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An Open Letter to Dearborn School Board

January 23, 2006

Dear Board Members,

I am aghast at the reports that I hear that you are considering a raise of up to 12% for Dr. Artis! How you can you even consider such a measure after cutting headcounts and freezing salaries for so many other district employees? You have demanded considerable cuts and sacrifices from others, and you want to take some of those savings and give it to Dr. Artis. Why shouldn't he now have his salary, benefits, and perquisites frozen as other have been forced to sacrifice?

Take a look at what has happened under his leadership and of those he has appointed as part of his direct reports. Three or four teachers have had sexual misconduct charges brought against them. Another has been fired for using drugs.

A high school principal has been let go (oh, I forgot, he resigned) after being highly suspected regarding missing funds of almost $20,000. Then, Dr. Artis uses as much to conduct an internal investigation, resulting in nothing, and attempting to keep all very hush-hush...and not referring it where it belonged in the first place...the police department. This principal's problems were well known to Human Resources and they refused to take action until things got out of hand.

In addition, you had a near mutiny of a middle school's faculty against a dictatorial and non-communicative principal. Again, it was kept hush-hush at all costs before those involved finally went public.

Currently, you have principals and other administrators in other schools that have caused the morale of the faculty to sink to lows never experienced in any Dearborn school before. Certain schools used to have the highest sense of Dr. Artis' neglect. How many of you are even aware of that?

Those who made the bad decisions that allowed people to be in these positions report directly to Dr. Artiss....he appointed and/or APPROVED many of them. He knew about what occurred, kept things from the public, and must take the responsibility. This does NOT warrant your consideration of a 12% increase! His performance certainly has not earned it. If any increase is given, it should NOT be done until one of the administrative positions be eliminated (after all, he created, and you approved an increase in administration positions) and only a 3-4 % increase be considered.

And, with our district in financial difficulties, what sort of message is being sent forth from Dr. Artis in his asking for such and increase in salary. Certainly it sounds rather self serving and uncaring for our children.

If Dr. Artis does not feel this is adequate, please let him move on to wherever he feels he can find greener pastures.

I hope that you will begin a greater outreach to the district's employees. Talk to groups of them. Understand what is happening in the schools. Ask what they feel and need, because it is not coming through to you from Dr. Artis. Do NOT be misled by certain minority interests or by those who are aligned with such...look at the whole.

I appreciate your consideration and hope you make the only right decision and not allow the granting of such an exorbitant salary increase. It will remain firmly in the minds of your constituents if you do.

A Dearborn taxpayer

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Ask Aimee Blackburn. She said the Dearborn Police Department did not have enough evidence to prosecute. Doesn't she know the Police Department does not have that kind of power to make that decision. The Complaintant does.

--by Sick & Tired on 1/31/06   Lives:  

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