Bye the way Alice, or whatever your real name is, how does it feel to be a minion of Dr John Burl Artist ?

--by Citizen on 2/16/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Russ, reading the comments on your blog reminds me of a comment YOU made years ago on your tv show. " Those that can DO, and those who can't DO, teach. And those who can neither do,nor teach, become administrators. " Perfect for Artis.

--by Right on. on 2/16/07   Lives: Michigan  


Per usual, lawsuits are mentioned. Quit running like a chicken s**t. My gosh, stand up for the rights of our children and countrymen. YES, countrymen. Women, men, and children included. NOT countrypeople, or countrypersons! With civil rights come civil responsibilities. An educator that calls his/her own shots should NOT be allowed in a position to influence OUR children. Sounds a lot like our renegade, bully, visiting superintendent Dr. John Burl Artis.

YOU PAY THE LAWSUIT, stand proud with the ball-less boys, Jimmy Schoolmaster, et al. Get some self respect and dignity and fight for what you believe in rather than dodging a lawsuit at every utterance of "racism" or "ethnic intimidation"

--by Vires Acquirit Eundo on 2/16/07   Lives: Dearborn  

You'll notice as you read this blog that if you can't defend your position with facts, then just throw out an insult like any sixth grader could do. How does it feel to be a minion? I know you are but what am I? What you say bounces off of me and sticks to you...neaner neaner neaner...see I can act like a child too CITIZEN or whoever you are...

--by Jerry Fletcher on 2/16/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Dear Alice or Jerry or whoever you are. A small group of Artis and Blackburn minions are now exposed for what they are MINIONS. You fool no one. Glad we got to you.

--by citizen on 2/17/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Sure is fun watching Amiee Blackburn's cover being blowm. What was the old saying ? " seems you protest too much "

--by Archie. on 2/17/07   Lives: Dearborn  

First of all, I want to thank everyone who posted trying to answer my question.

After reading the comments, I have a few of my own. I want to start by saying that Claudia is my real name; my opinions are my own; and, I have no vested interest other than the fact that I live and work in Dearborn and I want to see it continue to grow and prosper.

a. from the posting of "secretary" in which she quotes Dr. Artis as saying at his first meeting that "staff morale is your problem not mine" - it would indicate that there was a staff morale problem when he took the position which was created before he came.

b. When "Fordson '72 Grad" mentioned that Dr. Artis investigated allegations presented to him by the Board President - I just wonder what you would have said about him if he hadn't. Maybe he does not have the finess that he should but he did investigate.

c. To "Too Many Reasons" - I really don't blame him for not sending his kids to Dearborn Schools - not because Grosse Pointe Schools are better but because I can only imagine how his children would be treated if there is this much hatred of him in this district.

d. I really think that people should sign their postings with at least their first names. It is very easy to hide behind cute alias's and please believe those of us who do use our names instead of accusing us of being someone else.

e. I understand that everyone has very stong opinions on this man. I guess that strong personalities bring out strong opinions.

f. Again, I want to let you know that I don't think I have ever met Dr. Artis unless I was in the same room with him at a function and have no reason to either like or dislike him. I am only replying to what I read in these postings.

g. No one, on this Earth, at least, can be all good or all bad.

--by Claudia on 2/17/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Rah, Rah, Vires Acquirit Eundo ! Great idea to teach our kids that if you speak what you believe you will lose your job!

--by Great Idea on 2/17/07   Lives: Michigan  

Nice spin for Artis "Claudia". But I too know Roman history. As for Dearborn Public Schools, morale was great under Dr. Hughes, It has gotten much worse under Dr Artist. Like what you say about yourself "I have never meet Artis" But I know the test scores of Dearborn have gone down under his watch. And the reputation of DPS is now dismal. So Dear Cludia, you just don't get it. Jim, Oh yes Cludia thats my real name.

--by jim on 2/17/07   Lives: Dearborn  

What's with all the "whoever you are"? I thought this was a blog. Has it turned into a "guess who the poster might be"? If someone criticizes Artis is it automatically Dulmage? If someone defends him is it automatically Blackburn? Are they the only 2 with opnions for or against? Seems some people need to expand their mind and except that there are plenty of people who post here that both agree and disagree with their opinons.

--by I am who you want me to be on 2/17/07   Lives: Michigan  

Mr Gibb, Why isn't the problem of neoptism in the Dearborn Schools being addressed by the Board of education ?

--by Retired Fordson Teacher on 2/15/07 Lives: Michigan

Take a look at a certain school board member and a teacher at Bryant.

I like the fact that my daughter moved to FL to get a teaching job, but a couple of phone calls and a job is handed on a platter to elected officials family members!

--by Another Hand in the Cookie JAR! on 2/18/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I thought it was just reported that test scores are going up?

--by Clarification... on 2/18/07   Lives: Michigan  

Good Afternoon,

Morale has been declining in the school district since Dr. John Burl Artis has been superintendent because of many reasons. You can scuff all you want about morale, but, if the morale is high in an organization, they can weather budget cuts, loss of funding and all the challenges that the district has faced since July 1, 2002 when Dr. Artis took over.

(1) Dr. Artis has not built a consensus among all levels of school district employees. Specifically, he has taken away from the non-instructional staff to make up for the teaching staff. The first employees to face cuts are the non instructional staff and DFSE members. (2) The issues at Bryant and the failure to remove the principal in a timely manner when he was incompetent. You can’t teach someone leadership or mentor them if they don’t want to be. This undermined the effectiveness of the staff and allowed this issue to be center rather than teaching students. (3) Consistently failing to be honest and clear on the direction of the school district. (4) Not being effective as the head of the school district. Specifically, he is using the district as the test point of his consulting business when he finally retires. (5) Most importantly, he has run out of overheads for his leadership training.

Now, Dr. John Burl Artis wants to develop and implement the Model School District Project. The district is inviting parents, board members and anyone who wants to be a part of this process. So why is it that we are starting this grass roots type process with only 18 months left before he leaves? Won’t it be better to have started this 4 years ago? How much will this cost the district?

If Dr. John Burl Artis was truly interested in developing and instituting a Professional Learning Community than he has to embrace all the employees and treat them as partners rather than treating them as instructional v. non instructional.

--by A Bystander on 2/18/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Bystander your post is extremely well thought out and presented. If I could add a caveat to the DFSE/Instructional vs Non Instructional issue. Dr.Artis has had this attitude constantly reinforced by his Business Director, Bob Cipriano, who at one Board meeting was quoted as saying (in regards to non instructional staff) "we have to compete for teachers, however for DFSE we dont compete for THOSE PEOPLE". The message clearly indicates who is valued and who is not. Also if you think back the term "THOSE PEOPLE" brings all sort of attitudes to mind.

--by CoreValues on 2/19/07   Lives: Dearborn  

While we all want to believe that we are all the same and equal, we aren't! Some jobs are easier to fill and some aren't. Some jobs require skill and knowledge and some don't! That is just the way it is. If you don't like it, go back to school and change your profession! Schools are not required to give everyone a job. They are supposed to teach children.

--by Get over it... on 2/19/07   Lives: Dearborn  

You know, you are right, we are not all the same or equal. My how condescending you are, you must be a teacher or an administrator.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree and I am on the faculty of a local college as well as being employed.

I have been in leadership positions through out my adult life both in the private sector and the military. I know how much morale can be a factor when working with people at all levels of an organization.

You state “Schools are not required to give everyone a job. They are supposed to teach children.� Your right, but, when staff members, administrators and the school district leadership conduct themselves as our leadership and administration have done, is it wonder that we have the inherent problems that we have seen in the district over the last 5 years? Needless to say, you must be part of the problem, not the solution.

--by A Bystander on 2/19/07   Lives: Dearborn  

To Claudia:

Please note, my input regarding the abusive investigation at Dearborn High was to demonstrate the point that Dr. Artis is a bully. The way he conducted himself and his investigation IS the problem, not that he investigated.

And, despite what some have posted, nobody is free to spout their own opinions when they are representing their organization. In the case of Mr. Fadlallah, he was interviewed as the Principal of Fordson High School. He knew that. He was speaking as a Dearborn School System official. As such, he should have kept his anti-American feelings to himself. And since his statements were so very public, Dr. Artis should have publicly renounced those statements, and at least suspended Mr. Fadlallah. It is important to note that Mr. Fadlallah never publicly apologized or tried to explain his statements. I have seen others claim that his statements were "taken out of context." Mr. Fadlallah himself, though, never tried to explain the context. In December 2001, Mr. Fadlallah - while Principal of Stout Middle School - said that he used to think America was the greatest country in the world, but since 9/11 "I have my doubts. I have some serious doubts." So, Mr. Fadlallah has a history of speaking against America.

If a man does not believe in America, why are we employing him as a principal in one of our schools? As I said previously, refusing to act on this issue shows that Dr. Artis has his own agenda, and doesn't care about Dearborn.

--by Fordson '72 Grad on 2/20/07   Lives: Dearborn  

When the district solicits donations from "those people" non teachers, disposable employees or whatever you would label them, for bond elections, hold harmless elections, millage campaigns etc and they donate and vote (most of them live in dearborn)for those fleeting moments or days they are at least valued for the support they can bring to the district in time of need. Once the millage or bond is over, those that awoke their respect or apprecitation for those efforts inevitably go back to your position that there are those more equal than others and that these are disposable employees. Remember this... their vote is equal to yours, their contributions dollar for dollar is equal to yours, their standing out with bond literature is equal to yours. How soon the arrogant forget!

--by Can't get over it on 2/20/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Fordson '72 Grad ,
Now Mr. Fadlallah must think that the USA is the "greatest country on earth"? Because he has "doubts" that America is the best, he should be fired? Maybe he should call YOU, and ask YOU what he should think and say. That way we can ALL think exactly like YOU.

--by St. Al's Arrow on 2/21/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Imad Fadlallah is doing a great job of being the principal at Fordson. His job description sais nothing about defending America and defending George Bush. Artis has no grounds to suspend him or fire him. Obviously The 72 grad has a personal issue with Fadlallah. I bet he doesn't even have kids at Fordson.

--by The Tractor on 2/23/07   Lives: Dearborn  

It does not appear to me that Fordson' 72 Grad has any personal issues with Fadlallah. Furthermore I don't think Fordson'72 Grad wants everybody to think like him/her. I believe that he/she was discussing Fadlallah's statements to the press about his "doubts" in the context of Dr. Artis's leadership. And ,no, Fadlallah doesn't have to think that the USA is the greatest country on earth, but it sure would be nice if he did. I know that I think this country is the greatest in the world, and the real beauty of it is that if I didn't I'd be free to go elsewhere. I hear lots of complaining about this country, but I don't see many folks packing up and leaving. Talk is cheap.

--by The Original AH on 2/24/07   Lives: Dearborn  


A teacher in the DPS was removed from his classroom and reassigned due to comments made by another student in his classroom regarding the Koran that were deemed offensive. Fadlallah has openly supported a terrorist organization in his position as principal. I would say Fadlallah's actions were far more serious. He should have been censured, as well as suspended or fired. The only reason it hasn't been done is because Artis and the school board are spineless.

--by MS on 2/24/07   Lives: Dearborn  

To MS:

You must have pretty high level credentials to be able to have access to personnel files. Do you know for sure that a teacher was moved because of words he said? Or are you just going on what you heard around town? If that were really true, don’t you think the teacher’s union would have screamed and filed at least a grievance or two? Or are you suggesting that the teacher’s union is in cahoots with the administration too? Maybe this is a great big conspiracy to take over America one classroom at a time? Or is it just Dearborn? You can sit and pretend that the Administration and the Board is running amuck but the fact is that the unions in this district are what control the agenda. If there were any wrong doing, they have more than enough power to bring the issue to the table. Acting as if the teachers and staff of the district are victims, powerless to do anything, you are just blatantly lying! Many of us wish that we had only a small percent of the protection in the workplace as the employees of Dearborn Public Schools, so stop whining and do something if you don’t like it!

--by In the know... on 2/25/07   Lives: Dearborn  

In The Know,

No need for personal files. The details of the event were made public by at least two entities. I personally have copies of the DPS school board meeting where a large group of outraged Muslims railed and raged about the incident. They demanded the teacher be FIRED. They were angry with the school board for not being sensitive to their religion. Many stood up and demanded the board provide immediate Islamic sensitivity training to all DPS employees.

One young Muslim claiming to be the president of some Muslim student group (there were several) stood up, out of turn, walked to the microphone and after proclaiming his outrage - He stated the teachers first and last name. Aimee was president at the time and did nothing to censure the group.

The second public source for this information was Aimee Blackburn via the Arab American News online.
She provided the facts in the case - the teacher had not said the koran was used as toilet paper. It did not appear that any one had said it.
Aimee told Arab Americans that while she cannot always give them inside information, she wanted to assure them she ALWAYS has their best interest at heart.

So, check it out - the video will be archived at the school and I assume the AAN online has archives.

--by S. Beck on 2/25/07   Lives: Dearborn  


The situation I described in fact did happen. I did not attribute any "words" to "him". "He" was not moved by words "he" said, rather due to the discussion that was allowed to continue in "his" classroom. You must have missed the school board meeting where a contingent of Dearborn citizens were calling for "his" head on a platter. It was stated at that time by Aimee Blackburn that "he" was reassigned due to the incident. I also know a few of the teachers who work at "his" former school who corroborate the story.

The only conspiracies going on here are inside your head. You obviously didn't read my post carefully, as you misquoted me and made huge leaps of logic in your ignorance. Please read carefully before shooting from the hip, it will save yourself from further embarrassment.

--by MS on 2/25/07   Lives: Dearborn  

The Information regarding the teacher is as follows:

Teacher Removed after Arab Remark
Friday, January 14, 2005

DEARBORN, Mich. — A middle school history teacher in a heavily Arab Detroit suburb has been transferred for telling students that Bedouin Arabs used the Quran as toilet paper.
The Woodworth Middle School teacher had been under paid suspension since last month as school officials investigated and considered how to discipline him, said Dearborn schools Superintendent John Artis.
The teacher, whose name was not released, was transferred on Wednesday after his suspension ended. The name of the school was also not disclosed, the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News said.
The teacher made the statement to his sixth-grade students Dec. 9.
"Any remarks that are disparaging, that are made regarding religious groups or ethnic groups or racial groups, by a member of our organization is considered to be inappropriate, and we would respond accordingly, " Artis said.
Bedouins are members of historically nomadic tribes and make up about 10 percent of the population of the Middle East.
Dearborn is the center of southeastern Michigan's about 300,000-member Arab-American community and has about 30,000 Arabs among about 90,000 people. A majority of students in the district are of Arab Muslim heritage.
Parents complained to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

--by Bystander on 2/26/07   Lives: Detroit area  

What a surprise! Not only did you skirt the issue of the teacher's union, but you also blamed everything on Aimee Blackburn. I don't understand why they even bother having board meetings since she makes all of the decisions anyway. The rest of the Board must feel pretty useless since she has all of the power. How sad that you hold people like Sharon Dulmage in such high regard when she can't do a thing to help your cause. With 20 years on the Board, you'd think that she would be the one who controls the puppets. Instead, she is just a stodgy, ineffective, appendage, but maybe she does a good job representing YOU! The word bitter also comes to mind…ring a bell?

--by In the know... on 2/26/07   Lives: Dearborn  


Again, the incident is a matter of public record. Your comments, again, make no sense.

ITK, your words add nothing to this thread. It appears that you are unable to comprehend facts, or that you are intentionally try to flame with your comments. The facts speak for themselves, try looking at them before you respond with ignorant assumptions.

--by MS on 2/27/07   Lives: Dearborn  


I can see how you are so educated and a teacher as well. Maybe you could address the ineptitude of your union to do anything about this injustice. Or did you skirt that issue again because you know that what you are stating as fact is in reality just logic derived from rumors within the teaching staff? If something is repeated enough, then it becomes fact? You stated that I “misquoted� you. Maybe it is YOU that should learn to read because I didn’t quote you at all, so misquoting you isn’t possible.

Your behavior of stating opinion as fact, along with accusations is so typical of people on this thread. You are the one trying to inflame the public because of your own inability to change your sorry sad life. You are unhappy and you are trying to make everyone else miserable with you. You obviously have a personal issue with Imad Fadlallah. Maybe you are one of those hundreds of teachers that have been forced out. Such tall tales don’t help your cause. Talk about the sky is falling…

--by In the know... on 2/28/07   Lives: Dearborn  

In the know?????

My original premise was that Fadlallah should have been reprimanded for his comments and wasn't. Another teacher was transferred from his school due to alleged comments. That is a double standard and demonstrates open hypocrisy on the part of Artis and the school board.

I am not a teacher. I am not in a union. I don't give a rat's a$$ what the union did or did not do in this case. I am a Dearborn taxpayer and I expect the public servants of our fine city to do their jobs competently and fairly, designations that don't describe the current education administration.

You in fact did misquote me...."What a surprise! Not only did you skirt the issue of the teacher's union, but you also blamed everything on Aimee Blackburn"...actually an outright lie on your part. The rest is just straw man hoopla.

Below are some links to articles about the teacher incident. Feel free to actually inform yourself with facts. I won't waste anymore of my time or Russ' bandwidth bantering with you.

--by MS on 2/28/07   Lives: Dearborn  

To all:

Some here pretend that those who object to Mr. Fallallah's behavior must have a "personal" issue with him. It isn't a personal issue to expect professional behavior from a school employee.

The Dearborn Public Schools lists certain "Core Values" that all students are expected to follow and all employees are expected to enforce. A review of those values reveals that the basic values of America are to be upheld at all times. Respect for authority is also expected. Mr. Fadlallah - using his title of Fordson principal -has publicly stated that he can't defend American democracy, and he shamelessly attacked the authorities in Ohio. Personal issue? I have never met him. The man's behavior is embarrassing, unethical, and unprofessional. He is obviously a poor choice to continue as principal of Fordson. There were at least several senior members of the school system who wanted the job years ago, but they were passed over for this man. It is a continuing mark against Dr. Artis that he does not remove Mr. Fadlallah from his post.

--by Fordson '72 Grad on 3/1/07   Lives: Dearborn  

You see Mr. Higgins, you have your facts wrong. Mr. Fadlallah didn't ask for this position. He was asked because the school had NO leader. And yes, YOU have something personal against him. We don't know what it is...but it's definitely personal.

--by In the know... on 3/1/07   Lives: Dearborn  

In the know:

Just what do you know? I know that Mr. Fadlallah was recruited to the Fordson job. I never said otherwise. The fact is, more qualified people had applied for the job from within the system, but Dr. Artis refused to give it to them.

You continue to try to trivialize real objections to the actions of Mr. Fadlallah by pretending that any criticism against him is of a "personal" nature. Are you his mother? Any observer can see that Mr. Fadlallah has problems that he has caused for himself.

--by Fordson '72 Grad on 3/5/07   Lives: Dearborn  

If you all think that Dr. Artis doesn't care about Dearborn because he doesn't drive a ford car or lives in another city, why would he even come to work there? why would he waste his time being there if he didn't care? If you have ever listened to him speak or actually met him, then you know he is not a bully,he is not only concerned with what he is doing when he retires, he is concerned with the education of the children of dearborn. Instead of hiding behind all of these useless forums where you don't even use your real names, why not actually take a stand? What kind of leadership example are you setting? Dr. Artis didn't live in Dearborn when he took the job, so why would he force his family to uproot their life when he can drive a little further to work each day? He made a sacrifice for his family and some of you are condemning him for it. Why criticize him for that?

--by Leigh on 4/30/07   Lives: Michigan  

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