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February 2, 2006

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Loyalty isnt dead, but almost. Foreign companies make reliable cars. There is a reason for "fix or repair daily" but nonetheless my family has had fords for three generations, so I guess you can count us in supporting them. Gramps worked there for 40 plus. They took care us, we’ll do our best to help them.


--by SUGGESTION on 2/2/06   Lives:  

I hate to say it, but my loyalty is to my local Toyota dealer. When my car has a problem, I call my dealer, make an appointment, and get the car back in the same day. If they can fix it quick on the spot, they will, often without charging me. When I had an American car, the dealer expected me to show up at dawn, wait in line, and then leave my car sometimes for days. Often, I had to take it back repeatedly for the same problem. This is not loyalty to the customer. The American companies need to earn back the loyalty of their customers, if they expect loyalty in return.

--by Foreign Fan on 2/2/06   Lives:  

I have one Volvo, now a Ford product, and a Honda. The Honda is a minivan. I looked at American minivans, checking out safety records, size, repair records etc. Unfortunately, none could compare to the Japanese products. I almost bought a Lincoln Navigator, but the gas mileage was too much for my pocketbook. I am not sure why Ford lags behind in design, reliability, customer service etc. I hope they will come back with a reliable product. We will continue to buy Volvo's as long as the standard is kept up. I would also say that visiting a Honda/Toyota showroom was much more relaxing than the Ford counterpart. I wish Ford the best, and we will keep watching for products we can buy. Glad you are bringing this up, Russ. Keep up the wonderful work you and Ms Alberta do for this community!!!!!

--by Nina on 2/3/06   Lives:  

I guess I shouldn't have named my old Toyota Corola Gibblet then, eh?

--by Brian on 2/4/06   Lives:  

As a third generation life long Dearbornite I am proud to have driven a Ford product from the time I turned 16. In my 30's now, and every memeber of my family drives a Ford product...and are darn proud of it! This town would not be what it is without the great Henry Ford. Keep up the great work Russ!

--by Born and Raised in Ford Town on 2/4/06   Lives:  

Having retired from Ford Motor Compnay after 36 years of service, I too continue to be loyal to Ford and its products. However, I too Russ, agree that Ford needs some "jazz" in its infusion of imagination and forward thinking. GM, Chrysler, and all the foreign brands seem to be leaving Ford in the dust of their new designs. Their latest introductions have some promise, but still have not presented the excitement other brands have.

In response to "Nina" and "Foreign Fan" and their comments regarding their experiences at the dealerships, its apparent neither of them have been into Village Ford, Bill Brown Ford, or other large Ford dealerships. Their service is impeccable. You call for an appointment, arrive, and within minutes a service advisors greets you in their very comfortable customer lounge. My vehicle has never been there any longer than a day, they drive me back to my home, will pick me up again if necesary, and drive my car to their front door by a valet. All this and free coffee and complimentary newspapers to boot!

Anyway, keep up the great work Russ...and go FORD!

--by David Vaseau on 2/5/06   Lives:  

I believe in loyalty and agree with Russ. However, I grew up in Dearborn, work in Dearborn and drive a GM. GM took in my immagrant father in 1969 when nobody else would, it put food on our table and paid my way through college. Let's not be too quick to judge those who are loyal to their "bread and butter." If ever I am disappointed in the GM product, of course my next step will be to look at a Ford make.

--by Loyalty is alive on 2/7/06   Lives:  

I'm very impressed with your latest drive to stay up to date and "at random"-that loyalty thing is an incredible attribute that is soooo overlooked in today's times. One need not look any further than Grosse Pointe's very own Dr. John Burl Artis! Loyal to Grosse Pointe, loyal to himself, and NOT so loyal to the great taxpayers in FORD COUNTRY! Russ, thanks so much for staying in tune with the pulse of Dearborn and keeping up with technology. I, for one, appreciate your efforts! How does that city phrase go? Dearborn-Hometown of Henry FORD....and me!

--by THOMAS P. KORTE on 2/9/06   Lives:  

There's nothing wrong with loyalty, and in fact I consider myself tremendously loyalty. Where we get into trouble is when it becomes BLIND loyalty, whether it be to politicians, corporations, and anything else. I'm happy to hear that some American dealerships are handling things better then the ones I dealt with prior to going foreign. When it comes time for a new car, I will take that into account.

--by FOREIGN FAN on 2/11/06   Lives:  


Just wanted to say I love the new layout. My dad told me the other day you were up to some new tricks so I had to check it out. I look forward to your future posts.

--by Luke Duncan on 2/13/06   Lives:  

I'm puzzled about the complaints regarding Ford dealerships. My last two vehicles have been purchased from Village Ford, and I can't say enough good things about them or their products! I had one minor recall in the 10 years I owned the vehicles, and it was taken care of promptly and efficiently. My daughter has also leased and purchased cars from them, and I was sent a $50 dollar check for the referral. Go Ford!

--by Ford booster on 2/14/06   Lives:  

Yes, the dealers are doing a fantastic job in taking care of the customers in every way. But Ford and GM need to take action and build a car
that has some pazzazz.BUY AMERICAN

--by Van-Tele Auto on 2/23/06   Lives:  

Russ, site looks good. Been driving my 2003 Focus ZX3 for 55,000 miles and it's a great car.

--by Cap'n Al on 2/25/06   Lives:  

Ford has no loyalty to its customers.

The quality of Ford products, like that of many American auto manufactures, has drastically declined while prices are as high as they have ever been. Ford products are over priced and poor in quality in general. I have owned three Ford products and even worked in a Ford assembly plant here in Michigan. All three vehicles were in the dealership monthly after the first year with the same problems that everyone else with the same type of vehicles had. At work the attitude of the typical assembly line worker was that quality control problems were a dealer problem, not a manufacturing problem. The dealer makes you battle for resolution so why should I put myself through that? For what the typical American assembly line worker makes in comparison to his/her Asian equal, they should be working to the Nth degree toward quality and reliability. Instead, most find ways to do less work for more money. The Unions fall right into line and endorce this lackluster performance so what happens? BY BY JOBS! Theres a Mexican or Chinese worker who will do it better and for 1/5th the money. Do our assembly line workers get it? NO! instead, they too go buy Hondas and Toyotas because they see what kind of poor workmanship their fellow workers is turning out.

Fords history of poor engineering and quality and being slow to react to problems and customer concerns is legendary in the auto repair industry. Most of us independent repair shop owners thank god that people are still buying Fords. We just don’t see many Corolla’s with blown head gaskets and engine knocking, but we see plenty of Fords and Chevys.

Like most Americans, I will not buy a substandard product for sole and specific purpose of keeping jobs in Dearborn if Dearborn assembly plants keep turning out junk and charging more for it! Americans are voting with their dollars and that’s why Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Haundai are kicking Ford and GM's butts all over the world. If Ford built a better product for less money, everyone would be buying them. If Ford employees are buying the competitors products, people at Ford want to blame the employees? Maybe that’s why Ford and GM are going belly up. They can’t see that when their own employees stop buying the products they build, it’s a clear message that they are dis satisfied with the price and/or quality. They are on the inside, they should know. That’s why no one else is buying them either.

--by Right of center on 3/2/06   Lives:  

The first 2 vehicles I owned were Fords (an escort and a Ranger), one new and one used. I purchased those Fords because I was loyal to Ford as many of my family members were employed by them at the time. After all the problems with those first two vehicles, which included constant trips to the service department, my next two vehcile purchases were Chevy/GM (also used vehicles) and I can't say a bad word about their reliability and service.
Three weeks ago as I was contemplating the purchase another used vehicle. I went against my better judgement and decided to give Ford another chance. I purchased another Ranger. As I write this it is currently at the dealership being serviced for brakes, an air bag light that would not turn off and grinding noises when making tight turns--this is 3 Weeks after I purchased the vehicle!!!!! The sales people at Bill Brown Ford were more than eager to tell me all about the thorough inspection that they do to all their used vehciles prior to my purchase, now all they want to talk about is how I will owe 50% of whatever the repairs cost because of the warranty that came with the car. What a joke.
Loyalty is earned. It is not to be given away freely based on where you live. What incentive would Ford have to make changes where changes need to be made if people continued to buy their cars out of nothing more than loyalty regardless of the product quality? Obviously they still don't get it and more people need to quit being blindly loyal and purchasing their vehicles. I regret I did and assure you the mistake will not happen again.

--by Recent Bill Brown Ford Customer on 3/16/06   Lives:  

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