Russ Gibb at Random

Russ Gibb spliting his voting ticket

October 30, 2006

How he's going to vote
Fordson High School

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Nice Webcast although somewhat inconsistent. We agree on Prop 5 and Woronchak. You are going to vote for Schoolmaster but wish he would help take the Board back from Artis. He is one of Artis main supporters. This makes no sense. Your Republican slant is well illustrated, although there may be cures for this in the near future. DeVoss and company. No way. Remember that the problems we face in this state were germinated during Big John Englers administration and the gov. throwing money down the drain in Iraq, adding to the defecit. These are Republican creations. As for East Dearborn, its a mess. Maybe you should do some of your "home movies" if you recall them from your cable broadcasts. You might be surprised at how bad things have got in the East End. Overall jolly good show.

--by Castro Carrazo on 10/30/06   Lives: Detroit area  

Ack! Definately scarier than anything else I've seen thus far... Happy Holloween Russ!

--by Brian on 10/30/06   Lives: Dearborn  

I think that you will agree with me here Russ. No matter how much money , political slant and blame of the politicians of how bad public education is..... one thing is true -A school systen is only as good as the community @ large
demands it be by paticipating in thier childs life with love, discipline, and caring!

--by Jet on 10/31/06   Lives: Detroit area  

Dear Russ,

I was surprised to hear that you don't know our State Senator Irma Clark-Coleman. She has spent most of her time in Dearborn over her past four years of service despite most of her district being in Detroit.

Her only district office is in Dearborn, located inside the office of the Dearborn Federation of Teachers, not Detroit. The Senator was endorsed by the Mayor, Council President, and the Dearborn Federation of Teachers both elections.

Irma answers all of her mail, keeps her. She keeps her constituents up to date with regular newsletters, and attends all of the community events she is invited to, and many that she is not invited to.

Our Senator was appointed by Governor Granholm to serve as Michigan's education commissioner at the National Education Commission of the States, and her peers there elected her to the steering committee.

Irma has worked hard to reach out to all groups in the community and works hard for us in Lansing. Her constituents know she is a strong advocate for Dearborn and when the Dems take back the State Senate in January she will be our advocate as chair of the education committee.

A couple of examples of the Senator's advocacy on behalf of Dearborn:

- When the Michigan Dept. of Ed. was going to name 7 Dearborn Schools as "failing" in 2003, the Senator asked them to review their faulty classification and when they did, only one school was still "failing".

- When the Dept. of Transportation was overcharging Dearborn for road repair the Senator intervened on behalf of Mayor Guido and saved the taxpayers money.

Our Senator is not beholden to anyone, and she works with everyone, if you ask me, that's the kind of Senator we need in Lansing.

BTW, thanks for your comments about Fordson Grads, I am a proud 02' grad, and I believe I received an excellent education.

--by Tarek on 11/2/06   Lives: Dearborn  

If Irma Clark-Coleman can take 7 failing Dearborn schools and turn that into only 1 failing, SHE should be superintendent, not Artis!

--by CoreValues on 11/2/06   Lives: Dearborn  


I'm living in the 90's and can't wait for my dial up connection to load your web cast. I just wanted to let you and your readers (viewers)know that if they want to see results of their vote remember to vote in the local election for judge.

There is only on choice worth making. Vote to retain Judge Richard Wygonik

--by Mike B on 11/2/06   Lives: Dearborn  

Interesting webcast. I'm voting for DeVos, too. I'm unhappy enough with Woroncnhak that he gets no more votes from me. He didn't just change parties to get elected, but informs me in his mailer that he really does believe that government's job is to help people (big taxes, welfare), and he disapproves of the war against jihadists. He claims he always believed the Democrat way, which means he must have fibbed to me about some things in 2000.

I haven't been to Dingell's website, but I know he copped out on Hezbollah, which means he can't be trusted in US government.

BTW, Russ, I know you say you are a social liberal, and want to stay out of people's bedrooms, which is usually a metaphor for the issues of abortion and homosexual sex. I'd like to point out that Abortions aren't performed in bedrooms, (nor by "a woman's doctor") but in clinics often receiving taxpayer subsisidies (like Planned Parenthood), and they're performed by wealthy strangers upon other strangers, many of them minors, many of them victims of criminal sexual conduct, and all away from the eyes of regulators or any other kind of law enforcement--not to protect the "clients", but to protect their lucrative practices of wealthy abortionists.

I guess what I'm getting at is, Would you have accepted a 19th-century voter saying he prefers staying out of other peoples' cotton-fields?

I get less agitated over gay marriage, but that isn't a bedroom thing, either, judging by the amount of coverage we're all forced to watch of strange looking people lining up at city halls.

--by Terry O'Connell on 11/4/06   Lives: Dearborn  

I agree with Mike B.

Russ, I thought your comments were insightful and fair, but now that Lenny is putting out campaign literature that is flat out untrue (such as he's the only judicial candidate with an AV rating), I wonder if you've changed your opinion.

--by Mike on 11/4/06   Lives: Dearborn  

Yeah and Wygonik wants people to "reelect" him. Don't blindly vote for imcumbants because they simply haven't screwed up. Vote for the person with the most expierence in the Dearborn Courts (Lenny) and the one with the most meaningful endorsements (The Dearborn Police, the Current and former police chiefs, the other canidates, Judges Sobotka and Hultgren). True Wygonik hasn't been terrible but he hasn't been remarkable either and the people who interact with the court everyday seem to like Lenny.

Mike, you said in another forum that Wygonik recieved an AV rating but the website has no such listing for him, only that he is an attorney (not a judge) so unless you believe everythign you read in a campaign flyer without a grain of salt then you shouldn't vote. However right below Lenny's name is the AV rating, how else am I to verify this fact? I saw that and checked it out among other things and thats what I found. We'll just see on Tuesday, the people will decide and thier voice will be heard. Lenny will win, not by a landslide, but by a comfortable margin. The people who know support him. I hope Wygonik gets a bunch of votes from the Flint area and the State troopers, he's going to need them. Look for a 65%-35% vote in favor of Lenny.

--by the guy on 11/5/06   Lives: Dearborn  

Enjoyed your pre-Halloween videocast. Your candor is, as usual, entertaining. Your insights have a wealth of experience behind them. Your opinions are always appreciated if not followed. Trick or Treat!

--by Pam on 11/5/06   Lives: Dearborn  

@ The Guy

I suggest on Monday you contact the good people at Martindale Hubbel and ask them about their rating system, ahd what rating they gave Wygonik the last year he was eligible to receive its rating (Hint: it was 2004). I'll be mroe than happy to graciously accept your apology later in the day.

Lenny is many things, but he's not a stupid man. he knows Martindale Hubble's policy on ratings. He simply chose not to divulge its policy in his fliers in order to decieve voters into believing he was more qualified than Wygonik. It's as simple as that.

However, one legal group did rate both candidates: The Metro Detroit Bar Association. You can read its press release here:

In it you will find that Wygonik is rated HIGHER than Lenny.

And you persist with the claim that Lenny is more "experieced" than Wygonik even though Lenny has never served a single day as a judge. He has never carried out the daily duties that Wygonik has. Never.

To press this empty claim is akin to me claiming I'm a better basketball player than Rasheed Wallace even though I've never played a single minute in the NBA. Asserting it as fact -- no matter how loudly you do it -- doesn't make it so.

You are deluding yourself into believing that what you hear in the City Hall "knitting circle" is reflective of public opinion. It's not.

But, as you say, we'll see on Election Day. And I'm confident Wygonik has made his case with voters on the importance of having a Tough -- Fair -- and INDEPENDENT judge.

The good people of Dearborn don't want their judges taking their marching orders from the politicians down in City Hall -- and they're going to vote to retain THEIR judge.

--by Mike on 11/5/06   Lives: Dearborn  

You say that Irma Clark-Coleman answers all her mail, but there's a difference between acknowledging it and actually reading it and considering it and DOING SOMETHING about it. I have emailed the senator a couple of times about an issue near and dear to my heart. The first time, she claimed she couldn't open my attachment, although Rep. Polidori had no trouble. When I re-sent it, I heard nothing. When I inquired again a few months later, I got a pat response that was obviously written by some work-study intern that said nothing at all. This is nothing to brag about. (I used to be one of those work-study interns, so I know how it works.) I don't find her responsive at all, and she lost my vote.

As for the judge race, I haven't made up my mind, but I did want to point out that Judge Wygonik had no experience as a judge not all that long ago, and you think he's done all right. By your criteria, we would always have to re-elect the incumbent, because no one else would have experience.

On the other hand, I am wary of that City Hall endorsement too.

--by THE LOCAL LIBERAL on 11/6/06   Lives: Dearborn  

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