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February 12, 2007

Press Release #25/06-07
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2007
Contact: David Mustonen, Communications Coordinator, (313) 827-3006

Nominate A Teacher Today
No Really, Do It TODAY!

Nomination forms for the 2006-07 Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Award, sponsored by the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce, are now available on the district web site at and on the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce web site at Forms must be completed and turned in by March 16, 2007.
Students can nominate teachers whom they feel have made outstanding contributions to the teaching profession. Preschool through fifth-grade students are asked to describe how their teacher has created a classroom where learning is positive and fun. Middle schoolers (Grades 6-8) will need to explain how their teacher connects classroom learning with everyday life. Students in high school must describe how their teacher is preparing them to be successful beyond high school. Adults are allowed to assist in the application process but nominations must come from students. No more than two teachers can be nominated by a student and applications will be assessed on quality of the nomination, not on the number received. Award judges are members of the Dearborn Chamber Education Committee and are not provided with the teachers’ names.
“The district truly appreciates the Chamber for hosting this yearly event that recognizes outstanding teachers in Dearborn,� commented Dr. Artis, Superintendent of Dearborn Schools
Teachers make a difference in students’ lives. Teachers selected to receive the Teacher of Year award are being recognized as positive role models who consistently provide unique, productive, positive classroom experiences. Nominated teachers may be new or veterans. Applications are also available at all Dearborn Public Schools and the district Administration Office, 18700 Audette. Please mail both sides of the nomination form to the Dearborn Chamber Office, 15544 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126 or fax to (313) 584-9818

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Dear Russ,

I've got a question about the Teacher of the Year Award, I was wondering if you knew or could find out the answer:

My 5th Grade Teacher, Mrs. Bundas, still teaches at Haigh elementary. I was gifted with her in a 4/5 split and still, to this day, regard her as one of the three most significant figures in my life. In case you're wondering, the other two are my kindred spirit, J.R.R. Tolkien and my childhood Nanny, Betty Draves.

I've heard a lot of contradiction on whether former students could nominate a teacher; some say the student has to have that Teacher the year they wrote the essay, yet I know of cases where that's not true with my own mother. Since I'm not even a student at DPS anymore, let alone Haigh, I was wondering if I could still apply to have her nominated.

I really can't think of anything that would make me happier than to get to nominate her for that award, so if you can get back to me on this, that'd be great.

--by B. Stone on 2/13/07   Lives: Dearborn  

B. Stone- I do work for the Chamber Education Commitee and the nominations are limited to students who are currently in school. Students may nominate a current teacher or a past teacher. The big change this year is that the nomination must come from the student, not the parent. Parents may help younger kids though. We want to focus on current teachers and their students. However, I have an idea for you..... Write a letter to your former 5th grade teacher and tell her how important she was to you. Speaking as a former teacher, it is never too late to hear that sort of thing. It may mean more now, years later.

--by S.A.S. on 2/13/07   Lives: Dearborn  

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