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January 4, 2007

The last posting on hockey was accidently deleted by me. I'll go stand in the corner with my dunce cap on. :( russ

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Hey, I found the original post. russ

From Reed Macalister

Steve Yzerman……A CLASS ACT

After watching a heart wrenching tribute to Steve Yzerman I have to think, what a lucky person I am to have lived in a time when Yzerman was our Captain in Detroit. Watching them raise his sweater tonight was a magnificent tribute to this great man. Most of the greatest things in my life occurred while the Detroit area reveled in the accomplishments of our Red Wings lead by Steve Yzerman. I watched for almost a half hour while he, unselfishly, thanked everyone for his success. These days, it is rare to see a person who is such a great person and gracious leader.

There are a lot of arguments out there in our community, but one thing I think we can all agree on is that Steve Yzerman is the Mayor of Hockey Town! A better example of unselfish dedication and conducting ones self with class and dignity never lived.

Maybe some of us out here could share some our favorite Steve Yzerman and Redwings memories. I would not know where to begin.

--by russ on 1/4/07   Lives: Dearborn  

It was probably for the best Russ. For the life of me, I don’t know how a string about what a gracious and generous athlete a person can become an issue of earnings. I guess not amount of public service can please some people as long as they know that they make more than some one else does.

I suppose in a depressed economy, it is too easy for some to be envious of other people who make more money than they do regardless of how one serves the community and how well he practices his craft. The stuff that was deleted was just a perfect example of how some people can never be pleased no matter what so its probable better off gone.

Sa la ve

--by Sa la ve on 1/4/07   Lives: Michigan  

Russ, You couldn't have said it any better.I remember his first Stanley cup when he went to hug Mr.I, that was a Kodak moment. I am glad he is still in the sport maybe his unselfish dedication can rub off on the younger players today. Boy, many need it in todays sports world.

--by Gary on 1/4/07   Lives: Detroit area  

To Sa la ve:
Maybe if you did some public service of your own you wouldn't be so impressed with Yzermans. All professional sports REQUIRE their athletes to do it. He has more, so he gives more. That's the only difference between him and anyone else who gives their time and money to people in need. Their were some people who posted about Yzerman that eluded to the fact that even if he made a 1/4 billion it wouldn't have been enough. He skated around an ice rink for millions of dollars and did some charity work that the organization and league required, big deal. Since when is signing your jock strap and putting it up for auction worthy of a Nobel Prize? I don't think he has done any more then some former no-name football players for this community.

--by Yzerman isn't Lord. on 1/4/07   Lives: Dearborn  

Isn’t Lord

You have no idea what kind of public service I do, but I can tell you this Mr. know it all, I spend at least two weekends a month doing volunteer work. This is how I know what this guy and many other local sports personalities do to support the community. In addition to supporting St. Vincent, the Gleaners, and the Red Cross, I am a 12 year member of the National Guard and have don’t two tours in Iraq.

Next time you want to speak to me, you better stand at attention and say sir boy.

--by sa la ve on 1/5/07   Lives: Michigan  

Maybe they can give him a job playing a pinball for 10 million a year. Not much different then what he was doing prior.

--by he wasnt even good on 1/11/07   Lives: Dearborn  

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