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Bye, Bye. date Jan .11, 07

January 11, 2007

Maureen Keane-Doran , has just withdrawn from the election for mayor of Dearborn.

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Wonder if Abed Hammoud will be next ?

--by retired on 1/11/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I'm disappointed that Maureen Keane-Doran pulled out of the race. We need more women in public office and she would have made a good mayor.

--by Disappointed on 1/11/07   Lives: Dearborn  

The Fat Lady has sung.

--by The Fat Lady on 1/11/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Why did Maureen quit. She knows the City of Dearborn well and a lot of people know her

--by Alice on 1/11/07   Lives: Dearborn  

The bottom line in all of this is that with the city charter forcing council members to reliquish their seat if they run for mayor is hurting the city. I have been for O'Rielly all along but it is not healthy to discourage your most promising leadership not to run. I feel that this particular charter was put in place to help insulate the mayor from any competition. They need to change that ASAP.

--by Ham Sandwich on 1/11/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Maureen Keane-Doran, is a very bright an capable person. I too wish she would run for council.

--by Deb Somora on 1/11/07   Lives: Michigan  

Maureen Keane-Doran would have cleaned up the town and made an honest Mayor. Her husband Wayne cleaned up Wayne County Airport corruption and he could have helped his wife do the same in Dearborn. It's a sad day.

--by Sad in Dearborn on 1/11/07   Lives: Dearborn  

I love it. Reading the Tafeleski supporters lamenting Maureens withdrawal. The real reason their upset is that with Maureen in the race and taking some votes away from O'Reilly their boy Tafeleski might have had a shot at becoming mayor. Had he had the balls to stay in the race. Hey, it's over Tom, go enjoy your council door sign. LOL

--by happy in Dearborn on 1/12/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Ham Sandwich:
An O'Reilly controlled Charter Commission won't ever let a Council Person ever run with out being forced to give up their Council seat. It will never happen.

--by A Realist on 1/12/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Abed Hammoud did withdraw Friday.

And the Charter Commission has taken steps to remove the clause from the Charter that states that an elected official has to give up their seat. The section in question -- 6.2 -- will also require that candidates live in Dearborn for a year and cannot be convicted felons.

The changes will take effect if voters approve the new Charter -- hopefully this November.

--by An observer... on 1/12/07   Lives: Michigan  

Sad in Dearborn

How did Wayne Doran clean up the Wayne County Airport?

How do you think Wayne Doran could have helped Maureen clean up Dearborn?

--by Curious on 1/16/07   Lives: Dearborn  

McNamara\'s buddy and airport contractor Vellacorsa fled to Italy after Wayne Doran took over the airport.

--by airport employee on 1/22/07   Lives: Detroit area  

Regarding the requirement that a Dearborn elected official must resign their seat to run for another elected post: I agree with removing that provision from the City Charter. There is also a requirement that requires a city employee to resign their job if they are running for election. At least that was the case in the race for City Clerk a few years ago. Buda was opposed by a man who had worked in the Clerk's office with her for years. After she was appointed to the job, he had to resign his job to run against her. Doesn't that follow the same logic?

--by Fordson '72 Grad on 1/24/07   Lives: Dearborn  

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