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Another Sunday Rant

April 16, 2006

1. Mayor Guido's Health
2. Would Be Mayors
3. City Building Inspectors
4. Facts Please
5. Kids With Loud Radios
6. Legal vs. Illegal immigration
7. Public Schools
8. College Education
9. Education Administrators

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Best of luck with the inspection stuff. Hope you can do some good Russ. My vote is for Tafelski.

--by eastside on 4/16/06   Lives:  

Thanks Russ. Having been a part of the Fordson Voc. Ed. Program, I found my confidence in that manufacturing area and Auto shop. I make a great living now doing what I learned from guys like Mr. Toller (my current insurance salesman), Mr. Oshner, Mr. Potter, Mr. Heinz and Mr. Vick. I really owe a debt of gratitude to Fordsons Football coach/Manufacturing teacher Jeff Stergalas who helped so many students for so many years. These guys spent their lives shaping the future of people like me. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank god that at least a couple of my teachers at Fordson High School thought I could make something of myself despite not being good at Math or Science or a great athlete.

Thanks for giving our vocational programs in Dearborn a little respect Russ. Those video guys are not too bad either. LOL!!

--by GEAR HEAD on 4/16/06   Lives:  

A well formed series of ideas which makes me long for the days spent in your classroom.


--by Ethan Rein on 4/16/06   Lives:  

Some of these guys and lady’s running for Mayor better clean out the skeletons from their closets. At least three of the names bantered about for Mayor have indirect connections to companies that have lucrative fiscal ties to city government. You had better believe that when applications are filed with the city clerk for Mayoral candidacy, these people better plan on coming clean with their ties to these companies. Even more intriguing is who is funding their campaigns. You might be surprised who is building a war chest funded by a local PAC.

--by Let the games begin! on 4/17/06   Lives:  

So what should I do?

A city inspector shows up to my home for a cert. of occupancy inspection that cost me $150.00. After spending about 20 (that figures out to $450.00 per hour) minutes walking through, he says “This is a nice house, but I have to violate you on something� and laughs. I said, but what is the violation, the house is perfect, it already passed a private inspection by the buyers? He indicated that one of my cement driveway blocks, which is next to the sidewalk, is raised a quarter inch. The building code stipulates 1/2 inch or less is acceptable, and it’s not even my block that’s raised, it’s the city sidewalk, which is 2/3 on the neighboring house that is sagging. He indicates that the driveway block needs to be replaced. This will cost several hundred dollars and a $60.00 permit not to mention a return visit by Building and Safety.

It’s the neighbor’s responsibility to replace the sunken sidewalk block that was moved by the tree in front of the neighbor’s house. I than am told by building and safety that I cant just replace the sidewalk block at 1/5th the cost because it partially goes on the property of the next door house, which is a foreclosure. The city won’t issue a permit to replace the sidewalk block, so now I get to spend 700 bucks instead of 200. The building inspector was all too happy to provide me the business card of a contractor to do the cement work. WHAT KIND OF SHAM IS DEARBORN RUNNING HERE?

I asked the inspector why he was "nitpicking?" He laughs and replies, "We have to get a little money out of you before you leave Dearborn."
Sure, someone will come out here and say, "That would never happen." It’s because of the articles that I read out here that I put an MP3 recorder in my shirt pocket and hit the record button for every step of the way. The Mayor’s office would not even listen to the recording, and city council people will not respond to Email I sent. I think it’s unconscionable that the City Government should be PUNISHING homeowners who keep nice houses to pad the pockets or the city government by inventing infractions, than trying to send us to "local contractors" for the repairs. I suppose had I been of another ethnic group other than a WASP, I would have gotten my C of O without incident.

--by CITY GOVERNMENT REALLY SUCKS on 4/20/06   Lives:  

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