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More Angry Parents

March 23, 2005

I don't know, what is going on in the Dearborn Public Schools? I am sure there are a lot of good things going on, but I am getting more and more e-mails from parents and students. For example, here is one from today:

Dear Russ,

What ever happened to preparing our kids for college? They no longer offer Biology in Dearborn. Rather, they no longer offer it to those NOT in the top 25 of their class and attending DCMST. It seems that B and C students are not worthy of taking college prep courses. What kind of discrimination is this? Dr. Klee's Science Interactions is designed to help the BOTTOM quartile, the middle be damned. Parents took the course to college admissions (Michigan) and the course was NOT accepted. The solution-rename the course. I have a memo which says just that.

My own child passed the MEAPs, received all the money, but can't get into MSU. Maybe we should teach to the ACT and SAT.

Angry Parent

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