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Russ Gibb Jumping Up and Down

March 5, 2006

- John Burl Artis
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Russ - I love the webcasts... keep 'em coming. Somebody has to keep the bureaucrats of the world honest ;)

--by Mike Feldkamp on 3/5/06   Lives:  

The media is reporting the killing of the young Jewish man. Check out the New York Times' coverage of that very subject:

Maybe you better stop reading all those conservative rags and check out the paper of record.

--by THE LOCAL LIBERAL on 3/5/06   Lives:  

I have never seen anyone so excited about informing people that "Spring is on the way!" ;)

--by John on 3/5/06   Lives:  

Keep up the good fight! Good to see you still jumping up and down.

--by Jarhead Gibblet on 3/9/06   Lives:  

Every session of our school board is an example of the horrifying dysfunction it has created for itself. Division, fear, mistrusts, arrogance, cronyism, self serving and greed has become the overlying attitude of many of our school board members and our superintendent. What about our teachers? What about our students and families? What about our home owners who relay on the school system to keep their investment safe. Does anyone think all of these people don't smell the stench of political posturing and self preservation coming from the school board? We all do (at least anyone who has a pulse or is paying attention).

Every week it's a contest and struggle for recognition and a new scandal or example of political chest thumping. The credibility of almost every school board member has come into question for obvious and heinous cronyism antics. Our superintendent and board are content to maintain the status quo of a school administration that projects a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in itself and our district through their actions, not words. This makes their words meaningless!

When our superintendent knowingly allows his name to be added to lists of perspective job offerings, refuses to invest himself and his family in the community he serves, takes income and benefit enhancement and the school board and obediently and continuously props him up, they have lost all credibility as a school board and governing body!

Let’s all tune in to the next board gathering and see what kind of conflict and terrible behavior can be propagated. It has become as popular watching the school board shred each other and trash our school districts reputation and quality as a soap opera. If it didn’t destroy the quality of our school district, it would be very entertaining. For the citizens of Dearborn, its just plain old terrifying!

--by The CUTTING BOARD on 3/11/06   Lives:  

To the Cutting Board: That's why we have the choice to elect these people. Vote them out.

--by retired teacher on 10/29/06   Lives: Dearborn  

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