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March 26, 2006

Mayor Guido's Health
Would be mayoral candidates
HFCC New President
Detroit Free Press
New York Times
Dearborn High Video Movie

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I come to your site to learn about what’s really going on in Dearborn politics -- specifically the backroom maneuvers – that we don’t read about in the newspaper. So what did we get tonight? A big, fat nothing.

Where’s the naming of names that I’ve come to expect? Are you going soft? Tonight’s video was as content free as a Hillary Rodham Clinton speech.

As for my two cents, I think O’Reilly is going to bail out of the judicial race and re-position himself to take over for the mayor…but I’m just basing that on a gut feeling. You’re the guy with all the inside info. I’d like to hear what you’re hearing.


A disgruntled viewer

--by A Disgruntled Viewer on 3/26/06   Lives:  

Hey Russ:

I have to say, the current administration has been crippled by a number of issues in our neighborhoods and scandals here in Dearborn. I know that a lot of folks, me included, feel very sorry for our Mayor but feel he has not done the kind of job it takes to keep Dearborn as marketable as it once was. The Police Department has been damaged by law suits and scandals over the years, our school system is really on the decline, and I will leave the deteriorating neighborhood thing alone for now.

Its time for Guido to step aside and let someone else take a crack at getting this city cleaned up. Whoever it is will have a hefty job on his or her hands! Someone is going to have to stop the pocket stuffing and start making the residents and business owners who have destroyed Dearborn accountable and hold them responsible. Follow the trail of kickbacks and pocket padding and you will see that it reaches to the highest levels of city government. We are losing good residents at an alarming rate and our business districts are being over run with cheesy dollar stores and smoke shops. We need to stop the madness in our neighborhoods with the “big foot� houses and start enforcing the building codes that we have regardless of who the builders know in city council. Its time to stop pandering to the “special interest groups� and start governing this city with a little fore sight. The current administration has lost its vision.

--by East Side Double Wide on 3/27/06   Lives:  

You hit the nail on the head East Side Double Wide, starting with the mayor's office, and don't forget about our failing Public Schools.

Wake up Dearborn taxpayers and take our city back!

--by Taxpayer on 3/28/06   Lives:  

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