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Power out again.

August 1, 2006


On the issue of Dearborn utility problems that are getting worse every year.

I am curious about a topic that has once again reared its ugly head. Service outages threaten the Dearborn power grid. Once again, Dearborn residents are powerless to do anything. Despite paying some of the highest utility bills in history, having to deal with record increases in utility costs we are not being told that the infrastructure wont support the usage in a time of record high temperatures. They want us to pay more money but yet tell us that we can’t rely on the integrity of the power grid. They tell us to reduce our consumption, yet what do we get for conservation? Higher prices and lower quality of service.

I contend that neighboring communities are sprawling at an uncontrolled rate and not contributing to upgrades in their own power grid infrastructure. Dearborn has spent millions to beef up and maintain our infrastructure, yet we still continue to be at the mercy of DTE to do whatever they want because Canton and Plymouth and Brownstown won’t spend any money on their infrastructure despite growing property tax revenue from new home builds. I hear a lot of lip service about public service commissions and law suits from Dearborn politicians but once again, we are spot lighting a failure of several public officials to act in Dearborn’s public interests. Hundreds of residents in Dearborn are reported and identified for theft of electricity, water and natural gas, but somehow, never seem to be brought to justice.

Sue Hubbard, who begins the crusade to reduce airport noise, has gotten the same result in dealing with our public utility for service concerns.....NO RESULT! She has done nothing! Is this who we want sitting in judgment of our city? We have heard our city council president bellow on and on at times about how we are getting screwed by DTE and the Detroit Water Board, yet what has that gotten us? Higher prices and declining service. Is this who we want running our city?

Who will be the next aspiring politician in Dearborn to rant on about the Utility problems and the Airport issues and advance their political careers yet still do nothing?

Concerned citizen

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I had lived in Dearborn for over 20 years and lost power once! Now that I'm in Canton I loose power at least 4 times a summer season. We even purchased a generator! We've spent countless hours trying to rectify this issue. All the powerlines are underground servicing our home, so it's not the "lines". So concerned citizen how do you account for that? I think DTE has a huge problem.

--by Stay Cool on 8/2/06   Lives:  

The big question should be is DTE currently selling power to other places-some power companies do so-if they are resorting to rolling blackouts because they can't meet the demand then they should not be selling power while their customers are doing without power. I am sure that none of neighborhoods of the top execs at DTE have to worry about being shut down just us poor folk....

--by pondering on 8/2/06   Lives:  

I find it interesting that the TPC/Springwells Park (the 1913 Ford neighborhood) neighborhood has not lost power once in the last four or five years. I bet this is true for some other parts of Dearborn too... upper class getting better treatment?

--by Well Wisher on 8/2/06   Lives:  

Maybe all the power is being drained by those hideous pink neon lights on the store-front next to Little Caesars Pizza on the corner of Outer Drive and Wilson?? It looks like tacky east dearborn businesses are starting to move into west dearborn.

--by DISGUSTED! on 8/2/06   Lives:  

Stop blaming Canton for your electrical problems. If it were not for the decline and deterioration of Dearborn, Canton would not exist. Half the people I met here left Dearborn. Dearborn is becoming the next Hamtramck or Highland Park (where half the people steal electric or gas with rigged setups)in addition to the physical deterioration.

--by Escaped from Dearborn on 8/3/06   Lives:  

Come on BETTER CHECK YOUR YARD.... white trash! Last time I checked the median family income in Canton was 30,000.00 highter than in Dearborn and the rate of families living below the poverty level was an alarming 16.1 percent in Dearborn vs less than 4 percent in Canton. You are correct however in your assertion that the "trash" in Dearborn is above ground.

--by Escaped from Dearborn on 8/3/06   Lives:  

sounds like escaped really misses dearborn, and is mad he moved.

--by eastside on 8/3/06   Lives:  

THE LAW uses figures like a drunk uses a lamppost; for support rather than for illumination. Check out fbi stats here for THE ENTIRE YEAR OF 2004.
Canton twsp remains for entities over 75000 residents one of the safest communities in the entire country. As for the land fill, it sure makes the tomatoe plants grow like crazy!

--by Escaped from Dearborn on 8/3/06   Lives:  

I think the one thing that is being missed in the prior comments is that all the people who fled Dearborn to Canton will have to once again flee as soon as someone that doesn't look like them moves in next door. You already hear Canton residents saying things like "some just moved down the block from us" and "yeah, we got some on our block now too". The vast majority of businesses in Canton are chain restaurants and chain stores put in quickly thrown up strip malls. These businesses have no loyalty to the area or community and will just end their LEASE as soon as it is convenient. Subdivision after subdivision of quickly built, cardboard, Brady Bunch style houses that were built for the sole purpose of making money and not for longevity will also not stand the test of time. While some areas of Dearborn are on the decline, I believe that a much higher percentage of businesses are owned by the very people that also live in the community. This is especially true in the East End where you hear most of the criticism pointed. The children of the people currently living in Canton will find yet another city or township to move to as soon as they see their neighbors doing the same and so on and so on.....

--by Fordson 1987 Grad on 8/4/06   Lives:  

This thread has gotten off the original target and the best related point is seemingly missed by many is "Is DTE selling electricity for profit during a time when they can't meet demands of paying customers?" How do we find out! The energy company is currently making huge profits.

--by an observation on 8/6/06   Lives:  

You both are are missing the point. Some or most areas of Dearborn are in decline. A suburb fast becoming a slum. People leave to protect their investment in property, you cant expect people to stay and take a loss so they can hold hands with their diverse neighbors and sing kumbaya. As for business ownership, look at the businesses in the east and south ends, the ones that dont go bankrupt after 6 months? Not exactly quality business development. Who cares who owns them? People vote with their feet. How many of your Board of Education, or City Council or Mayor or Department heads live in the East and South end. They left, so did others. The others planned ahead and went farther away. This thread started with people blaming Canton for your electrical problems. Next you will be blaming us for your urban blight and trash problems.

--by No Handbills Here on 8/6/06   Lives:  

To "Well Wisher" - I've lived in "Springwells Park" for over 2 years now and our power has gone out more than once when heavy storms rolled through.

Also, thanks for informing me that I'm "upper class" - I had no idea! I just squeak by like a lot of other hard working, middle class Americans.

--by P. Bruno on 8/11/06   Lives:  

Move to Wyandotte

--by Joe hill on 3/18/12   Lives: USA  

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