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January 9, 2005

Recently Kurt Krug, reporter for the Dearborn Times Herald, left his position and is now working for the Delphi Corporation. Kurt sent me this Thank You letter that I would like to share with you:

Dear Russ,

when I had the opportunity to interview Mort Crim when he left his spot as the premier anchor at Channel 4 in 1997, I asked him what he was probably asked numerous times: Why leave now?

He told me that it's better to leave on top when people don't want you to go rather than leave when everyone wants you to go. Made sense.

I thought about what he said when I resigned in mid-December from the Dearborn Times-Herald, the weekly newspaper where I have been employed since late September/early October of 2002.

I never imagined that I'd get the outpouring of emotion that I did from the community, especially from the educators in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights whom I've covered in my tenure at the Times-Herald. In fact, at my final school board meeting, Dr. Mazzara of HFCC made a public announcement that I was leaving the newspaper, which elicited well-wishes from the school board members, including Dr. John B. Artis.

The education community made working at the newspaper a pleasure. And with what's going on in education, the dull moments have been few and far between.

And as I move on, I will not forget the people in this community who welcomed me with open arms, including Russ Gibb, Andrea Awada, Dr. Andy Mazzara, Mayor Michael Guido, Kevin Harris, Barbara Parker, Gordon Bremenkampf, Kurt Doelle, Pam Wandless, Marge Horvath, Albertra Muirhead, Dr. Ernie Minghine, Tracy Lambert, Susan Brown, David Mustonen, Pam DeNeen, Ann Knoop, and countless others (I'm sorry I couldn't name you here because of the limited space I have to write, but I haven't forgotten you).

Thank you for all of your efforts. I'll be sure to drop in from time to time and say hello.


Kurt Anthony Krug

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