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A thursday night rant 04/20/2006

April 20, 2006

1. Ford Motor Company names
2. Bird Flu
3. Media War Reporting
4. Four Anti-war Generals
5. Detroit Free Press Slamming Mayor Guido
6. Complaints, Just the Facts Please
7. Political Parties

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You should get a job in PR at ford Mr. Gibb! Anyone remember the killer bees that were coming to get us a few years ago? Russ, you didnt mention Vietnam, what happened there? And go get em Freep!

--by eastside on 4/20/06   Lives:  

Russ, you age is showing! A few things for you consideration.

Demand drives the economy and the market place. I personally think it’s disgusting that the big 3 are using great old names for classic automobiles on the cheap pieces of tin and plastic they sell today. Very rarely does a car company revive a name or maintain a name that still captures the zeal of its ancestors. The Mustang, the Dodge Charger, all great old names on great new cars. The Impala, the Monterey, the Chrysler 300, YECH! What an abomination of great car names from great cars from the past on junkie, sterile looking, cookie cutter cars today. Nothing but marketing ploys.

Sure, I loved the old days when people were more polite, kids were more accountable, and cars were given names that sounded catchy and flashy. A cars name should depict, in ones mind, a picture of what the manufacturer wants the car to be. A Town Car, Zephyr, Crown Victoria, Fleetwood, Coupe de Ville, all expound the picture of elegance, power and style. The Mustang, Firebird, Camaro, all expound power and speed, BUT.........A Chrysler 300 expounds what? That 300 moniker has been around a long time Russ. What about the GTO and the Impala SS? American icons started back it the mid 60's and still strong today but a shell of what they once were. People liked it back then, and they still do now. Ford had been reviving old car lines like crazy! They killed off the reliable and prophetable Villager for the Mercury Monterey and it’s a piece of junk! The Monterey used to be a big, powerful sedan. Now, it’s a minivan?

Those Damn Europeans started the whole alphanumeric game. BMW and Mercedes, and Volvo put the numbers thing out there and it sells. Now, it’s just filling a need for demand. That’s what people want now, plain and simple.

Look at some of the non alpha numeric names out there Russ: Impreza, Integra, Gallant, Focus, Grand Vitar, Windstar, they all sound stupid! People buy them like hotcakes now.

"A rose by any other name is still a rose." Sure us old guys like the old cars and the great, imaginative names, but our economy demands current models have more contemporary names. If you like the old names, hey, go drive the hell out of that Zephyr. Me, I like that SSR! I like my S-10 and on weekends I will beat the crap out of my 68 Z28. My last car was a 1956 Chevy 210. Four generations of alphanumerics spanning the Early 50's to right now Russ.

I venture to say things have not changed. We had the alphanumerics than, we still have them now. I just wish some of these manufactures could build cars that live up to their previous glory if they are going to give them the classic name.

--by AUTOMOTIVE HARDBALLER on 4/21/06   Lives:  

My brother is living in China right now, doing research for the Chinese Agricultural commitee right now as a part of his scholarship funded through the fullbright. From what I've heard from him, the major concern of the bird flu contamination is not the bird to man side of the flu, but should ever it go from man to man the contagion would not stop. The biological flu itself has a very fast acting sickness, killing some victims in two to three days after being afflicted. With symptoms only showing up about a day after becoming infected, that gives 1 to 2 days for people to realise they have the bird flu and try to get vaccinated before they die. Now, if it stays contageous only to birds, then we're in luck, because the only people at risk are people around a large amount of contaminated birds (and it takes a lot of them). However, if this disease became contageous amongst people, it is estimated that effects of the disease would be in size and proportion to the Black Plague in Europe except effecting the entire world. That's nothing to wag your finger at, in my opinion.

However, you do have a point there: the constant media coverage of bird to man contageon is really irrelevant. Nothing's changing. It's like the 6 o'clock news covering deaths from one odd reason or another in detroit, only it's happening in china so they find an excuse to put it on the national news bulletin. What a waste of time.

--by Brian on 4/21/06   Lives:  

Avian flu will come, it will kill 1-3% of our population and just like every other pandemic will create a lot of problems.
As far as the "kids" killed in Iraq, their parents probably feel very sad at those losses. We invaded a sovereign country, for what many of us were convinced were bad reasons, and now we are finding that we were right. So, even if more people died during the Civil War or WWII, those were good reasons to go to war. Iraq was not, and these kids are dying for no reason. That makes it a tougher loss for those who have children to lose.

--by Realist on 4/21/06   Lives:  

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