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January 26, 2007

Political correctness
Hillary Clinton – Obama and Richardson
The Liberal Media
Fordson High
Liberal media “on the take”
John Artis – Superintendent of the Dearborn Public Schools
Nepotism in the Schools
The Dearborn Board of Education
Camp Dearborn
Ford Motor Company
Buy American
Village Ford

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..Even though Blacks and Women vote overwhelmingly Democratic, remember how low the numbers of actual people who really vote are period.

Likewise, I'm not sure if you've heard, but Obama has been known to woo over many of the Evangelical Right-wing Pastors and Voters by making strong religious arguments in support for his secular beliefs.

And make sure to check the LA Times, Mr. Gibb, no matter how much you hate their coverage - The Scooter Libbey Trial just unveiled definitive testimony from a named White House Official that Dick Cheney made a direct order to reveal CIA Agent Valerie Plame's identity. In about a year or so, expect Mrs. Pelosi to be wagging her finger at the President from INSIDE the White House.

PS- If you like jokes, check for a Picket Sign on TV on the 27th in DC that says "If war don't work, try, try Iran." Wakka Wakka, right?

--by Brian on 1/26/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I have decided that I will start working to get the vote out at each election. I feel that the election turnout is very poor too. It nothing short of sad that more people don't vote. The USA could be a much better place if we could get the politicians towork for us instead of the special interests.

--by Terrible Ted on 1/26/07   Lives: Dearborn  

You are the naive one if you think that teachers and other people spout of on your website anonymously and don't go public because they are scared for their jobs. The truth is that they know that their accusations are baseless and so they don't want to be humiliated. Last time I checked the tenure law makes it impossible to get rid of a teacher. What a joke!

--by THE TRACTOR on 1/26/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Tractor, You are not a very good listener. Russ did NOT say teachers were afraid of being fired, they were concerned about retaliation by admistrators. Tenure has nothing to do with this issue.

--by Dearborn teacher on 1/27/07   Lives: Detroit area  

Mr. Gibb you really take the cake! I just love your old school attitude towards dedication and loyalty but unfortunately, Ford Motor Company deserves not one shred of loyalty from its American customers! Let’s look at how loyal Ford has been to us all in Dearborn and to the United States as a whole:

Ford imported more jobs than cars to Mexico, Korea, India and Singapore in the last 10 years sense NAFTA came into play and continue to do so every year. Thousands of hard working middle Americans who had their life savings invested in Fomoco got kicked out on their butts while Ford opted to give our jobs to third world countries and pay the workers there pennies and had no pollution or labor laws to slow them down or cost them money. No labor protection or health care for them, just cheap expendable labor for Ford and poverty for former workers of Ford America.

The quality of Ford products continues to be among the worst in the industry. Ford accounts for more recalls than Nissan and Toyota (the second biggest manufacturer of cars in the world) combined. Ford dealers are powerless to do warranty work on Ford vehicles that are noisy and poorly designed because the factory won’t authorize repairs unless the parts fail. GM is guilty of this too! What is the use of having a great warranty if you can’t redeem it? I do agree that Jack Demmer is a top shelf dealership, but if the factory wont authorize the repairs, the dealer is powerless to do anything with those ticking and knocking engines and brakes that wear out on Ford products in 6 months or the electrical parts that set Ford products on fire.

Ford continues to lay off workers in assembly plants nationwide but than comes out and says all the top brass and engineers get big fat bonuses? Russ, what in the hell are you smoking? Have you been watching the news over the last 24 hours? This is how a company shows its loyalty to its rank and file? By giving the very people who caused the downfall of Fomoco bonuses while john and Jill lunch pail get laid off and have to take concessions on health care, retirement and pay during collective bargaining? Ford retirees have lost millions in plummeting stock values and watch their life savings for retirement dry up because those loyal Ford employees bought a ton of Ford stock and Ford deserves their loyalty just because they live in Dearborn? Are you kidding?

Bottom line here Russ, Ford can go to HELL! They have destroyed the dreams of many of its workers, put Dearborn on the Brink of becoming another Flint and continue to give billions in bonuses to its top brass for failing miserably. How dare you suggest that they deserve any more consideration than anyone else who is trying to sell Americans a reasonably priced, reliable car that won’t suck them dry at the pump or need to be brought in every month for repairs and recalls? If you were wondering if I am or was a Ford Employee, the answer is YES! I took a buyout after being told by the top brass that its either take the buyout or be out on my a$$ within a year anyway with nothing but unemployment bennys. Am I sore about it? You bet I am! Does Ford deserve anything from me? After watching Jack Nasser turn my 1.4 million dollar stock portfolio into a 230 thousand dollar stock portfolio and than watch Ford Jr. just give my money away to people who make more in one year than my house is worth, I have to say Russ, I am sorely disappointed in you for suggesting that the American public, Dearborn Residents and any consumer owes Ford anything.

When Ford finally does go belly up, or gets swallowed by Toyota, just watch what happens to your property value Russ. Watch what happens to us Dearborn High kids that stupidly stayed in Dearborn and were loyal to Ford only to have Ford import thousands of our jobs to China and Mexico. I have a lot of respect for you Russ Gibb, I was a student of yours, but on this, you are completely wrong. Loyalty is earned, not a birth right. Ford has cost Dearborn in every way shape and form. If they want loyalty, then need to show some loyalty us first. They had it, but they lost it.

--by VOA on 1/27/07   Lives: Dearborn  

VOA, your a bitter,bitter person. I too was a student of Mr. Gibbs and I recall him many times saying "Life is NOT fair , never has been and never will." You pile on the negitives but without Ford being here you would have had nothing to lose in the first place. You are not the voice of America, you are the voice of a loser, grow-up, stop whining and get on with your Democratic Party mentality.

--by A Gibblett on 1/27/07   Lives: Michigan  

I have changed my view on being loyal to buying Ford's cars SLIGHTLY. After that secret memo leaked about 6 months ago stating that Ford eventually plans on moving ALL assembly jobs out of the USA and to Mexico, I was disappointed. I do not blame them, though. They are in the business to make money and with the ridiculous amount of money every American employee demands to make working for them in the USA, it seems a no-brain decision to move where the labor costs are cheaper. Of course, I think we all know that one of the 3 main problems that Ford is having is health care costs. This problem can only be solved by the government. When the government finally does step in (and it will step in ... as it always does on an important issue - TOO LATE) and makes a national health care plan we may see some good jobs move back to the USA and Michigan. The USA auto makers are behind the 8-ball approximately $3,500 on their cars as soon as they roll off the assembly line when compared with foreign auto makers due to health and retirement benefits. This could easily be evened out if the crooked politicians would increase the tariff on cars built outside the USA, by $3,500. The entire metro-Detroit area will be hit hard WHEN Ford files for bankruptcy, or goes belly up, or gets bought by Toyota. Dearborn will be hit extremely hard though. It will lose almost half of it's tax revenue and all the dining spots depending on Fords employees. Buying a Ford at this stage in the companies demise to try and help them out is a losing cause. With the states economy headed in the direction that we all know it is headed, I think each person should make the wisest financial decision that they can when purchasing a vehicle. We all need to start planning for the rough times ahead. I still like a few of their models and will possibly purchase for that reason. I would like to end by saying that Ford's biggest fault is their design team. Their car designs are the most bland group of any car company.

--by Riding My Bigwheel on 1/27/07   Lives: Detroit area  


Welcome to the new world order of Bush. Where the rich get richer and the middle class gets to wash their cars.

--by so sad on 1/27/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I think we all know that life is not fair, but it’s quite another thing when our community is on the brink of rein and upper level executives get huge bonuses while the rank and file that built the company and the product get to file for unemployment.

It’s not a matter of unfair, it’s a matter of immoral and despicable! Our city suffers, our citizens suffer, our kids suffer, our schools suffer and eventually, you too will suffer if you live here.

--by Its not about fairness on 1/27/07   Lives: Dearborn  


"Life is NOT fair, never has been and never will."
“It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”

Having said that, we agree with you, Jac Nasser
destroyed your Company. He killed the spirit of the employees, and destroyed the design infrastructure with his dictatorial style of management. He was a corporate terrorist in his own right. But Bill Ford and FOMOCO employees aren’t the only ones to be hoodwinked. Our current mayor was buffaloed by fugitive Talal Chahine for $234,500,000, and sweet-talked again with a $106,000 fund-raiser recently by Chahine’s partner in the Montgomery Wards deal that was and continues to be a financial disaster for Dearborn residents.

A former mayor was hypnotized by a smooth-talking
family that specializes in drugs, cocaine, heroine, avoiding paying taxes on shopping centers, cigarette smuggling, ecstasy, importing fake purses, gold jewelry and watches. The former mayor will never be able to spend any of the money his friend gave him to keep the FBI and IRS at bay, but his family is rich beyond anyone’s imagination. Wayne County citizens were robbed by Chahine’s cousin 20 years ago at the airport road commission. Con men prevail, and life is not fair, but we must stay flexible and learn from our

We can’t do anything about the graft and crooked
politicians in Dearborn, but thank God we have Boeing’s Alan Mulally who will save the day at Ford for Dearborn’s sake. We say our prayers everyday now that the airport is back on track thanks to a savvy, behind-the-scenes financial whiz kid. We’re sorry to hear your 401 dropped from $1.4 million to a $230K, but you had a choice early on at any time to move it into some other Fidelity fund to preserve your principle. You’re lucky you had a good paying position earning $1.4M. We’re sure you can do it again.

In the end, Ford is a major taxpayer in this town and makes fine cars whose perception was slanted unfairly by the media. Don’t forget, Toyota has had many recalls too! We just don’t hear about them – it’s not news worthy if you get our drift.

It difficult for you to understand this during troubled times, but we should continue to support Ford because it based in Dearborn and it builds American built cars. Virtually every profit dollar some how comes back to Dearborn, including property taxes that help lower our personal tax bill. After all, we need Ford’s taxes to offset the property taxes not paid by the drug dealer. So, please continue buying Ford cars.

Good Luck finding your new career.

--by Sympathetic on 1/27/07   Lives: Detroit area  

I just wanted to mention that I think that in the end, Ford Motors Companies' failures have come down to flaws from the Executives and People who design and engineer the cars, not the manufacturing. Everyone has this perception that 3rd world countries build things worse - not true. Any factory that can't make a product exactly as it was requested is a factory that's out of business. Whether it's in China, Sudan or The States - products HAVE to be made exactly as requested when you deal with a corporation like Ford Motors Co.

Likewise, Ford Engineers made a decision long ago to try to out-sell the opposing companies year-by-year while basically forgetting the importance of long-term public perception. They've invested in cheaper materials and cheaper labor and have jacked up the prices above what the cars would be worth even if the frames were made with steel and the labor was all done in America. The fact the cars are cheaper than the competition is simply because Ford is willing to lose profit-per-car in order to sell volume.

Remember: this is a CORPORATION. The bottom line for them is the dollar, not the moral pleasure of making good, affordable cars for Americans. If Ford Motors Co. could find a way to change public perception of their car quality while avoiding actually improving the quality they would do so in an INSTANT.

--by Brian on 1/28/07   Lives: Dearborn  

A sad life lesson has been learned by VOA. Those of us who grew up during the great depression in the thirties. Remember never to live beyond your means. Buy only what you can pay cash for and save,not invest, for a rainy day. Trite sayings, but true. Also, "the sun will come out tomorrow" as Little Orphan Annie taught us. :)

--by Watching the world go by on 1/28/07   Lives: Michigan  

Russ, I notice you put up a lot of comments by a guy named Brian, He obviously is an intellegent person, But lacks common sense, his last post about Ford made no sense at all. He needs to grow up and get real. I'll bet he's a Democrat. Sure has muddled thinking like one.

--by Indy voter on 1/28/07   Lives: Michigan  

See where SO SAD is a Bush hater and hates the rich. Maybe,he should look at all the millionairs in the Democratic Party, such as Pelosi Ried, Kennedy, Gore, Clinton, etc. etc. and spread his hate around.

--by Fair guy. on 1/28/07   Lives: Dearborn  

To: Fair Guy

If you still have faith in Bush on doing ANYTHING positive for this country you are a completely blind moron. Anyone and everyone who voted for Bush the 2nd time owes all the rest of us an apology. He hasn't done one single positive thing for the middle or lower class in this country in all his years in office to date. We will be paying for a very, very long time for electing that idiot twice.

--by Buck Fush on 1/28/07   Lives: Michigan  

Bush Fush, Your name calling says all we need to know about your mentality. Do you still like all the millionaires in the Democratic Party ?
Clinton,Gore,Pelosi,Reid,Kennedy etc. etc. Maybe if your lucky you can wash their cars. I belive the name for them is "limoslime" Liberals. They talk the talk but they sure don't walk the walk.

--by Fair Guy on 1/28/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Fair guy, Ya forgot the Biggest Democrat Millionaire phonie of then all . Con boy John Kerry. Democrates friend of the working man ! what a joke. The only thing they know, is how to work the working man over.

--by auto guy on 1/28/07   Lives: Detroit area  

Looks like NOT CAVING IN bought the Bush administrations hook, line, and sinker. It has been proven that they had the plans drawn up to invade Iraq well before 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, this has also been proven. A few religious nuts hijacked some airplanes and crashed them into some buildings due to lax airport security. They have had a couple half-hearted efforts since. Why didn't we go invade/occupy/destroy Indonesia? They had about as much to do with 9/11 as Iraq did.

--by Wake Up Already on 1/28/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Hey Russ, I just found this in the LA Times. Some of the posts have been commenting about RICH Democrates. Enjoy.
ULLHEAD CITY, ARIZ. — It's hard to buy undeveloped land in booming northern Arizona for $166 an acre. But now-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid effectively did just that when a longtime friend decided to sell property owned by the employee pension fund that he controlled.

In 2002, Reid (D-Nev.) paid $10,000 to a pension fund controlled by Clair Haycock, a Las Vegas lubricants distributor and his friend for 50 years. The payment gave the senator full control of a 160-acre parcel in Bullhead City that Reid and the pension fund had jointly owned. Reid's price for the equivalent of 60 acres of undeveloped desert was less than one-tenth of the value the assessor placed on it at the time.

Six months after the deal closed, Reid introduced legislation to address the plight of lubricants dealers who had their supplies disrupted by the decisions of big oil companies. It was an issue the Haycock family had brought to Reid's attention in 1994, according to a source familiar with the events.

--by Indy Voter on 1/28/07   Lives: Michigan  

Buck fush; You can thank the Dems. for me and a lot others voting for Bush. John Kerry was a terrible choice and so far for '08 they arn't offering much better.

--by Moe of Dearborn on 1/28/07   Lives: Dearborn  

As far as I am concerned, both parties have contributed to the killing of the middle class. Clinton signed NAFTA into effect effectively opening the tariff free flood gates to countries that won’t import our products because no one can afford them, than Bush for expanding the NAFTA free trade benefits to China and Taiwan quietly. All of this while saber rattling about Chinas unfriendly stance towards the USA and the fact that they won’t let us sell products there unless we build them there.

If any of you idiots think that both the Dems and the Repubs don’t share in the catastrophic state of our economy, you’re just as stupid as they want you to be. If you don’t think for one minute that Iraq will not be a precursor to oil drilling in the Arctic National Refuge you better think again! When we pull out of Iraq and Middle Eastern oil skyrockets in price, Americans will be begging Bush and Chaney to destroy every national park and nature preserve to feed the need for fueling those SUV’s

VOA, your 100% right to be disgusted, but as you learned the hard way, doesn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Ford, like every other big company, doesn’t give a damn about you or your future or your kids, only their bottom line. Americans have shown the big 3 what they think of poor quality garbage cars and give the Asian companies the foothold they enjoy. I give the company that makes the best product for the best price my loyalty by buying it. If Ford can’t build the better car, they will wither and die! They dug their own grave problem is all of Dearborn will have to lay in it when they go bankrupt, and make no mistake, looking at what is coming from them, they are going to go bankrupt!

--by The confessor on 1/29/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Alway interesting to see all the guys who have lost money on their Ford stock blaming everyone but themselfs for their misfortunes. It's the Democrates fault. it's the Repubicans fault.Its Fords fault. Everyones at fault but themselfs. Poor guys they are Victims, but victims of their own ignorance.

--by J Rector on 1/29/07   Lives: Detroit area  

I thought I'd just clear something up for Indy Voter and anyone else on this blog:

I am a Democrat and I am quite proud of it. If you're going to try tell me that someone has muddled thinking just because of a party association than you're clearly not a very "indy" voter.

Likewise, I think the reason Russ posts my comments often is because I write comments often. Discussion between citizens is important and apparently Russ thinks so too since he lets me post my admittedly liberal beliefs here despite the fact his beliefs tend to be more conservative.

Lastly, I'd just like to add that it's not appropriate nor useful to criticize people by their association. I've volunteered for the past three years for Democratic Candidates (since I was 17) and have had to manage work, school and make a lot of personal sacrifices just to be active in our Democracy. The notion that someone has no common sense or independence simply because they agree with most of a political parties' views is ridiculous. And if you think that attaching "indy voter" to your list of self-labels is original, go check the 2002 Reuters and Newsweek Polls that showed the vast majority of registered Americans consider themselves "independent voters" despite also admitting voting in favor of parties rather than individual candidates or issues.

--by Brian on 1/29/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Brian, The very fact that you belive Polls, Reuters and Newsweek, tell me that you are a Democrat, because you are ignorant ( note I said ignorant, not dumb)

--by Ex- Democrat on 1/29/07   Lives: Michigan  


I think anyone who hogties themselves to a party regardless of the candidates fitness to serve is a fool. Present company excluded because you seem like a well versed fellow. Taking your valuble time to support a candadate who is a clown just because he is a Democrat or Republican, saying that your participating in the process is a joke! Sensable people pick the best person for the job, for the last 8 years, we might as well all stayed home. God forbid that Ralph Nader get to participate in a presidential debate.

What is scary is when people are unwilling to split a ticket because of a party affiliation giving no required to a candidates fitness to serve at a post.

The two party system is kind of a joke now a days, neither party has unique ideology any more, they all just work to get their most electable people elected and then spend their entire tenure staying elected by stroking special interest groups and crapping on the little guys. Republicans and Democrats are no different any more, they all have become the same useless bunch of lame ducks shilling for each other and trying to unthrone the other side.

I hope to God that the Democrats come up with an electable presidential candidate and not Hillary Clinton or that Obamma guy, or we are in for 4 more years of some hard times at the hands of the Republicans and their genocide of the middle class.

--by Life of Brian on 1/29/07   Lives: Detroit area  

Iv'e included a web site that is worth viewing. It's non-partisan in nature and answers the question ....Why are so many voters so cynical.

--by gary on 1/29/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Bertman Katzman is willing to build a parking garage at the old Montgomery Wards site because Dearborn taxpayers will pay dearly for it. But BK doesn't want to build condos on the Montgomery Wards site because there are too many homes for sale in town now.

Who will park in the empty garage?

Maybe we can move one of the two empty garages in the west end over to the east end of town.
By the way, who approved those two empty garages located behind Jacobsons?

--by Garages For Rent on 1/29/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Not Caving In

You are almost right on about Lover Boy Clinton. Actually, he was spending so much time & effort defending (lying) about his actions with Monica Lovebug that he took his eye off of the real problem - the terrorists. He relied on another woman named Albright who wasn't very bright to make the decision to kill bin Landin and she balked.

This reminds us of another time in history when President Woodrow Wilson was caught with his pants down and making mad & passionate love to his mistress. He was forced to sign into law the Federal Reserve Banking system which is now owned by a bunch of private rich investors tied to the Holy Grail & Illuminati gangs. (The alternative for Woody was to resign.) As a result, we're off of the gold standard which was the envy of the world, our money became virtually worthless and the rest is history.

--by True Confession on 1/29/07   Lives: Michigan  

I have to agree with Life of Brian here...

While I agree with the Democrats on most talking points, I don't often agree with most of their mainstream legislation.

For instance:

Carl Levin is Michigan's second-biggest idiot and rolling-in-it political guy except for possibly Dick DeVos, who's family has been in Corporate Lobbying for some pretty heinous causes and been running with them for generations (which we never heard about from the press or either side).

Levin's daddy was an olden-day Republican Commissioner for Macomb County and well-loved by people there for building infrastructure and keeping good fiscal policy but, as they say, the blood thins down the line.

Carl's what I tend to call a "Constituency Whore." He takes whatever money comes his way and tries as hard as he can to not define himself strongly on issues so he doesn't get pinned down for his voting record. He voted strongly in favor of legislation that allows for the importing of trash into America from Foreign Countries... but when a Michigan State Senate filled with Republicans who had the EXACT same foreign constituencies voted to import Trash from Canada it was political mud slinging as usual.

Dick DeVos, in a similar manner, has written very little publicly about his big ideas except in one poorly-written book that talks more about how "historically homosexuals don't exist" than anything of substance. However, his personal and corporate money are the infrastructure for a number of Lobbying Groups like "Facts for the Family" which tackle non-congressional issues like Abortion and Gay rights in the name of "American Families and Children", but releases press statements about Mark Foley's ethics basically stating "What a shame it happened during an election."

My personal belief (which I'd hope is universal and beyond party-line) is that the most important issue to tackle in Washington is the one issue that Washington doesn't have the gall to vote on. The Corporate Media, right now, is America's biggest foe. The money it takes to court media and the money involved in running for any office is a natural corrupter. If candidates don't need to ask for money when running a campaign and the ethics committees / FCC take this issue seriously then we could actually kill off the lobbying that combats the conscience of our nationally elected officials.

The problem is that the candidates are the ones who are most hurt by doing this. Whether it's John McCain or John Edwards, I can guarantee you they're rolling in something green and it's not "grass roots."

PS - Judicial Watch is a Corporate Media front-group. Partisanship matters little in the face of money. You only need to look for the labels on their Featured Advertising to see who and what they're supported by.

--by Brian on 1/29/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I parked in both parking garages last week; once to go to Au Bon Pain and once to go to Dee's Hallmark. In both instances each structure was being utilized, one being filled up to the third level. Maybe "Garages for Rent" should crawl out from under his rock to really check out the situation.

--by Citizen on 1/30/07   Lives: Dearborn  


We think the facts that Bertman Katzman is delaying building the promised Condos for 4-5 years, has rented out less than half of the retail space, and leased 0% of the office space at the Jacobson's project to date tells the real story.

Thanks for parking in our garages.

--by Real Estate Salesperson on 1/31/07   Lives: Dearborn  

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