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February 1, 2006

Check out the webcast and let me know how it's coming over. Thanks!


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16 Comment(s)

You look awesome on the webcast Russ!

--by A Taxpayer on 2/1/06   Lives:  

I commend you Russ on keeping up with technology!! I think this is a great Idea

--by Nadine on 2/1/06   Lives:  

Webcast worked well sir, keep em' coming. Also, the new site layout looks good.

--by Mark Stanislav on 2/1/06   Lives:  


It's great to SEE you "jumping up and down" again! Keep it up!!

--by Pasquale Bruno on 2/2/06   Lives:  

Sounds good and looks good! I love it! Good to see you back!

--by A Teacher on 2/2/06   Lives:  


--by Core Values on 2/2/06   Lives:  

Excellent! Imagine how much quicker you'll be able to deliver the truth now! Great new site layout too.

--by Russ Always Finds It Out! on 2/2/06   Lives:  

my suggestion, have the volume turned off by default, little annoying when you come to write a comment. looks good

--by suggestion on 2/2/06   Lives:  

Kudos! I commend you on your ability and drive to keep on the edge of technolgy! You inspire me! I've got a DSL connection and your webcast comes thru great. Keep it up!

--by Zinfandel601 on 2/2/06   Lives:  

Looks and sounds great. Love your site.

--by LayLo on 2/2/06   Lives:  

Mr. Gibb, Great job with the podcast. If you get the RSS right, you could list your podcast on the I-Tunes store and make downloading and subscribing to the podcast very easy.

--by Gibblet on 2/2/06   Lives:  

Rock On Uncle Russ. Loyality...

--by Freestyle on 2/2/06   Lives:  

I love the glasses! Keep it coming Sir!

--by Brian on 2/4/06   Lives:  

Wow , GIBB jumping up and down in yet another ERA !!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!

--by J.Parrelly on 2/4/06   Lives:  

Hey Russ:

We used to battle for public access camaras back at group W cable back in 83. Seemed like your DHS guys always had something going on and us Fordson guys had to battle for the equipment.

Glad to hear your voice again! I still think your a camara hog, but I have come to appreciate your friendly voice. Now that I have high school aged kids in dearborn schools, I am glad you won the battle! LOL!! Rock on Gibb!

--by Used to butt heaes with you at Group W on 2/16/06   Lives:  

Hey Russ:

Is that an 8 track player in the background?


--by Technophob on 2/25/06   Lives:  

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